UFOs have been part of human life for centuries, first apparently depicted in cave wall drawings and in paintings during the Middle Ages of Europe, but unrecognized and not called UFO's then. Since the Modern UFO Era began in 1947, there has been a massive cultural portfolio of UFO and close encounter occupant art mostly by witnesses that provides another major aspect of close encounters. This website section highlights this UFO-inspired artwork in its many forms, and refers by text and public YouTube videos about that art and its artists, many shown here from metro-NYC.  

At the top of this page is the front cover of RAYMOND FOWLER's 1982 book "THE ANDREASSON AFFAIR - PHASE TWO: The Continuing Investigation of a Woman's Abduction by Alien Beings" (Prentice Hall) with the Drawings of BETTY ANDREASSON LUCA shows her being led into a UFO by the nonhuman entities. She has an extensive portfolio of drawings that she recalled from her experiences, as remembered by both hypnosis, memory and remembered incidents, and reproduced in Fowler's five books about her abductions.

The second artwork depicting a flying saucer is by NYC urban artist DAVID TWIDLE, whose paintings and sketches were among those displayed at the UFO "CULTURE OF CONTACT" in June 2007 as part of a UFO ART and ARTIST EXHIBITION at the public school auditorium where the multimedia event was held, supported by S.P.A.C.E.

Next is a painting by well-known UFO abductee DAVID HUGGINS depicting his abduction by UFO occupants as a young boy while growing up in Georgia. Selections of his artwork was published in 2009 in the book "Love In An Alien Purgatory: The Life and Fantastic Art of David Huggins" by Turkish-American UFO researcher FARAH YURDOZU. Both Andreasson and Huggins had some of their UFO Abduction artwork at the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore's Inner Harbor area as part of the "We Are Not Alone - Angels and Other Aliens" exhibit with a total of 90 artists from October 2, 1999 to September 3, 2000. Huggins' art has been displayed numerous times in Manhattan, Hoboken and elsewhere.  The New York Times newspaper had a feature article in its Home section in 1997 about a UFO art show and event organized by NYC resident MICHAEL LUCKMAN, author of "ALIEN ROCK: The Rock 'N Roll Extraterrestrial Connection" and founder of CosmicMajority.com and the New York Center for Extraterrestrial Research. There is another photo above of some Huggins' paintings in an art show in a Jersey City location a few years ago, mentioned just after the first video of Huggins shown before that.

The next top illustration of graffiti artists "UFO"is from the 2006 book "U.F.O." by THE COMBUSTIVE MOTOR CORPORATION" (published by powerHouse Books, Inc.), a NYC-based photographers' collective consisting of CHRIS NOBLE, CABEL SCOTT, JACK WARREN and ALEX WRIGHT. The street art image was all over the city a few years ago, one of the many urban street artists whose graffiti was photographed in the large photo book. "UFOs are particularly unsettling because their very presence reminds us of our lack control over our environment," the authors state. The book also includes "A Field Guide to U.F.O. Classification" concerning the types of UFO artworks in the book. [photo copyright (c) powerHouse Books, Inc., Brooklyn, NY] 

Egeln has a large file collection of drawings and sketches made by other close encounter experiencers, including his own, many of the" by the NYC-based m of a private nature by request of the experiencers, and some others that the S.P.A.C.E. Newsletters and websites have published for the general public, as well as those that appeared in UFO art exhibitions.

The video above is a brief introduction to UFO Visionary art.


The most important element of UFO close encounter art is that the drawings, sketches, paintings, sculptures and other art forms that are created by direct contact witnesses with a close encounter experience is a hugely major factor in gaining knowledge and insight into the experience of the UFO contact enigma and its hidden sources, and its impact and effects on the witnesses who make the artwork, whether just an illustrative sketch for themselves or an investigator, or as professional artists.

"One thing that really strikes me is the creative aspects spurred by UFO experiences, and we need more study on this area," artist and experiencer DAVID HUGGINS told HAROLD EGELN. Touching upon this area was a 1994 book titled "Gifts of the Gods: Are UFO's Alien Visitors or Psychic Phenomena?" by JOHN SPENCER, then vice-chairman of BUFORA, the British UFO Research Association and an official of ICUR (International Committee for UFO Research.

"Janice Georgiou underwent an extraordinary blossoming of creativity, apparently as a direct result of UFO experiences," writes Spencer. The art provides a portal inside the UFO contact experience that the researchers and public can see with their own eyes.

The response by witnesses to KIM CARLSBERG's first book, "THE ART OF CLOSE ENCOUNTERS" in 1995, was tremendous and essential to what we are discussing here, as we will see in her two-part video below, and that response led to her most recent book, a coffee-table book sized ufological treasure. The UFO contact artists are the body of the hidden soul of the close encounter experience. Here we give and get an educational and enlightening, and at times even entertaining, deep visionary glimpse, based on human interaction with nonhuman visitors, unwanted or accepted, into our extraordinary experiences.

The world, long blind to the greater reality of the living cosmos and its conscious reality, is gaining its vision of a grand cosmic ecology vastly alive.


                                FLYING SAUCER "WAVE UFO" ON PUBLIC DISPLAY IN NYC, 2003:

Photo below shows HAROLD EGELN in 2003 in front of the "WAVE UFO" interactive flying saucer NYC public art project by installation artist MARIKO MORI, a Japanese-born NYC resident. Her "WAVE UFO" was a feature exhibit in 2003 at the IBM Atrium on East 56th Street at Madison Avenue behind the Trump Plaza Tower, Visitors entered, free of charge, the flying saucer by climbing the stairs into the interior where they settled into lounge seats as if ready for spaceflight and then don headgear that recorded their brain's beta waves,projected onto the "WAVE UFO" ceiling in colorful swirling patterns. Mori's artwork was displayed in Europe and elsewhere around the world. The YouTube videos below are about the :"UFO WAVE" experience. -- Photo by Bob Fisher.


                                                 THE UFO CLOSE ENCOUNTERS VIDEO SHOW

There are also public YouTube VIDEOS below of UFO experiencers who are metro-NYC artists, including DAVID HUGGINS, PAUL GRECO and MARC BRINKERHOFF, as well as a video for THE COMBUSTIVE MOTOR CORPORATION's 'U.F.O.' photo book of graffiti UFO-themed art in NYC. All have participated in some way withS.P.A.C.E.

There are also videos from UFO artists outside NYC, such as KIM CARLSBERG of California. There is also a fascinating video interview by "NEW REALITIES TV" host ALAN STEINFELD with "spiritual and cosmic artist" ALEX GREY (both are New Yorkers) about how his artwork represents an expansion of consciousness, which seems to be the essence of the UFO close encounter witness experiences. The Allagash UFO abduction of four men on a lake in Maine in 1976. comes to life through the superb artwork of one of the men, biewed in a two-part video below.

                                           VINTAGE ALIEN CONTACT SCIENCE FICTION PHOTO ALBUM

-- The first illustration is from the "2009 ALIEN ABDUCTION VINTAGE SCI-FI COVER ART CALENDAR"(Sellers Publishing) from a 1950's "Startling Stories" magazine front cover. Next is a 1935 "ASTOUNDING STORIES" sci-fi magazine cover story, "The Invaders" by Dona Stuart portraying an alien abduction and abductee examination aboard a spacecraft, 26 years before the Betty and Barney Hill abduction in 1961 and 22 years beforethe Brazilian farmer abduction. Next is a "UFO FLYING SAUCERS" magazine cover from the 1950's showing a UFO occupant abduction. Next is the cover of "WE MET THE SPACE PEOPLE" from over 50 years ago published by Saucerian Publications, headed by Gray Barker.The last illustration is from an artwork series by an artist in the 1990;s showing an angelic space alien. -- To enlarge the illustrations, click the first image, and a "NEXT prompt will show the following images.

BACK IN 1980 HAROLD EGELN makes contact with a landed UFO sculpture, part of an outdoor art sculpture exhibition held in Inwood Park, NYC. 

BETTY ANREASSON LUCA SKETCHED ARTWORK DRAWINGS are one of the most extensive of any close encounter witness. Above are sketches that appeared first in the RAYMOND FOWLER books about here experiences. The top one is from a book about UFO propulsion and the next is from "THE FACE OF THE VISITORS" by KEVIN RANDLE. 

EARLIEST UFO ART -- 1948 and 1950: The above book cover artworks are among the very first color artworks of the Modern UFO Era that began in the mid-1940's. The first is an illustration of pilot KENNTH ARNOLD's news-breaking UFO sighting of June 1947, appearing as the front cover for the first issue of "FATE" magazine in Spring 1948, also used for Arnold's book "THE COMING OF THE SAUCERS.: The second is the front cover illustration for A.F. MAJ. DONALD E. KEYHOE's first UFO book, "THE FLYING SAUCERS ARE REAL" published in 1950. The artwork is by aviation and aerospace journalist FRANK TINSLEY, who authored and published a book about space exploration and travel in 1958. His illustration appeared in that book and he said that its is based on flying saucer reports at that time.

Quantum leaping ahead to the 21st Century, is the soft plush flying saucer with an alien face in its dome, called "POD" by Brooklyn, NY artist ED HECK, which Harold Egeln bought from him at the NYC ART EXPO at the Javits Center a few years ago. "THE WORLD OF ED HECK" and "POD" is licensed exclusively for Gab Dog, Inc. www.fabdog.com.

THE HOUR OF THE WOLF & MY STEALTH UFO OCCUPANT VISITATION by HAROLD EGELN. -- The sketch above is from my calendar sketch for Tues., December 5, 1972. My calendars for 1972 and 1973 all had my sketches for every date box of the day's highlight event. In my webpage on my experiences, there is a full account of this incident, that began at 3 a.m. in the morning,known as "the hour of the wolf,," when I was awaken by a dog or wolf scratching hard and howling furiously at my house's front door as a blue light filled my room and the forest outside the house. This incident led to my close encounter explorations of the late 1980's. Below, at a S.P.A.C.E. gathering in 1994, I get an UFO occupant sculpture as a surprise birthday present from two friends. The last illustration, by J. Carra, depicts a scene at an old stone chamber, believed to have been built by Celts who settled in North America before the Vikings, with UFO occupants outside it in rural Putnam County, NY, site of the Hudson Valley UFO sightings. For more information on this topic, please visit our "Brewster, NY UFO Contact" close encounter of the fifth kind webpage.

UFO GREETING CARDS & NEWSPAPER COMICS PHOTO ALBUM --- A Pop Culture version at UFO contact art has arisen and been produced in great numbers in the greeting card industry, as shown in the few examples above. The same can be stated for the newspaper comic venue, also running over the (flying) saucers and into humor, a close encounter art form shown in a few selections above.

Below is a painting by DAVID HUGGINS, as a young adult living in Georgia, being led to a landed UFO.

Photo, taken in the 1990's, at the bottom of this page is of somebody dressed as a UFO occupant at a costume party in New York City, another expression of close encounter art!