Fictional UFO disclosure, in a way, in the early 1950's took two forms in the science fiction movies genre, one with the popular Robert Wise classic 1951 "THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD" movie where UFO occupant Klaatu makes the disclosure from the source of the flying saucers on a park baseball field near the White House. The other flick is the less known 1952 "RED PLANET MARS" movie where a space scientist in California attempts and makes a successful contact via radio Morse code, a feat acknowledged by the government and military, with an advanced science and spiritual civilization on Mars, combining those two disciplines that have been a source of discussion in the last few decades. These are movies that I first saw as a boy at children's Saturday matinees at either the Castle or Sanford cinemas in Irvington, N.J. UFO disclosure may be unlikely as it has been conceived due to a very real, sharplyalert and potent silence group.-- Harold Egeln


                                                                 by HAROLD EGELN

Since I was a little boy watching scenes on the TV news about reporters in late July 1952 at the largest Pentagon news conference since the end of World War II demanding the truth about the UFO sightings over Washington, DC and General Sanford attributing the UFOs to weather inversions, pockets of very hot air visible on radar, UFO government disclosure has been an issue, with a lot of government hot air at work.

In 1952 a seminal science fiction movie about extraterrestrial government and science disclosure, like an early version of the 1997 "Contact" movie, was in cinemas across the country, "RED PLANET MARS" starring Peter Graves concerned the confirmed discovery of intelligent life on Mars after a Morse Code communication from a scientist was answered (it was not a flying saucer movie). The advanced Martian civilization had an ideal abundant economy, without money, poverty and war, for its citizens and for centuries provided free "cosmic" energy to power its civilization, a big issue with today's Disclosure Project and other forces pushing for full disclosure.

In this revelation of the free "cosmic" energy, Western industrial society, based on coal and fossil fuel energy, collapses, throwing it into a crisis greater than the Great Depression of the 1930's. After that, the Communist Soviet Union collapses after its citizens learn of the next Martian revelation, that of a spiritual leadership on Mars that transcends our world's religions. The USSR collapses due to a popular uprising, replaced by a secular and religious government. I may have likely saw the movie as a little boy in 1952, and it was frequently on TV in the later 1950's when I did watch it.

In 1958, NICAP (the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena) was pushing for UFO disclosure, led by its director, retired Air Force MAJOR DONALD E. KEYHOE, author in 1950 of one of the first flying saucers books. There was much news on TV and in newspapers that he would reveal what the government knew about UFOs in a CBS TV network interview with MIKE WALLACE. When he came to that part, as I watched the live interview, the sound feed was cut off. It was later restored. As a preteen, I had become a NICAP member around that time, receiving its newsletter and filing my own four UFO sighting reports on NICAP forms.

There were two Congressional hearings on UFOs, first in 1959 and again in 1968 with a panel of six scientists, one a debunker, Harvard University astronomer DONALD K. MENZEL, and the others supportive of UFO scientific research, including JAMES MCDONALD and J. ALLEN HYNEK. The New York Times had a major article on the hearing, which I have in my collection.

Over the years, attempts have been made by sincere, well-meaning citizens deeply involved in the facts and proof of UFO spacecraft and their occupants, but powerful suppression forces have intervened in each instance and squashed these disclosure attempts, as known by some ufologists, with their stories untold to protect their endangered sources. In the 1950's, those forces were called "the Silence Group" by both Donald Keyhoe of NICAP and, on the other side of close encounter spectrum, UFO contactee GEORGE ADAMSKI.

Full government official disclosure, however well-meant and diligently pursued by its advocates in the "need-to-know" front lines for truth and transparency, is extremely unlikely. In a very real sense, the accumulative total of the experience and testimony of countless number of close encounter witnesses around the world amounts to disclosure to a certain extent. The truth is not entirely Out There but largely Down Here among us.

Here we have some carefully selected YouTube public videos, including snippets, movie trailers and a couple of full movies, on the subject of UFO disclosure. Enjoy and learn!

The Disclosure Network-New York ( monthly meetings every month of the years in Manhattan, since 2002. Below is a video of Paula Gloria's presentation on ETs and Nonviolent Communication.

Take me to your leader, say cartoon aliens. Below are some videos on U.S. Presidents , plus a petition for full UFO disclosure to President Gerald Ford, as pictured in the August 1975 issue of "OFFICIAL UFO" magazine, published in NYC. 

BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING US! The USA National Security State and its Military-Industrial-Techno Complex, with its perpetual war system and disregard for the U.S. constitution, has grown to alarming proportions that threatens democracy, freedom and human rights, many keen and reputable critics, observers and whistle-blowers have noted. The UFO government cover-up campaign is naturally part of this. If you have never seen the classic science fiction "1984" and "Animal Farm" 1950's movies based on George Orwell's prophetic warning books, we have the first in full and trailers here for you to view -- "THX 1138," "Fahrenheit 451," "Dark City" and "The Matrix." 


In this section, S.P.A.C.E looks at the importance of a vigorous peaceful space program and what is known and suggested about secret space programs.

The space programs of governments and now private enterprise companies captured the world's excitement and imagination. Human and robotic spacecraft are an essential element to advance not only human knowledge but have the potential for transforming humanity into a space-faring civilization, with peaceful and creative intentions but also with sinister military implications that could pose problems for peaceful advanced space travel cultures. A new movie opening nationwide (November 7) is "INTERSTELLAR" is about such a future, with an emergency interstellar spaceflight to find a new home for humanity as home world Earth faces certain destruction of its biosphere and life due to neglect of addressing the climate change issues, whose danger signs are being, for the most part, ignored, sidetracked and even possibly purposely in some quarters. It is clear that we must make space travel and settlements on other worlds a priority, and encourage hopeful progress in correcting climate change and inspiring the new generation to look upward and outward as well.

Below is a picture gallery of selected highlighted headline news stories featuring some of the top space exploration efforts from the EARLY SPACE AGE, 1955-1971. To enlarge the items, click the first one and a top right tab "NEXT" will guide you through the rest.


Secret and black budget space programs are the subject of the videos below, a frequent topic in Ufologycircles and at conferences. A few years ago "AVIATION WEEK" magazine ran front page feature stories on an apparent secret spacecraft, back by strong evidence and witness observations of such as spacecraft that may have been operational in the 1990's and early into this century. When WHITLEY STRIEBER mentioned the mystery AURORA craft in 1992 to S.P.A.C.E. participants in a private meeting, he received a call from authorities about not mentioning the Aurora, subject of national news reports at that time.  S.P.A.C.E. knows for a fact that, at least as of 1993, that a top secret U.S. military intelligencespacecraft was making orbital trips then, and that the astronauts felt "special" because they were making space trips without public knowledge.


Below is a video documentary about a planned mini-atomic bomb powered space ship for solar system travel by astronauts from the 1960's and after, but radiation pollution fears grounded the program, under preliminary tests in the early 1960's. A LIFE Magazine article in the early 1960's illustrated the Project Orion spaceship using the code word "shmoo" after a popular "Little Abner" comic strip character in the shape of a bowling pin, with a mustache and feet and hands. The Project Orion program, under U.S. funding, was headed by Princeton University physics professor FREEMAN DYSON and atomic bomb scientist THEODORE TAYLOR. Harold Egeln has the original LIFE article in his collection, dated around 1961.

Videos on near-future deep outer space projects now in the works can be videoed below.

Cosmonaut YURI GAGARIN, a 27 year old pilot shown above, soared from Russia into orbit as the "first human in space" on April 12, 1961. The videos below strongly suggest that he was not the first human to make such an historic trip, but was immediately preceded by the well-known Russian aviator Illusian, and possibly two other cosmonauts in February 1961, two of them who died in orbit and the one - Illusian - a few days before the Gagarin one orbit space trip, surviving his Vostok's crash, with injuries from which he recovered, resulting in a government cover-up of the spaceflight so as not to embarrass the Soviet Union.