Reporters besiege a harried ORSON WELLS, above, at a press conference in New York City on Halloween day after his Mercury Theater of the Air WCBS radio play broadcast on previous night of October 30, 1938 of H.G. WELLS' "WAR OF THE WORLDS" 1897 classic science fiction tale of an invasion by hostile Martians sparked a famous nationwide panic.

Below is a news film clip of  U.S. Air Force General Sanford speaking at the Pentagon's largest and longest press conference since the end of World War Two, in the wake of a second weekend of UFO overflights in July 1952 above Washington, DC, including the White House and the Capital Congress Building that sparked a storm of headlines across the nation and around the world, 14 years after the 1938 War of the Worlds radio broadcast that panicked America. The radio-caused national hysteria and recent end of World War Two were on the nation's government minds in the early years of the Modern UFO Era and adversely affected media coverage and the government's subsequent cover-up, denial and ridicule policies, still in force in the 21st Century..

The 1951 flying saucer science fiction classic movie "THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL" was the first Hollywood silver screen flick to include real-life news journalists in a movie about UFOs. They included GABRIEL HEATER, ELMER DAVIS and DREW PEARSON, a Washington, DC-based columnist who would write much about the UFO subject, as did his successor later, JACK ANDERSON, who also authored a fictional novel about UFOs. Shown above from the movie is acclaimed TV, radio and newspaper journalist H.V. KALTENBORN telling radio listeners that despite the surprise extraterrestrial spaceship landing in Washington, DC, there were "signs of normalcy" in the nation's capital. Kaltenborn (1887-1965) was a reporter for the BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE, one of the nation's leading newspapers in the early 20th Century, during the 1910's and an editor of the daily newspaper in the 1920's when he also launched the Eagle's radio station. In the 1930's he became a CBS Radio News reporter and commentator, and then switched in 1940 to NBC Radio News, and also NBC TV News in the 1950's.

One year after THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL was in cinemas, a fleet of UFOs invaded the night skies of Washington, DC on two July weekends, as if, it has been suggested, their occupants, whether extraterrestrials, inter-dimensional lifeforms or something entirely unknown, were trying to provoke an official United States acknowledgement of their reality, as might have been the case with the 1947 Roswell incident near an atom bomb facility. The hot air inversion Air Force explanation of the D.C. UFOs in 1952 followed the A.F. explanation of the hot air weather balloon explanation of the 1947 UFO crash landing. Much hot air has passed since.


The top photo, as noted above, is a still scene from the 1951 Robert Wise classic science fiction movie "THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD" showing famous NBC/CBS Radio news commentator H.V. Kaltenborn telling listeners that there is an "air of normalcy"in Washington, DC, as Klaatu's flying saucer spaceship arrives over the nation's capital for a landing and contact. Things have not been normal in serious UFO media coverage since.

This website's creator and editor, Harold Egeln, was a full-time staff reporter for Brooklyn newspapers from 1989 to 2012 with nearly 10,000 articles to his credit, as well as a newspaper columnist with "Peace Talk" (1984-1989) and "Eco-Frontier" (1992-1995) columns. While working as a staff general assignment reporter (2007-2012) for the "Brooklyn Daily Eagle" (revived in 1996) he wrote a front page lead article on Kaltenborn and his connection with the original "Eagle" including his starting its radio station with a broadcast at a Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce meeting in April 1921. (Egeln was a reporter for the Chamber's "Brooklyn's Progress" newspaper 2004-2006). While at the Eagle, Egeln wrote several front page articles on the UFO topic, as well as articles about space exploration.

The second photo-scan is a "Washington Post" headline about the major UFO flap over the nation's capital that set off a hornets' nest media and public attention on this most memorable event, which is remembered very well by S.P.A.C.E. founder Harold Egeln when he was a little boy, clued to TV news reports and the newspapers. There is a video further below of an excerpt of the Pentagon press conference, the largest since World War Two, as reporters pressed the military spokesman on the two weekends of UFOs over Washington, D.C., and there is a 1956 movie documentary that includes the 1952 D.C. sightings.

At top of this webpage is an excellent independent documentary on "THE MEDIA, POP CULTURE & UFO's" from public YouTube that S.P.A.C.E. rates ***** five stars, as a perfect introduction to this page. 



                                                             by Harold Egeln

July 1, 2014 -- Flying saucers, alien abduction and U.S. government UFO cover-up are the subject in a feature article today in the Science Times section of The New York Times, headlined "Movie Aliens, Scary and Cute"by Dennis Overbye of NYC, one of The Times' science writers. In the half-page article, above the fold, is a comical cartoon-like artwork by Elwood H. Smith showing a flying saucer abducting a frightened human with a yellow beam as other people run away in panic and terror, chased by two humans mind-controlled by space aliens.

The reason for the article is the opening of two new Hollywood movies about ET contact, "Earth To Echo" (with the "cute movie alien") directed by Dave Green, a kind of updated version of Steven Spielberg's 1982 "ET" movie for the "Millennials generation"  and "The Signal" (with the "scary movie aliens") directed by William Fubank, based on Area 51 as a secret base for alien contact

Overbye uses the 1953 "Invaders From Mars" classic science fiction movie in the opening and ending of his article to frame his article on movie themes on ET contact and flying saucers. He did not see the movie as a boy, but first saw it more recently. I saw it as a boy at a Saturday children's movie matinee. Overbye noted that after a boy astronomer witnesses the landing of a flying saucer in his backyard (it went underground) his parents and some cops are abducted and the Martians insert "balls the size of peas... into their heads to turn them into robots." In other words, alien implants as portrayed in a 1953 Hollywood Movie. In "The Man From Planet X" 1950 movie, humans are enlisted against their will to work for the flying saucer alien.

Bruce Rux's 1997 "Hollywood Vs. the Aliens: The Motion Pictures Industry Participation in UFO Movies" book addressed in detail the movie-UFO theme and this September "Silver Screen Saucers: Separating Fact From Fantasy in Hollywood UFO Movies" by Robbie Graham [] will give an in-depth treatment to this subject. But, once again, when it comes to UFOs and the Media, The New York Times treats the subject most of the time in a light-heart manner, as do most print and TV/radio media, with the exception of some local area newspaper and TV coverage, as recently seen in a Hawaiian UFO sighting report.

"Invaders From Mars" in its U.S. release lacked a crucial scene that was included in the movie's release in England: an informative segment on actual newspaper articles and Project Blue Book reports on famous UFO sighting reports, including the Lubbock Lights in 1950, the Mantell jet-plane crash after a UFO chase in 1948, a commercial airline pilots UFO sighting report from that year, and more, including a 3-D model of two UFOs from famous sighting reports at that time. This five-minute segment was expunged from the American version.

What some non-experiencers do, whether in news reports or in books, is to assume that close encounter and UFO sighting reports are the result of the witnesses sincerely misinterpreting what they saw and experienced, or that they were deluded and sincerely believe their hallucinations or run-amok imagination, putting the non-experienced news reporters or disbelieving authors in a superior position over we who are the UFO witnesses who, they assert with authority or by conviction, "believe in aliens" to satisfy something missing in our lives. Several of us know this false-platform position all too well from experience

We do not believe in UFOs and their occupants. Not at all. We know it as an actual reality, and society is in for a really big surprise some day down the line of time.

The last photo above, from my own AstroHal-Land Museum, is of movie space alien figures: Yoda from "Star Wars," the ET from Spielberg's"Close Encounters of the Third Kind" (1977), the Mutant from "This Island Earth" (1955), the giant robot alien from "The Iron Giant," Gort the space peace-keeping police-robot from "The Day the Earth Stood Still" (1951), and "Superman" from the 1978 movie.

                                          THE TIMES, AGAIN -- 'ON A GALLERY LAWN IN LONDON

July 4, 2014 -- Once again, three days later, The New York Times' in front page header in its "Weekend Arts, II" section had an "Inside Arts" item by Carol Vogel, headlined "Space Pod Alights At the Serpentine" with a photo about architect Smiljan Radic's translucent flying saucer-shaped pavilion, with a cafe and discuss place inside, outside the Serpentine Gallery at Kensington Gardens.

                                             THE STORIES ABOUT THE PHOTOS DISPLAYED BELOW

The first photo below is of the front cover of the "TV GUIDE" magazine of June 10-16, 1978 for its feature article "UFOs on TV - Flying in the Face of Logic" by Dick Russell. It was written in preparation of the upcoming NBC TV network's "Project UFO" series produced by Jack Webb of 1950's-1960's "Dragnet" TV series fame. Russell reported, "This season's NBC series 'PROJECT U.F.O.' is television's first attempt to dramatize the issue in some sort of authentic fashion." Webb's series bases its stories on the cases culled from the U.S. Air Force's "Project Blue Book" files for the hour-long programs, which lasted two seasons.

Previously, UFOs were portrayed by science fiction shows on TV such as "The Invaders" and "U.F.O." in the late 1960's and early 1970's, and were often the subject matter of TV comedy episodes of that era, such as "Sgt. Bilko" (1957) "Dennis the Menace" (1960) and "Maude" (mid-1970's). In the 1950's children TV programs touched upon the UFO subject. "The Howdy Doody Show" had a friendly "Flying Saucer" puppet, and an episode where an elephant was abducted and returned by a UFO. The "Gerald McBong McBong" 1950's cartoon show also had its boy character Gerald abducted and returned by a UFO. Science fiction shows in the 1950's and 1960''shad UFO episodes, such as "Science Fiction Theater," the "Twilight Zone" and the "Outer Limits." 

The second photo is of an article from The New York Times of November 4, 1979, "Close Encounters With Alien Beings Are Seen as Unlikely" by science writer Malcolm W. Browne about a two-day symposium held by "astronomers, physicists, chemists, biologists and space travel experts titled "Where Are They? A Symposium on the Implications of Our Failure to Observe Extraterrestrials" held at the University of Maryland. There are only two paragraphs on UFOs: "Dr. James Oberg of the Johnson Space Center in Houston said that all reported sightings of 'unidentified flying objects' have been explainable in terms of other that visits by alien beings, but added that Quirks induced in human perception induced by belief in alien visitors would continue to produce such reports. THE DEVIL THEORY ON U.F.O.'S - 'Before there were UFO's there was the Devil,' said Dr. (Sebastian) von Hoerner said, 'Martin Luther not only reported seeing the Devil but throwing a book at him.'" We know those views are pure poppycock, we are sorry to say. 

The second photo is of "OFFICIAL UFO" published here in NYC in the mid-1970's. Shown here issue nine from July 1976, from Harold Egeln's own extensive UFO history collection library. By 1980, "UFO UNIVERSE" magazine started publishing in NYC by Timothy Green Beckley, a New Jersey born was took an interest in UFO/s as a boy in the 1950;s and who founded the UFO Investigators League in the early 1970's. He went on to organize UFO conferences, such as one in an Upper East Side church in 1981, and has had for many years a publishing company based in NJ that re-publishes both classic and original UFO topic books, as well as the "Conspiracy Journal." In 1993 he published a review by Harold Egeln of Dr. Jean Munday's UFO witness play "Believe Me!" performed at the iconic Village Gate at a UFO multimedia event organized by Michael Luckman of the NYC Center for Extraterrestrial Research. Egeln in the 1960's had a collection of UFO magazine issues published by "TRUE Magazine" and others, but they were destroyed by orders of a school psychologist to end Egeln's interest in UFOs, astronomy and space exploration.

                                                            MESSENGERS IN THE MEDIA

The next photo is of a feature article by Lewis Beale in the New York "Daily News" from June 1,1994 about BUDD HOPKINS and his support group that met at his apartment and studio in Chelsea. Hopkins was a guest at two S.P.A.C.E. support group meetings, first in early 1993 and the next in mid-1995.

The next photo is of page two of the November 1992 S.P.A.C.E. NEWSLETTER showing a feature New York Times article from October 28, 1992, about DR. DAVID JACOBS, the Temple University history professor who broke into Ufology in 1975 with his "UFO CONTROVERSY IN AMERICA" book. In 1992 his new book "SECRET LIFE" gave him new focus, with his work with UFO abductees. Jacobs was a guest at a S.P.A.C.E. support group meeting in January 1997, which engendered both support and criticism from close encounter experiencers there about his work.

The last photo is of page one of a three-page "Eco-Frontier" column by Harold Egeln, an environmental reporter for the "Downtown -- Counter-Culture for the '90's" biweekly alternative newspaper in Manhattan. This column in the April 26-May 11,1994 issue, is titled "Other Worlds" and was one of four columns out of about 140 in which Egeln, with his first-hand insider's experience with UFO contacts, in a Clark Kent reporter manner related the UFO topic to Earth's ecological problems, acting as a close encounter messenger in the media. His environmental interest and activist grew from his own concerns about humanity's war on Nature, not from his from his close encounter experiences. He wrote a two-part "Eco-Frontier" column about the question of human-UFO nonhuman hybrids in the context of the situation of humankind entering a new biosphere era of climate change that could, in the worst case scenario, threaten the continued existence of humanity 

On a personal note, although forced at age 13 by school authorities to get UFOs and space out of his mind and life with the destruction of his space science and UFO books,and little home planetarium and telescope, Egeln gradually, quietly and cautiously re-entered the topics, leading many years later to the creation of S.P.A.C.E., with other experiencers, as one way to show that almost anybody ridiculed or discouraged by the media, society, skeptics, friends and family can rise phoenix-like in overcoming the odds. WHITLEY STRIEBER, who had a huge outpouring of grassroots reader support after his "Communion" and "Transformation" books came out in 1987 and 1989, was criticized by UFO deniers and even segments of Ufology, retreating in 1989 but slowly re-emerging three years later. S.P.A.C.E. and many other similar organization provide safe havens for UFO witnesses to express themselves without being judged, although debate was present at support group meetings.

The effects of suppression, ridicule and punishment of UFO contact witnesses has been experienced by countless numbers of people, many forced to remain silent. And the media, when it is not objective, factual and open-minded, excerpts it influence and power on sincere, honest and reputable close encounter witnesses. That is why S.P.A.C.E. and other similar support groups are necessary.

There have been and are skilled and experienced journalists who objectively and diligently report fairly on the UFO close encounter subject. Several have written books, such as magazine and newspaper writer JOHN KEEL of New York. Above are three examples of books by some of these journalists: "ALIENS IN THE SKIES: The New UFO Battle of the Scientists" by JOHN FULLER in 1969 about the testimony of six leading scientists before the House Committee on Science and Aeronautics on July 29, 1968, a public congressional hearing that caused nationwide media coverage including in THE NEW YORK TIMES. Fuller previously had written "INCIDENT AT EXETER" and "THE INTERRUPTED JOURNEY" about Betty and Barney Hill's seminal UFO abduction. He also wrote two Broadway shows and several TV documentary specials.

"OUT THERE: The Government's Secret Quest for Extraterrestrials" (Simon & Schuster, 1990) was by NEW YORKTIMES investigative reporter and best-selling author HOWARD BLUM (in a video below), and his learning of the UFO Working Group secretive governmental agency. "CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE FOURTH KIND: Alien Abduction, UFOs, And The Conference at M.I.T." (Alfred A. Knopf, 1995) was by award-winning journalist and "Friendly Fire" author  C.D.B. BRYAN about the ABDUCTION STUDY CONFERENCE in June 1992 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, an event rating front page coverage in the WALL STREET JOURNAL.

There is an interview with investigative journalist and author LESLIE KEAN of New York City below, followed by a video below is of UFO sightings by the X-15 rocket plane astronaut pilots of the early 1960's, who made short five minute suborbital flights into space from the upper stratosphere, 50 miles and higher. LIFE Magazine reported on the first X-15 UFO sighting by astronaut pilot Robert White, whose suborbital spaceflight was the cover story in the magazine, an example of fair media coverage. 

The first time I wrote about UFOs in a newspaper I worked for was in 1987 in my weekly PEACE TALK column that I wrote for the HOME REPORTER weekly southwest Brooklyn newspaper based in Bay Ridge. The above ECO-FRONTIER biweekly column appeared in the NYC alternative "DOWNTOWN Counterculture for the '90's" newspaper based in Manhattan's East Village. I would write some more UFO topic columns in my column connected to the environmental topic, which I wrote from Feb. 1992 to Jan. 1995. Later, from 2008 to 2011, I wrote some UFO topic front page articles for the BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE newspaper where I worked as a full time staff reporter in its news editorial department. -- Harold Egeln