A commentary and observations webpage on UFO Contact and Life on Earth by HAROLD EGELN, JR., who wrote his first short story as a seventh grade school project about mysterious lights witnessed over the water by puzzled people on the shoreline, and never calling them UFOs nor alien spacecraft, but telling, in his story of dealing with ambiguous anomalies, the effect on each witness and their thoughts about the unusual, non-ordinary experience, without ever identifying the cause, nature or source of the strange dancing lights.

For his enigmatic short story about an event that defies categorizations, Egeln's writing ability caught the attention of his English teacher, MISS BEATTY (soon after MRS. SCHMIDT and whose sister married the famed actor RALPH BELLAMY) at an Irvington, New Jersey grade school, who encouraged him to a writing career. But detours prevented that goal throughout his life, despite support in his early 20's by MIT Professor NOAM CHOMSKY, the famous linguist, analytic philosopher, cognitive scientist for an article Egeln wrote about his antiwar stand while in the army.

Here is a journal by one of countless people, himself a mundane, homely human being and an unremarkable writer who has been the subject of physical, psychological, emotional and intelligence tests by an enigmatic otherworldly source , who have been inside the UFOs. 

In 2007, HAROLD EGELN was photographed (above) in the lobby of the Waverly cinema in Greenwich Village, NYC, next to a model of the Soviet Union's Sputnik I, the first artificial space satellite to orbit the Earth on October 5, 1957, on exhibit at the debut showing of the "Sputnik Mania" movie about that historic event that officially launched the Space Age. In June 2006, he was first  elected president of the NYC Space Society, the city chapter of the National Space Society (NSS)which then held monthly free public seminars at New York University. Singer and songwriter ELAINE WALKER, the chapter's president from 2000 to 2003, is shown in the "MARTIANS" music video she created with her "ZIA" space rock band at the top of this webpage.

Below that video are two New York State official documents, one by the governor and the other by the state senate, declaring July 20, 2009, the 40th anniversary of the first human landing on the Moon by Apollo 14 astronauts, as SPACE EXPLORATION DAY, a national holiday movement by the NSS. Egeln, as a constituent of State Senator Marty Golden, initiated the request for the declaration with the senator's office, and also the office of NYS Governor David Paterson. Below the declarations is an article Egeln wrote for the BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE newspaper, where he was the full-time lead staff general assignment reporter.

                                                        HAROLD EGELN's UFO--INSIDER-JOURNAL

                             Introduction: Between A Moon Rock and A Hard Place of UFO Contact

JULY 20, 2014 marked the 45th anniversary of the landing and walks by NASA astronauts NEIL ARMSTRONG and BUZZ ALDRIN on the Moon, humankind's first visit, in peace for all humanity, by its own means to another world, Earth's ancient rocky satellite. The Apollo 11 lunar landing on July 20, 1969, was, indeed, an incredibly historic and thrilling landmark event in humanity's evolution, making us temporary dwellers of two worlds with a total of six exploratory excursions, the last in December 1972.

For us who have been "inside the UFOs" that may have resulted in some of us going into space, these human engineered initiatives must be seen through the enigmatic close encounter looking glass into which we have been taken. And that makes all the difference for countless numbers of precious humans taken and visited by otherworldly beings from who knows exactly where. This sets the stage for my own journal as a solitary voice, among countless other voices, from INSIDE THE UFOs.

Because the course of my minor life has involved me both in creating S.P.A.C.E. with numerous other UFO experiencers and being chosen to be one of the presidents of the NYC chapter of the National Space Society, a nonprofit membership global organization advocating for space exploration and travel, I am involved with both the known human space program (beyond the secret space program) and unknown "space programs" of UFO occupants and close encounters sources from space and/or other realms of realities. This gives me a dual perspective from outside the human spaceships and inside the UFOs.

This journal examines and comments from an awareness of these perspectives. All UFO experiencers, in their own ways, live both in the known and unknown worlds of their unique earthly lives and extraordinary mysteries, navigators of explored and unexplored territories.


Posted below is an article and review I wrote in February 2001 on the original S.P.A.C.E. website about "THE ABDUCTION PROJECT" play performed that month into March in Manhattan by the Collision Theater performance group. The posts are followed by my comments. 

                        THE "GRAYS" AS CONCEIVED IN THE U.S. SPACE PROGRAM IN EARLY 1960's

Who are the "grays?" There is a variation of opinions among ufologists and UFO occupant witnesses, with descriptions of them being living organic beings, body forms that function as spacesuits for their true forms or "souls" (as once described by Whitley Strieber) and robots or androids. In one of Raymond Fowler's later books "THE WATCHERS II: Exploring UFOs and the Near-Death Experience," Betty Andreasson-Luca illustrated them as the latter, with a tall human-like "Elder watcher" replacing a reclining "gray's" eye in an eye-implant procedure [as depicted in her drawing below from page 107 from the book].

Below is a photo-scan of a feature article titled "MAN REMADE TO LIVE IN SPACE" from the beginning of the 1960's in "LIFE MAGAZINE" (ignore the "New York Times" logo on the page which I clipped at the time). The article was about adopting the human body to live, function and work easily in space without spacesuits and atmospheres, and be radiation protected and low-and-high gravity enabled, making a more flexible form of a future "space-human."

Speculation at that time was that through advanced knowledge about genetics and the integration of computerized robotic implanted into willing humans, a new space-adopted, space-faring human species of homo astro-sapiens could be created. This illustration shows these astronauts at work at a Moon base performing tasks easily without bulky spacesuits or mechanical computerized robots. Note their gray color.

This was a human-conceived "gray" called a "CYBORG" (CYBerneticORGanism) years before the "gray" terminology was used to identify the garden-variety "gray" UFO occupants often reported by close encounter witnesses. The article noted, "Cyborgs, according to a daring new idea, will be men whose body organs and systems are automatically adjusted for life in unearthly environments by artificial organs and senses." (Think infrared for night vision -- "grays" reportedly flinch when flashlights are shined at them, as I found out by personal experience in Brewster on the night of August 14, 1988 during my first CE-5.)

This CYBORG concept, said the article, was conceived by MANFRED CLYNES, a computer engineer on cybornetics and DR. NATHAN KLINE, "a famous psychiatrist and researcher in drug uses." Both were at Rockland State University in Rockland County, NY.

"Cyborgs will wear sealed skintight suits, but will travel in unsealed cabins exposed to the near vacuum of space," the article explained. "Their messages to one another will be picked up electronically from their vocal nerves and transmitted by radio. Their mouths will be sealed and unused."

Does this sound familiar, folks, as applied to "the Grays?" Furthermore, the article noted half-a-century ago around the time of the Barney and Bill Hill abduction of 1961, that the cyborgs' lungs would be partly deflated, their blood cooled, their brains warmed and concentrated food fed directly to their stomachs or bloodstreams.

In my now long lifetime of experience and research of the UFO Experience, I have never seen any reference to this article. Not ever. Being an ardent follower of the human space programs since I was a child when, prior to Sputnik, sounding rockets with automated probes, film cameras and monkeys, mice and dogs were launched into suborbital space, I was fortunate as human spaceflight started to clip and save this "LIFE" article.

Hearing and reading about in recent years that "the grays" may be robotic or a hybrid creation of artificial intelligent and organic material suited for space travel and unfamiliar biospheres of other worlds has never been new information to me, because of exposure as a teen to this science article in LIFE Magazine at the dawn of human spaceflight as the 1960's began. The article made no reference extraterrestrial intelligence.

In 1960 I clipped an article from "The New York Times Magazine" about how an advanced intelligent species of dinosaurs would have looked had not their ancestors been wiped out 65 million years ago by huge asteroid or comet hit. The magazine's front cover had the imagined image and later ufologists would find it and compare it to the "grays." The TV show "Star Trek: Voyage" had an episode in which an intelligent species rocketed off Earth before the asteroid or comet hit and evolved on a planet in another solar system.

This is submitted for your consideration, as Rod Serling would say on "The Twilight Zone" TV show.



"MAN REMADE TO LIVE IN SPACE" image and page copyright (c) 1961 by "LIFE MAGAZINE" -- "Figure 22: An Elder implanting new eyes in a gray" illustration, along with another illustration, both by BETTY ANDREASSON LUCA copyright (c) 1995 by RAYMOND E. FOWLER from "THE WATCHERS II: Exploring UFOs and the Near-Death Experience" published by WILD FLOWERPRESS, 1995, Newberg, Oregon

Painting by BETTY ANDREASSON LUCA depicts the type of UFO occupants she encountered, including the tall human-like entities, "the Watchers." This is from her new website [] by New Page Books, which republished "The Andreasson Affair" book, in paperback, by RAYMOND FOWLER on October 20, 2014. The original hardcover edition was published in early 1974 by Prentice Hall, Inc.

                                       THE NIGHT OF THE FULL MOON AND THE FOOL MOON

I drew the above below of a CE-5 UFO sighting I had with others on the night of Sunday, September 1, 1990, on Sands Point, Long Island on Hillsdale Lane, a private road, off Middle Neck Road, which I described in a journal at the time. I was with four other people in a car, on a close encounter of the fifth kind mission, when the headlights suddenly started flashing on-and-off their own, at 12:13 a.m. The driver stopped the car but the headlight still blinked. I and another man left the car and walked along the road.It was a starry and moonlit night.

We walked more than 50 feet from the car and behind and just above the tall trees was a full moon shining. Or so we thought. My companion looked to our rear, noting that the full moon was in the sky to the south. The "full moon" we had first seen was, we realized, was in the north, an impossibility. When we turned to look at our "Fool moon," it was gone. There was no beacon, aircraft, tower, reflector for source of the light there, just starry sky.


                                  THE UFO AND ATOMIC WAR-WORLD PEACE CONNECTION

Shown in a photo-scan below is a brochure for the "First Global Radiation Victims Conference" held by the Washington, DC-based Health and Energy Institute in Manhattan near the United Nations building from September 26 through October 3, 1987. At that time I was in my fourth year working as full-time executive director of the NYC office of the nonprofit National Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy or "SANE" founded in November 1957 by Nobel Prize winners, scientists, physicians and others in response to the threat of nuclear war and increased amounts of radiation from above-ground atom and hydrogen bomb tests in Nevada, Pacific Oceans islands and the Soviet Union, with the atmospheric radioactivity entering milk and food products.

In my job, I was responsible to the Metro-NYC SANE Peace Council board, its 12 chapters and affiliates, 7,000 SANE members in the NYC area, and coordinating with other peace organizations and promoting publicity with the media. It was the best and busiest job I ever had, after devoting my life to world peace, conflict resolution and nonviolence when at age 22 I defied orders for military training while in the Army as a drafted solider, one of the first of many thousands who took similar stands during the Vietnam War.

I was asked by the SANE board to find a professional person to videotape the five-day international conference, but I had a difficult time finding somebody. One day in my office in the Peace Suite, a set of peace group offices on a floor on Lafayette and Spring Streets in Soho, a woman approached the director of the Performing Artist for Nuclear Disarmament (PAND) who shared the office with me.

She told the PAND director that she wanted to work for peace and nuclear disarmament, and told her, "You won't believe how I came to be here. I was enjoying myself at the Jersey shore and suddenly I saw a dancing bright light in the day sky. It was a flying saucer zigzagging around and then I got a message from it in my mind: 'Work for world peace and the end of the nuclear arms race. So I'm here to help, if I can." Her remarks certainly caught my attention!

Barbara, the PAND director, said that she was not looking for help now, and said that I was. The young woman stepped over to me. I told her we need somebody to tape the five day conference and she told me that she does video work. After giving her the details, she accepted the assignment and I referred her to the conference organizers.

Putting this into context as to where my UFO interest was then, earlier in the year I wrote letters explaining my possible close encounters to Whitley Strieber and Budd Hopkins, after I read their new books "Communion: A True Story" and "Intruders: The Incredible Visitation in Copely Woods."The circumstances that arose with the conference and the woman's UFO sighting with its telepathic message suggested to me that this was planned by the UFO occupants or source. 

At that time I was also a board member of the "Psycho-Social Issues in the Nuclear Age," a group of mental health professionals led by Dr. Harris Peck that met at the Hunter College of Social Work. I was one of only two non-mental health professionals on the board, tapped for my work with the large peace organization and my lifetime commitment to peace.

That stems from my childhood days when we "ducked and covered" under our school desks during atomic bomb drills in school, when people outdoors from Times Square to Irvington Center (where I lived as a boy) took shelter at the wail of air raid sirens and TV and radio warnings in the 1950's. And it was when UFO contactees claimed that got warnings from human-like space-folk from flying saucers about atomic bomb dangers. The psycho-social issues board was in touch with a kindred group in Boston led by Dr. John Mack, a few years before his introduction by Budd Hoplins to UFO abduction work.

In 1985 or 1986, Whitley Strieber or his publishers donated several copies of a novel about a limited nuclear war titled "War Day" (which I had read pre-Communion as I did with his "Nature's End" book) to another peace organization in our Peace Suite, the Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR).

                                  S.P.A.C.E. CALLED NOT SPIRITUAL AND TOO SPIRITUAL

In the late 1990's some ufologists involved with CE-5 work told me, without knowledge of my background as a professional and volunteer peace activist,  that I lacked a peaceful approach and any peace activism experience that was needed for our UFO witness support work. They were wrong, of course, and said this from lack of fact checking without ill intent. I and S.P.A.C.E. were blacklisted by their incorrect judgmental conclusions.

These misconceptions also came from spiritualists at a global peacemaking institution, one that I have enthusiastically supported since I was a little boy as an inspiration seeking peace and unity for humanity. I was told that I and S.P.A.C.E. lacked a peaceful and spiritual focus, while other ufologists, also without fact checking and direct contact with me, claimed that S.P.A.C.E. has a decidedly spiritual New Age focus, clueless to my citizen science background and official punishment for my astronomy, space and UFO interest as a boy.

Ufology, as any field of science and academics, has experienced divisiveness, and often unfair criticism of other scientists and academicians. That is not unusual and what happened here comes as no surprise. 

After the First Global Radiation Victims Conference in October 1987, I lost touch with the woman who did the videotaping and was instructed by my board leaders not to get further involved with the conference and avoid attending any part of it, which I thought strange. I never saw her again nor, unfortunately, got a copy of the conference video for our anti-nuclear peace organization's resources.


On the night of August 14, 1988, while still very busy at the peace organization job, I had my first CE-5 in Brewster, NY with a witness. [Visit our Brewster, N.Y. UFO CE-5 Contact webpage.] It was a peaceful, nonthreatening encounter with UFO occupants nearby, arranged by them beforehand in cryptic but directed impressionistic thought "messages" in the weeks before. The gentle and peaceful close encounter of the fifth kind, being face-to-face at a comfortable distance, confirmed their reality for my own eyes, a breakthrough! No, the UFO occupants made no atomic war warnings, but at the time I was deep into work at my anti-nuclear war job, fulfilling a longtime dream of working full time for peace, a CE-5 coinciding with my actual peace work job. 

In early 1989, when I first met Whitley and Anne Strieber, I was being replaced at my job at the peace organization by a fundraiser, while under unfair and bitter criticism from a few leaders (not in the majority as I had incredible support from many of our chapters) that I was too gentle, seen as a character flaw because I lacked a male's aggressive personality, to continue to work for them. I favored a cooperative community grassroots feminist model rather than a male hierarchical working model.

I was chastised for that and, also, for my pacifism as an anti-war protester while in the Army and under the very real threat of court-martial, angrily told that it was irrelevant to my work, although I said that it was the most relevant life-changing event for me and certainly applies to my then current work. Oddly, they were also against my writing a weekly newspaper column, "Peace Talk," which I did without pay at the behest of a local peace group, an affiliate of the organization, for five and a half years. Six months after my peaceful encounter with UFO occupants, I wished my fierce human detractors well, despite their hostility on my stand against war while in the army, my refusal to obey military-like orders from board members and my nonviolent ethics.

A few others who had this job before me also faced unfair criticism, one even writing about it in his newspaper column, so there was a pattern.

This traumatic episode turned my hair from brown to gray overnight from the shock, led to depression, and later, indirectly, to a silent mild heart attack. It almost drove a supportive colleague to the brink of suicide. I was treated better by the Army, with respect from my commanding officer and others, although they disagreed with my stance and frustrated by my unwillingness to compromise, gave me a general discharge under honorable conditions as being unsuitable for military training, after filing for a conscientious objector classification. I respected soldiers who sincerely believed that their military service was a way towards securing peace, but I opposed official government policies for the Vietnam War.

And so it goes, as Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. would say. What about Tralfamadore and the Tralfamadoreans?______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

In the first photo below, I am sitting at my desk in my first month (May 1984) in my job as executive director of the NYC office of the National Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy (SANE). In the second photo below, demonstrators in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn in 1989 protest the proposed "nuke-port" that would - and did - place nuclear-tipped cruise missiles aboard the USS Iowa at a Staten Island U.S. Navy home-port basein the Narrows by Upper New York Harbor. The Coalition for a Nuclear-Free Harbor, of which I represented the NYC SANE Peace Council, campaigned against it. I am in the background, on the right. my hair prematurely gray only five years after the first photo. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________.


In a tweet that made news on July 25, 2014, ALEXANDER GERST, a European Space Agency astronaut and one of six space travelers orbiting the Earth aboard the International Space Station, commented on the rocket blasts he witnesses 200 miles below from an observation dome on the ISS: "We do not see any borders from space. We just see a unique planet with a thin fragile atmosphere, suspended in a vast and hostile darkness. From here, it is crystal clear that on Earth we are one humanity, we all eventually share the same fate." He then mused what space aliens might think if they observed the same scene. (They have.)

UFO occupant messages and warnings about nuclear war were a theme in the 1951 classic science fiction movie "THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL" (watch movie clip below) and during the height of the UFO Contactee movement of the 1950's. Millions of people have worked and rallied for the abolition of atomic and hydrogen bomb stockpiles since the beginning of the Atomic Age in July 1945. I did my bit on a professional level for five intensively active years (May 1984-February 1989) as the executive director of the NYC office of the nonprofit National Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy (SANE) with a dozen chapters in the city and with thousands of members. In my final year at the job, a UFO sighting with a telepathic nuclear war danger message delivered to me via a person who had a sighting at the New Jersey shore, and I had my peaceful close encounter of the fifth kind in Brewster in the Hudson Valley UFO sightings area. Below are a selection of videos on the issue.-- Harold Egeln

The 1950 "Rocketship X-M" feature movie was the first science fiction movie to show the first spaceflight to Mars, by way of the intended Moon landing target that was diverted by a trans-lunar accident to the Red Planet. When the astronauts landed on Mars, they were shocked to discover the remains of an advanced civilization that was eradicated by an ancient atomic war, leaving its radiation mutated humanoid survivors in a savage stage. The spaceship, on its doomed return trip to Earth, served as is a little-known a vehicle with a message from its astronauts about the dangers Earth's civilization faced with a growing nuclear and thermonuclear weapons arsenal, letting Earth scientists of what they saw on Mars.

The second movie "Ladybug, Ladybug" is a little-known but very sensitively done and performed early 1960's movie drama about children awaiting the start of an atomic World War Three. For me and other children who grew-up in the 1950's and early 1960's under the threat of such a war, when we had to practice duck and cover in our schools, and seek shelter outside when an atomic war air raid drill was conducted for the public, this movie is something with which we can identify. -- Harold Egeln, executive director of the NYC office of the Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy (May 1984-February 1989).

The next journal entry will be about the 1953 classic science fiction "INVADERS  FROM Mars"movie which I saw at a children's Saturday matinee at a movie theater in Irvington, NJ when I was a boy. It was shown in the United States with one vital segment left out, a scene with the "astronomer" telling the boy who witnessed the flying saucer landing and a psychiatrist the actual early UFO sighting reports that were top news events in the late 1940's and early 1950's. That scene is intact in the movie when it was shown in England and elsewhere outside the United States.


                                                                  by HAROLD EGELN

It has been suggested that Hollywood science fiction movies about UFO contact created modern day UFO close encounter "fantasies." Most UFO contact witnesses within the S.P.A.C.E. Group have no or little interest in science fiction or even space programs, which some others, like myself, were fascinated by the dawn and progress of the Space Age, with its first artificial Earth satellites and pioneering astronaut orbital and lunar flights. From my own personal experience, I have had too many real time sightings of UFOs and UFO nonhuman occupants that belie the notion of sci-fi movies influencing myself and others. It's just not so.

Buy I also enjoyed Broadway movie musicals such as "Oklahoma" and "Carousel" as a boy, but I did not turn into a cowboy or carousel barker, nor did television family situation comedies make me into "the Beaver" or a "Bud Anderson." But as a child, I did wear Halloween costumes such as Clarabell the Clown from the Howdy Doody Show, and Tom Corbett-Space Cadet and Superman from the TV series. Below are a couple of trailers from among the many science fiction movies that I saw as a boy that related to the UFO decade of the 1950's. Turn on, tune in and enjoy this Imaginary Aspect of Close Encounters! 

In 1975 there was "THE MAN WHO FELL TO EARTH" movie starring David Bowie.

Often overlooked in UFO science fiction feature film history are the Witch Mountain flying saucer movies by Disney: "ESCAPE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN" in 1975 and "RETURN TO WITCH MOUNTAIN" sequel a few years later, and "RACE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN" just a few years ago, which had two cameo scenes of WHITLEY and ANNE STRIEBER at a UFO convention. The flying saucer in the movies is a realistic portrayal of disc UFOs. The trailers are posted below, plus the full 1982 pilot episode for a TV series titled "BEYOND WITCH MOUNTAIN" that never became a series. The flying saucer, shown in a still above, is from the 1975 "ESCAPE FROM WITCH MOUNTAIN" movie ending.

And then there are, for pure entertainment, the 2011 "PAUL" movie, the earlier "PROJECT ALF" TV movie and the pilot episode from 1983 of Nickelodeon's cable TV's "UFO Kidnapped" children's science fiction series. Just above is an episode of the "SCIENCE FICTION THEATER" networkTV seriesof the mid-1950's titled "BEYOND" about a UFO sighting by a test jet-plane pilot, which I remember well from my childhood. -- Harold Egeln

Humor, both honorable and despicable, has long played a large aspect of the close encounter experience. Above is a Christmas card, one of many thousands of the greeting card industries' take on UFOs and space aliens, and below is a TV promo for the "Project Alf" television movie, a follow-up to the popular 1980's NBC hit family situation comedy series. Twenty years ago Whitley Strieber discussed the humorous side of UFO contact in a feature article in "High Times Magazine."