Vivid, lucid and shared dreams are an absolutely essential aspect of close encounters, adding more information, knowledge and suggested concepts to the nature of UFO occupant contact, stealth or open. The above sketch was made shortly after HAROLD EGELN had a lucid dream on the morning of September 9, 2010, between 3 and 4 a.m. The dream involved being in a room, seemingly in a hospital or science institute, where he was doing research. Through a door came the shadow figures he sketched above, brownish in color, looking straight at him. Such "shadow people" he has seen on at least three occasions late at night at the Lower Magnetic Mine Road area by the Brewster Croton Reservoir. [See our BREWSTER , NY CE-5 CONTACT webpage.]

In 1992, with a group of people, S.P.A.C.E. Group participants, meditating in a circle, he looked away from the circle, opening his eyes, and noticed two such black shadow featureless figures, in human shape, watching them from the road, some 25 or more feet away, one crouching. Another time he saw one such figure "running" a few feet above the road surface, then leaping high into the woods. Another time, while by a tree in the woods with a witness who saw the shadow figures there in the past, such a figure, only all white and featureless, swiftly passed in front of a tree, but was not seen coming or going from the tree. Another time, in Port Washington on Long Island in 1990, Egeln saw a couple of  shadow entities walking near some bushes.

This webpage is devoted to DREAMS OF THE CLOSE ENCOUNTER KIND, with supportive dream material in text and especially in video format. 

                                   DREAMS AS A NONHUMAN GATEWAY INTO HUMAN PSYCHES

During the 22 years of S.P.A.C.E.'s research and experience, dreams pertaining to UFOs, close encounters, abductions and contact, which can be overt in their images and narratives as well as subtle with clues and masked images, such as a bus, fire truck, train, blimp or an airplane, rather than overt images like a UFO and narratives, are a powerful tool for exploring past and current interaction with nonhuman intelligence. There is often a persistence of dreams that carry on an evolving evidence of recalled memory and "downloaded" information from an exo-conscious source, that drives some contact experiencers to learn from them and direct them to a breakthrough, a destination, physical or otherwise, that drives the dreamer to explore what it might all mean.

The drawing above, by J. Carra, depicts the suggestion of UFO occupants working on a "dream-screen" to implant a dream into the mind of a close encounter witness. The drawing appeared in an issue of a print edition of the "S.P.A.C.E. NEWSLETTER" that began a series on "UFO DREAMS." in the 1990's. 

There is also the experience of shared dreams between two people or groups of people that are evidence of intervention by a supra-consciousness involved in UFO close encounters and abductions. Dreams, as recognized by S.P.A.C.E. researchers and also DR. REMO ROTH, a psychologist based in Zurich, Switzerland who has studied UFO/close encounter dreams for 35 years, are an essential tool of recalling and understanding the nature of a subjects' dreams, as much as hypnosis and other methods where recall techniques are utilized.

To dismiss or ignore dream elements in close encounter experiences is to miss out on important potential information necessary to understanding covert contacts. This webpage, as did a previous S.P.A.C.E. website, now suspended somewhere in a cyberspace cloud,  devoted to dreams did over the past two decades, will focus on reported such dreams, which could fill a large book. For reference to a book that was not a UFO contact book, but started with elements of UFO contact not known 75 years ago, we refer our readers to "The Lady of the Hare." published in the early 1940's.. 

                    THE "BOX TRAIN" OF A 2004 DREAM AND THE "UFO" A BOY WITNESSED IN 1966

The illustrations below are of a UFO sighting, shown in sequence, that a boy had on March 29. 1966, as depicted and discussed in RAYMOND FOWLER's "UFOs: INTERPLANETARY VISITORS" (Bantam Books edition, 1979) described in the section The UFO In The Woods" (pages 114-121), which Harold Egeln purchased in January 1980. In 2004, Egeln had a vivid dream of such an object as the "engine" pulling a train on tracks with box-like cars, winding along in a waving pattern.

Trains often, as do fire trucks, buses and mobile home-trailers, appear as an image in several dreams of close encounter experiencers. In 2001 a play titled "The Abduction Project" by the Collision Theory performance group for a month-long run in NYC integrated a train's sleeper car with beds turning into a UFO. The group interviewed experiences from the S.P.A.C.E. and Budd Hopkins' support groups and based its play, story, music and dance on their narratives, told to them firsthand in the play's planning stages. 

Egeln described his vivid dream on an original S.P.A.C.E. website exclusively to UFO/Close Encounter Dreams, and he made after his dream a drawing of the what looked exactly like the UFO in Fowler's book. The box-configured "train" then headed skywards. Egeln did a web search on this object, looking for different kinds of trains and found a small train engine in the shape of the object in his dream. Soon after he happened by chance, while browsing through Fowler's book, to notice the illustration below on Sept. 13. 2004, writing that date on that section's page 114. In Egeln's dream the object had a squarish wrap-around window in the top box section, forward and on the sides. Here in Fowler's book the object has two small round markings. Was his dream a flashback memory to what he saw and read about in Fowler;s book in 1980 or a separate "UFO" dream sighting?

[images and page 115 copyright-by-Raymond-Fowler and Bantam Books]



Under the UFO sketches are two photo-scanned pages from the "S.P.A.C.E. NEWSLETTER" print edition of September 1993, of the introduction to our multi-issue series "DREAM SPACE/TIME{ by experiencer writer CHRIS MORCIGLIO.

"The ETs give us more than physical sightings, missing time, scars, etc. -- they also leave scattered and fragmented memories of their visits and interactions, via our dream state," Morciglio writes to introduce the aspect of close encounters in Morciglio's  series of detailed and illustrated articles in our newsletter. The second scanned page titled "CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE DREAM KIND: How Dreams May Reveal a real ET abduction/interaction" describe major dream categories.

S.P.A.C.E. participants have discussed and analyzed their dreams involving close encounters since the group's founding in March 1992, accumulating over 22 years of information and knowledge on such dreams, enough to fill a book on this aspect. Many of these dreams have been illustrated by drawings, sketches and artwork by them. We reported many of these dreams in our main S.P.A.C.E. websites, e-newsletters and in a S.P.A.C.E. focus website titled "DREAMSPACE: CLOSE ENCOUNTER DREAMS."

Several times two or more experiencers have virtually the same dream on the same night, and in December 1992 six experiencers had dreams with the identical or similar images in them, plus two people had physical experiences related to the dream images, one on the East River shore and another in his West Side Manhattan apartment. This was extraordinary, and was discovered at a S.P.A.C.E. Group support and study group meeting a month later, and reported in our newsletter and later on our website.

We have discovered that dreams are not only isolated individual experiences, but are suggested communications conveyed to several people by the close encounter sources, We cannot underestimate their significance to UFO contact knowledge. Some dreams by individuals are connected to other people's UFO abduction or visitation experiences within a day or two of the event.

"DREAM SPACE/TIME" copyright 1993, Chris Morciglio, Registered with Writers Guild East (WGA[e])

                                 "EXPLORERS" 1985 SCI-FI MOVIE USES ET-GENERATED DREAMS

Lucid and vivid close encounter dreams, experienced both as solitary events and shared events, with two or more individuals, are like virtual reality episodes apparently engendered and scripted by the UFO contact source, portraying an event happening in real time while in the altered state of dream consciousness, with waking consciousness entering the state.

Some S.P.A.C.E. participants have had these dreams, relating them at support gatherings or elsewhere. One such event happened to six experiencers on the same night (December 14, 1992)  involving flowers, with a seventh having, not a dream, but a sudden and unexplained powerful physical flower scent in his apartment. An eight person had also had an powerful and peaceful emotional experience that was in sync with the other seven people.

The 1985 science fiction "Explorers" movie, by coincident, portrays three dreams in this fun family flick that involves three boys who build a small anti-gravity spacecraft based on specific information from the dreams to encounter distant ETs, who gave them the dreams, on their spaceship. Two of these dream sequences, one with Ethan Hawk and the second shared at the same time by Hawk and River Phoenix, are shown here. A third dream at the end of the movie involves all the movie's main  characters, and that dream takes place during the day.

Above is my account with my drawings of a powerful flying saucer dream I had on Jan. 17, 2011. I realized that the area depicted was a view I had from my bedroom at the Camptown Gardens low-income housing projects in Irvington, NJ where I lived from age nine through 14, suggesting that this dream may have served as the released of a hidden memory of a possible UFO occupant covert close encounter. I had two night-time UFO sightings from my bedroom window at age 13, when I was a boy home astronomer with a telescope. 

"THE SECRET HISTORY OF DREAMING" (New World Library, 2009) by ROBERT MOSS, the creator of Active Dreaming - - while not a UFO topic book, contains much information relevant to our subject here of UFO contact dreams. 


                                                         by HAROLD EGELN

September 5, 2014 -- SAMUEL BECKETT has been popping into UFO contact witnesses dreams, as if from the void (he passed away in 1989) writing a new play with a close encounter theme in an evolving script that may never be conclusive but may be, and certainly beckoning. This item will touch upon a few of those dreams.

An article in 2013 by RICHARD REYNOLDS in "UFO ICONOCLAST(S)" titled "WAITING FOR GODOT... OR UFOs?" (Google it) makes a comparison between the famous play and the UFO contact enigma, applied "as a template for the UFO journey and what awaits that most, if not all, UFO devotees, are immersed." Actually, it goes much deeper, as close encounter witnesses have experienced through dreams, separately dreamed  but wholly connected. In the 1999 Sci-Fi Channel's "City of Dreams, Samuel Beckett, Your Ride Is Here" as heard on its YouTube spot above, alien spaceships enter. I learned about this play only yesterday. 

Among vivid Beckett dreams I have had is one him emerging from behind a shelve of books, near a window with a flying saucer outside as if from a Magurite painting, and of Beckett sitting at a S.P.A.C.E. Support Group meeting, and then exiting the meeting through a Waiting Room, and yet another of Beckett and Dr. John Mack, after his death, resting together next to one another against some sort of circular structure.

Another dream had Beckett sitting in a hotel lobby with somebody else in a lounge or soft chair with a large flower vase near by. Upon relating this dream to an experiencer, Irish-American like me, who is a Beckett scholar, I learned that Beckett while living in Paris often met people for discussions in a hotel lobby. These dreams, only over the last few years, coincide with the Beckett scholar's longtime interest and knowledge of Beckett. It as if there is some sort of "pulling the strings" at work by the UFO contact source, as depicted in the drawing near the top of this webpage.

What he does not know is that in the early 1970's after I attended a Beckett play with a theater group of which I was a member, at the Seton Hall University theater in New Jersey, an actor in the play read one of my distinctive counterculture poems aloud to the group, standing up in the East Orange Diner. After the Beckett play actor read the poem, the group and diner customers broke out in applause and cheers. Of my poem, which had an ecology and cosmic theme, he said that it danced and sung a new type of poetry that combined Alan Ginsberg with Beckett. I was told this, since I was not there, going home exhausted right after the play.

After hearing of this enthusiasm for one of my uniquely styled poems, never expecting it and bothered by the public response to the reading of it, I stopped writing for 10 years, abandoning my writing ambitions during that time as Beckett-like pointless, although there was nothing more that I would love doing.