At the top of this page is the official poster for the second annual UFO Culture of Contact multimedia event with the theme "Myth Is Reality" in October 2008, with ta;ks and films at the Landmark Loews Theater in Jersey City and a UFO art show at the Monroe Art Center in Hoboken from October 10 to November 11, the poster and artwork on it was done by artist Melissa Reed, curator of the events art exhibit in Hoboken. In the photo section below is a whimsical drawing in a full page advertisement for that second "Culture of Contact" that appeared on page three of the June 2008 issue "UFO Magazine."

The first event in June 2007, one of the largest in terms of presenters in NYC's UFO conference history, was held in Manhattan's East Village at three venues [video still photo-scan of opening press conference is shown above at the Pioneer Theater], and marked a 21st Century UFO "Alien Abductees United" coalition on the 60th anniversary of the advent of the Modern UFO Era with Kenneth Arnold's widely reported UFO sighting over Mount Rainier on June 24, 1947. The theme was "68 Years of UFOs."

These events were sponsored by "UFO Magazine," the Two Boots Pioneer Theater *the movie festival site and UFO abductee JEREMY VAENI, author of two close encounter books ("Why They Don't Land" and "Urgency"), one movie about his own experiences "No One Is Watching: An Alien Abductee's Story"), a "UFO Magazine" columnist and a pod-radio-caster. Assisting him in these events in 2007 and 2008 were UFO researcher and author FARAH YURDOZU who first suggested a NYC conference, artist MELISSA REED and UFO experience artist DAVID HUGGINS, and, with a low profile role, S.P.A.C.E. founder HAROLD EGELN who suggested the event's name and recommended some movies and speakers.

A photo-scan of a leaflet for the June 2007 first UFO Culture of Contact multi-media is displayed above. At the bottom of this webpage there is a YOUTUBE VIDEO of the 2007 UFO "CULTURE OF CONTACT' PRESS CONFERENCE", in several parts, held at the TWO BOOTS PIONEER THEATER, where the UFO sci-fi movies were shown. EGELN opens the press conference which features the organizers and others in the above photo-clip from the video.

Both Culture of Contact multimedia events involved screening of classic UFO-themed movies, at the Pioneer Theater in June 2007 in Manhattan's East Village and The Landmark Loews Theater in Jersey City at Journal Square in October 2008. Both events had UFO art shows with several artists, the 2007 one in the public school auditorium where the three-day conference with three dozen speakers, that included a UFO art exhibition, was held, and at an artists space for an entire month in Hoboken, accessible by trolley the PATH-NJ Transit railroad station. The 2007 event also had a music concert at a venue arranged by Michael Luckman, author of the popular, news-catching "Alien Rock: The Rock 'N' Roll Extraterrestrial Connection" book, and founder of the Cosmic Majority website and the NY Center for Extraterrestrial Research, with a track record for holding well-attended UFO conferences, including one at the now-gone Village Gate, since the 1980's.

On this webpage we will look at the UFO Counterculture of Contact as it was molded in NYC, with its antecedents extending back to the 1830's when The New York Sun newspaper ran a series of sensational articles about the confirmed discovery of civilized life on the Moon that was a well-crafted hoax and on October 30, 1938 with Orson Wells' Mercury Theater of the Air on national CBS radio with his true-to-life play of H.G. Wells' "War of the Worlds" that caused a nationwide panic. Luckman held a 50th Anniversary "War of the Worlds" UFO conference in October 1988 at the former Hollywood Club in Times Square that got a lot of media coverage, as did the first Culture of Contact event with feature articles in The Observer newspaper and a magazine.

New York City was home in the early 1950's of the Civilian Saucer Investigation group, one of the first-ever such  groups in the U.S. One of the people who hosted the S.P.A.C.E. support and study group meetings was a member of the CSI's Saucer Watch. In 1949 while living in Coney Island, Brooklyn, on Mermaid Avenue, famed folk singer Woody Guthrie wrote and sang the first UFO song, "My Little Flying Saucer." In 1967 over 5,000 people packed Jim Mosley's Annual UFO Conference at the old Commodore Hotel next to Grand Central Station.

                                          THE UFO "COUNTER OF CULTURE"PRESS CONFERENCE

In the video still photo-scan, above, of the opening press conference of the 2007 Culture of Contact at the Pioneer Movie Theater are FARAH YURDOZU, BILL BIRNES, MICHAEL LUCKMAN, JEREMY VANEI, HAROLD EGELN and ALAN RUSSELL WHITE, with JEFFREY MORGAN FOSS and MELISSA REED standing up. The entire press conference can be viewed on the YouTube video above.

THERE IS A YOUTUBE VIDEO OF THE ENTIRE PRESS CONFERENCE further down on this webpage, as wellas related UFO counterculture videos.

The Culture of Contact focused on the widespread UFO counterculture among the countless numbers of close encounter witnesses worldwide, the influence of that counterculture and UFO sightings and landings on the media, motion pictures, television, commercialism, art, theater and much more. One example was a "spaceship" and its flying saucer shape visited by tens of thousands of people right here in NYC.

The event, co-sponsored by "UFO MAGAZINE," generated publicity with chief organizer JEREMY VAENI interviewed in "Time Out Magazine" and a major Manhattan weekly newspaper.

While this page also focuses on the UFO POP CULTURE CARGO CULT aspect of the UFO contact counterculture, the main concept of "UFO CULTURE OF CONTACT" was the bring out the huge counterculture of close encounter witnesses, who cumulative experiences through actual encounters with UFO occupants and sightings has created a vibrant underground society that has infiltrated human civilization to great effect, but not officially acknowledged, that is having a stealth impact on humankind with the outcome still unknown. That counterculture is actually what this entire S.P.A.C.E. UFO EXPLORER website is all about: A Community of UFO Contact in its many forms and expressions. 



The third photo-scan below is of Braniff International Airway's "Space Ship" in "Satellite City at Freedomland Theme and Amusement Park, in the shape of the continental United States, in the east Bronx from 1960 to 1963, shown here in a Freedomland supplement in The New York Times Sunday issue in the Spring of 1960 when the park opened. The park, bigger than Disneyland, was torn down for the construction of the Co-Op City apartment complex. Harold Egeln was taken there as a boy by his family from New Jersey. The flying saucer shape of Braniff's Space Ship, which visitors entered for a space travel experience, is an indicator of the UFO Counterculture effect on American society.

Below are also two pages from the "FREEDOMLAND OFFICAL GUIDE [copyright, 1962-Federal Concessions, Inc.], part of Egeln's space collection. The theme park had over 200 exhibits and 40 rides, and the theme sections were: Satellite City, Little Old New York, Old Chicago, The Great Plains, San Francisco, The Old Southwest, New Orleans: Mardi Gras, and the Moon Bowl performance space.

There is a photo album below of UFO counterculture images and artifacts, bodies of evidence of how the UFO/space alien experience has seeped into pop and general culture and commercialism. Some are of the opinion that is by design and intent of the UFO source to get the public used to its presence on Earth, while some others are of the opinion that all the UFO and close encounter reports have merely been seized upon in the pop culture for entertainment and commercial reasons.

Human Film Visions of the Futures of Human Culture, without any hint of otherworldly influences.

UFO themes cropped up a'plenty in consumer pop culture, as illustrated here.

                                                                                UFO POP CULTURE

The effects of the the UFO counterculture entered the U.S.'s pop and consumer culture within the past few decades, as seen with the photo album above (which your computer can magnify).

UFO occupant contact witnesses, and ufologists in general, have noted the effect and infiltration of what we have experienced into the general social fabric our this world's societies. Given the subject's popularity (e,g,, X-Files, ET and Close Encounters by Spielberg, the Taken and Dark Skies TV and movie venues, etc.) it was bound to happen.

We have often commented on this aspect of close encounters at S.P.A.C.E. meetings and elsewhere, noting that the fabric of contact has, in effect, skipped the scientists SETI radio-telescope scans, and appeared, as if a trickster factor was at play by design or happenstance, on consumer items and in pop culture, an intrusion to prepare the public, some say, and help people adjust to a reality between these cartoon-like images above. Even the second UFO Culture of Contact conference in 2008 seized upon, as seen in the first whimsical illustration on  this page, although multimedia events had a much more serious tone. 

One of the photos above is the sign to the entrance of the "ALIENS: Worlds of Possibility" public exhibition at the NYC Hall of Science, in Flushing Meadow Park in Queens, in the Summer of 2001, in which the SETI Institute had a role. Sculpture artists created space alien creatures based on scientific speculations, and a "dead Roswell alien" sculpture was included, in a photo above taken by Harold Egeln. A group from S.P.A.C.E. visited the exhibition and Harold Egeln took the above photo. Just over a year before, in May 2000, the Budd Hopkins Intruders Foundation held its 2nd Annual UFO/Abduction Conference at the Hall of Science on the site of the 1939-40 and 1964-65 New York World Fairs.

It was the hope of S.P.A.C.E. that from the Budd Hopkins' Intruders Foundation UFO/Alien Abduction Conferences of 1999 and 2000, and the UFO Culture of Contact multimedia events of 2007 and 2008 that a deeper and more extensive examination of the close encounter experience could be placed into a major city conference, with the aspects and themes of that experience fully discussed and examined at a larger conference venue. New York City, with all its UFO groups, researchers, witnesses and resources, could unite in such an ambitious effort.

Such an effort, although not on the UFO subject at all, was successfully accomplished for pro-space science and exploration organizations and institutions in metro-NYC 10 years ago with the "Allies In Space" events, first at the Kaufman Theater in the American Museum of Natural History and a year later at the CUNY Graduate Center/ "Allies In Space" was initiated and coordinated by the leadership of the New York Space Society, the NYC chapter of the National Space Society, in concert with planetariums and other space groups. Harold Egeln, then the chapter's vice president and later its president, was involved in that effort, and wrote reviews of them in his "ASTRO-GAIA NEWS of NYC" web-zine.


Below is an article by reporter Donne Lee Goldberg clipped from the "EAST ORANGE RECORD" weekly newspaper by Harold Egeln when living in the City of East Orange, New Jersey in the 1970's. From 1968 into 1970, while in college, his press releases for local peace action groups appeared as articles, without a byline, in this newspaper and other weeklies in Essex County, N.J.

Below that is a photo I took in 2000 of the co-owner of the FLYING SAUCER COFFEE AND TEA BAR in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn on Atlantic Avenue one block west of Third Avenue, with the cafe's interior then decor filled with flying saucer illustrations from the 1950's and various UFO and alien figures on display. The flying saucer themed cafe was inspired by her Irish-born husband's impressive UFO sighting. In the Summer of 2000 the cafe held a free weekly UFO science fiction film festival. That Autumn S.P.A.C.E. held an Close Encounters Experiencers Public Forum. The cafe had a backyard outdoor cafe called Area 51 populated with LGM. The cafe is still there but under new ownership.

The last photo=scan is of a feature article in the NY POST newspaper about the ANNUAL PINE BUSH UFO FESTIVAL held this past April 2014. It is the East Coast's version of the Roswell UFO Festival.

Immediately are selections of UFO-ET themed music, from a 1990 symphony to top pop song hits, the first penned by Woody Guthrie in 1949 while living on Mermaid Avenue in Coney Island, Brooklyn. Coney Island's Luna Park-Dreamland amusement park in the 20th Century's first decade had two theme show rides that featured close encounters with Moon folks and Martians, "A Trip to the Moon" and "A Trip to Mars."  

Serving up UFO pop culture, not on a plate but a saucer, as in flying saucer, have been many dining establishments, such as the FLYING SAUCER CAFE in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn on bustling Atlantic Avenue and the Flying Saucer Diner in places like Pine Bush and elsewhere, a UFO cargo culinary cult. 

The first flying saucer movie "The Flying Saucer" was made in 1949 and released in 1950, with no extraterrestrials but with a Cold War and American private enterprise theme. Later in the 1950's, cartoon character Gerald Mcboing boing is a boy who is abducted by friendly space aliens. Around that time, "The Howdy Doody Show" had its elephant puppet kidnapped and returned by aliens, and a talking "Flying Saucer" puppet was a new character on this famous children's TVshow.

The old song "I Love A Parade" has a distinct UFO space alien theme now, with parades and celebrations devoted to UFO pop culture, a manifestation of a modern UFO contact cargo cult created by Humans.

Television shows and music composers are among the many vehicles for expression UFO and alien pop culture, abounding with images and themes of extraterrestrial visitors living on Earth (Mork & Mindy, Alf, My Favorite Martian, Widget The World Watcher) including hybrids (Out of the World), among others as illustrated in these videos, entertainment media cargo cult cartons.

Michael Luckman's "ALIEN ROCK" book is a treasure chest of rock and roll's UFOextraterrestrial connection. Below are two videos related to the subject in the UFO Counterculture of Contact, followed by videos of other aspects of UFO Pop Culture, Contact Counterculture and the UFO cargo cult.  

In a 1960 NEW YORK TIMES MAGAZINE feature article, the front page cover depicted an illustration or model of how an evolved intelligent civilized dinosaur species may have appeared aftermany millions of years if the giant asteroid had not struck the Earth 65 million years ago, ending the dinosaur age. Above is a video on this scientific speculation of what could have been. Do they look familiar, given many UFO occupant reports?