SOUTH AMERICAN has long been a continental UFO hot spot and five nations UFO organizations, some quasi-governmental or military agencies, are coordinating their research and reports. They are in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, and Uruguay, along with contacts in Peru. Several of those nations have been declassifying and releasing their UFO report files, steps in disclosure although not full disclosure, which is unlikely.

They recognize the public's "Need To Know" rights. This webpage is devoted to that subject and getting out the word. The photos above and below are from a recent article in the "OPEN MINDS" UFO magazine about the cooperating agencies in those governments, and the title of the Uruguay CRIDOVNI agency is shown, along with the nation's capitol building

Some of the public YouTube videos shown here are from OPEN MINDS TV (copyright by Open Minds TV) which is doing a fantastic job of spreading the facts of UFO contact and walks on the Road to Truth. Until we add more text to this webpage, the videos are presented here for expanding the knowledge horizon.

                                                               LATIN AMERICAN UFOLOGY

A grassroots citizen organization in Brazil holds one or two annual UFO conferences and Chile has had UFO conferences with military officials speaking.

American citizen ANTONIO HUNEEUS, born in Chile, has been a leading U.S. and Latin American journalist and researcher, active in the field since the mid 1970's. In the 1990's he was a UFO columnist for a New York City independent daily newspaper. He is a columnist and a co-editor of "OPEN MINDS" UFO magazine. In 1993 he gave a presentation to a S.P.A.C.E. Support and Study Group meeting at a restaurant in Forest Hills, Queens, NYC. He was active in opening the United Nations to UFO information, where the interest there remains alive and still active.

Among the public YouTube videos below, is a trailer from the acclaimed 1987 science fiction movie "MAN FACING SOUTHEAST" about a strange man claiming to be from another world, whereupon he is placed in a mental health hospital as officials investigate his claims. His influence rallies the patients, and when outside in the public, inspires the public with his conducting an orchestra concert in Beethoven's magnificent Ninth Symphony ending. Years later an inferior American version of the movie was made, "K-PAX."