UFOs and science have had a rocky relationship since the modern UFO era began in 1947, not going together like "horse and carriage" as in marriage. In the 1950's and 1960's arose DR. DONALD MENZEL, a Harvard University astronomer as a skeptic who employed ridicule, and DR. JAMES MACDONALD, a scientist calling for serious scientific research before a congressional hearing on UFOs in 1968. One UFO university-based astronomer, DR. J. ALLEN HYNEK, went from a UFO denier and skeptic to a UFO supporter in the course of those decades, and DR. JACQUES VALLEE, a French-born information scientist, embarked on four decades of publishing his UFO research books, finding a "ghost in the machine" as his detective work suggested evidence of high-strangeness operating within the UFO enigma.

Above are pictured two books authored by scientists, "UNCONVENTIONAL FLYING OBJECTS: A Scientific Analysis" (Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Inc., 1995) by NASA scientist and UFO witness PAUL HILL published after his death at his request, and "PROJECT IDENTIFICATION: The First Scientific Field Study of UFO Phenomena" (Prentice-Hall, Inc., 1981) by South Missouri State University psychics professor DR. HARTLEY RUTLEDGE, also a home astronomer. They were supportive of UFO reality based on their own scientific research and analysis of the information and, in the Rutledge's case, field work, as shown in the top photo from his book. Hill's book was republished in a new paperback edition this year, its first re-printing in 19 years, available in bookstores and elsewhere.

But now, of course, there are many scientists working on the UFO mystery, either openly or undercover.

Below are three vitally essential scientific books, one by PAUL POTTER who starts his in-depth research drawing from the abduction experiences of BETTY ANDREASSON LUCA.

The next is by the author of numerous Andreasson Luca books, famed UFO investigator and astronomer RAYMOND FOWLER, author of the book shown published in 1979, one of best scientific studies ever in Ufology from a premier close encounter investigator.... AND an experiencer himself, as Fowler tolf in one of latter books.

The third photo-scan is of the cover of the "FLYING SAUCERS -- A CHALLENGE TO SCIENCE" 1966 book by JACQUES and JANINE VALLE, with a Foreword by DR. J. ALLEN HYNEK. Harold Egeln bought this book on March 3, 1968.

Many excellent Ufologyscience books about UFOs have been written since the dawn of the Modern Age of UFOs in 1947, most recently by STANTON FRIEDMAN and KATHLEEN MARDEN.

                                         INTRODUCING S.P.A.C.E. COLUMNIST ROBERT TORRES

Dec. 14, 2014 -- S.P.A.C.E. participant and UFO contact/paranormal experiencer ROBERT TORRES, author of "Sin Thesis" as reviewed by Harold Egeln on our site's BOOKS page, has his first science article for the S.P.A.C.E. website posted below: "Communication From the Future Discovered and Proven to be Real." It is a great read with lots of scientific backup along with Torres' talent of expressing scientific information so clearly and relating it to the scientific and interdisciplinary approach of the S.P.A.C.E. UFO EXPLORER website. His article mentions things such as faster-than-light communication (superlumlnul), "spooky action at a distance" (how particles separated at great distances share information instantly at faster than light speeds), non-locality, quantum mind, artificial intelligence and quantum computers as related to the subject.

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The latest column by Robert Torres titled "Alien God Species" will appear here soon.

Ufologist and astronomer RAYMOND FOWLER as he appeared in a blurb in the August 1975 "OFFICIAL UFO" magazine, published in NYC, in a article he wrote about his investigation of the "Goffstown" UFO occupant sightings.

Just over half a century ago, psychiatry and psychology pioneer DR. CARL JUNG was the first famous and foremost  mental health professional to seriously address and publish a scientific study on UFOs with his seminal book "FLYING SAUCERS: A MODERN MYTH OF THINGS SEEN IN THE SKIES." 

At a public grade school book fair in Brooklyn in the 1990's, twostudents hold up their favorite books they chose for the annual event, which included the "ALIEN SCIENCE" young persons' book. -- Photo by staff reporter Harold Egeln in the "Brooklyn Spectator" weekly newspaper.

The above YouTube videos focus on UFO SPACE SCIENCE, the second with Dr. Jacques Vallee, The SPACE ALIEN PHOTO ALBUM directly above features illustrations mid-20th Century concepts of possible life on Mars, Venus and Mercury (illustration two, three and four) based on planetary science knowledge of the mid-1950's  : the MARS MAN, THE VENUS BEAST MAN and the MERCURY LICHEN EATER, drawings made 60 years ago on the unlikely assumption of advanced life on those world. The illustrations are from "THE ANSWERS TO THE SPACE FLIGHT CHALLENGE" 1958 book by then well-known aviation and science reporter FRANK TINSLEY, a book in Harold Egeln's SPACE LIBRARY which was a gift to him in 1958

The far left and right photo album illustrations from the book, which is not a UFO book but about the development of space exploration and travel, show ET's on a world (on far right) in another solar system witnessing their own "UFO" which is a star-ship from Earth far in the future (enlarged below). The other illustration (far left) is an imaginary concept of "life as we don't know" on an alien world.

The next illustration, second from the bottom, was made by Frank Tinsely based on flying saucer reports in the early 1950;s when he made this, and was in his 1958 book. Tinsley's saucer work in color is shown in the last illustration. It was was the book cover art of the 1950 "The Flying Saucers Are Real" by Air Force Major (retired) DONALD E. KEYHOE, one of the first-ever UFO books.

DR. JOHN E. MACK saw and understood the need of a new science -- the science of human experience, based on his work with UFO close encounter witnesses and his research into the subject. Here are two public YouTube videos in which he explained this in the context of his research. The first is a presentation he gave at a meeting of IONS, the Institute Of Noetic Sciences, founded by Apollo 14 astronaut DR. EDGAR MITCHELL. The second video is an interview with JEFFREY MISHLOVE. The photo of Dr. Mack below appeared on the front page of a "S.P.A.C.E. EXPLORER" Newsletter in 1995 and the drawing was done by S.P.A.C.E. founder and UFO contact artist HAROLD EGELN..