by HAROLD EGELN

While photographing a friend standing by the Sundial at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden in April 2000, a rabbit hopped by the timepiece and under the hedge as I quickly took the above photo, as if this was a real-life "White Rabbit" from "Alice's Adventure's in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll, with the timepiece and rabbit connection. This incident was, unknowingly at the time, the beginning of going down "the Rabbit Hole" of the UFO Contact Experience for me, and several other close encounter experiencers, sharing an improbable but very real series of synchronicity (meaningful coincidence) a-causal events, like the ones first mentioned in a book published 35 years ago by a Mid-West U.S. astronomer who scientifically tracked UFOs in the 1970's,

These high-strangeness sync-events and a-causal connections, suggesting a complex quantum living holographic cosmology reality which the UFO sources seem to fully understand and manipulate (we are call it a "cosmic ecology"), were reported as they happened in an online journal by me and others that was eventually titled the "PROJECT WONDERLAND CHRONICLES: ADVENTURES IN SYNCHRONICITY & UFO CONTACT" that became not only my first UFO experience book but, in effect, over the course of years (2000-2007) a five-volume, 50 chapter free in-depth e-book published by S.P.A.C.E. under evolving titles.

The beginning of a chapter in volume three, this one led off by Anders Von Bergen, a university student in Finland at the time (the name is a pseudonym), is shown below, He basically was the prime author of the "LOST IN THE WONDERLAND" volume three of the e-book. Displayed is the first page of "LOST IN THE WONDERLAND" Chapter One: 'CREATURES BEYOND THE MILKY WAY."

The second photo above was taken by "GARY" from England while on a visit to Disneyland while on holiday with his wife in March 2005. The photo is of the WHITE RABBIT with his famous pocket-watch statue from Disney's 1951 "Alice In Wonderland" movie."GARY" was the other prime co-author of the e-book, a Britisher whose insights were a key to the breakthrough that began our investigations in 2000 into the compelling suggestion of a vast underlying grand, subtle, non-local quantum-holographic reality from which the UFO reality exits and emerges into our known reality (limited by our senses and technical instruments), at which UFO occupants and human beings apparently interface.

"Gary" first appeared on the UFO in British researcher JENNY RANDLES' 1995 book "STAR CHILDREN: The True Story of Alien Offspring Among Us" (Sterling Publishing Co., Inc., NYC), touching upon another important close encounter aspect which S.P.A.C.E. has explored.


This Synchronicity UFO encounters Contact aspect of close encounters will be the topic of this webpage as this new S.P.A.C.E. website is created. The last scan above is a promo for UFO investigator and the "Addreasson Affair" series of UFO abduction books' author  RAYMOND FOWLER's "SYNCHRON-FILE" book published a few years ago, recounting his "amazing personal encounters with synchronicity and other strange phenomena" as seen in his book's chapters listed above.

While some UFO researchers, with the notable exceptions of FOWLER, DR. JOHN MACK and a few others, dismissed S.P.A.C.E.'s "sync-UFO" experiences as an off-the-wall, pie-in-the-sky wacky aspect of close encounters, and even calling me crazy and idiotic , metro-NYC resident DR. GIBBS WILLIAMS, a psycho-analyst who worked with BUDD HOPKINS on the LINDA CORTILE "Brooklyn Bridge UFO abduction," authored his book "DE-CODING MEANINGFUL COINCIDENCES" published a few years ago, taking a naturalist interpretation of synchronicity.

And just recently, an in-depth article on "SYNCHRONICITY AND THE UFO ABDUCTEE" was published on the "HIDDEN EXPERIENCE" website of the newly formed Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters (FREE), an organization similar to S.P.A.C.E,  and its founder MIKE CLELLAND, a NYC resident from 1981 to 1991. [http://hiddenexperience.blogspot.com/2014/05/the-foundation-for-research-into.html]. 

DR. CARL JUNG in 1960, a year after he wrote his "Flying Saucers: A Myth of Things Seen In the Skies" book, published his ground-breaking "SYNCHRONICITY: An Acausal Connecting Principle." Since then, many books have been written on meaningful coincidences. A few include: "SYNCHRONICITY: The Bridge Between Matter and Mind" by E,DAVID PEET (Bantam Books, 1987) connecting physics and psychology, "INCREDIBLE COINCIDENCE: The Baffling World of Synchronicity" by ALAN VAUGHAN (Signet Books, 1979), and "SYNCHRONICITY: Through the Eyes of Science, Myth, and the Trickster" by ALLAN COMBS and MARK HOLLAND (Marlowe & Company, 1996). Currently, an outbreak of publishing new synchronicity books has happened.

Our synchronicity experiences has propelled us into a quantum wonderland of contact and consciousness with its high-strangeness levels of communication expanding the horizons of our minds and lives deep into the cosmic ecology from which the UFO close encounter matrix seems to emerge, truly an extraordinary realm beyond current cultural and scientific norms, demonstrated by the numerous episodes as we told in our e-book.

Our e-book had very many links to books, articles and scientific sources as our episodes developed, resulting in a huge quantity of information, real-time contact experiences, linked references to science and mythology resources, non-locality concepts, and the quantum physics field. Those directly involved with the synchronicity events were being prompted by something much deeper, a realm where mind, matter and the invisible swirl in a cosmic ecology of quantum physics and holographic psyche, a realm essential for ufological investigation.

                                                                  "A NEW MELODY, A NEW GENESIS"

The image immediately below this text is from the beginning of CHAPTER 13 of our e-book's volume one, by depth psychoanalyist DR. REMO ROTH of Zurich Switzerland, who authored this chapter, titled: "A NEW MELODY, A NEW GENESIS: Comments on the UFO Experience of the S.P.A.C.E. Group in New York" drawn from an on-line interview with Harold Egeln and after a review of our e-book's then first 12 chapters.Dr. Roth's site, there is much material there

Dr. Roth, who we discovered on his Psycho-Vision website, has researched UFO DREAMS for over 30 years through his UFO abduction experiencers counseling, was a guest on WHITLEY STRIEBER's DREAMLAND radio program several years ago, and was interviewed in The Huffington Post on August 24, 2012. In 2011, his book was published, in German: "RETURN OF THE WORLD SOUL: Wolfgang Paul, C. G. Jung and the Challenge of Psychosocial Reality.

For the complete chapter by Dr. Roth, click: www.paulijungunusmundus.eu. Then click the "UFOS" section on the site's index at the top of Dr. Roth's homepage. In "UFOS" scroll down the section on your right to the "A NEW MELODY, A NEW GENESIS" link and click it. While on Dr. Roth's site there is a wealth of valuable material there to be read. He is also on Facebook.

                                                 THE COSMIC ECOLOGY OF UFO CONTACT...


Among the images in our photo album below (enlargeable on computers and mobile digital devices)  is a 1995 book titled "Alice in Quantumland -- An Allegory of Quantum Physics" Copernicus/Springer-Verlag of New York, Inc.) by Robert Gilmore, a Lecturer in Physics at Bristol University in England that relates the Lewis Carroll story to the quantum world as a guidepost to understanding complex scientific findings and theories. There are also the book covers of the synchronicity mentioned three paragraphs above, and a calendar cover of the Disney "Alice In Wonderland" animation from the 1951 movie next to the essential 1941 book "Lady of the Hare: Being a Study of the Healing Power of Dreams" by analytical psychologist  JOHN LAYARD.

Also pictured are the book covers of "Mysticism an the New Physics" (1981) and "The Holographic Universe" (1991) by the late MICHAEL TALBOT who passed away in May 1992, "The Dreaming Universe{ A Mind Expanding Journey into the Realm where Psyche and Physics Meet" (1994) by FRED ALAN WOLF, a consulting physicist, writer and lecturer.


Above, Harold Egeln stares at an Easter Bunny in McCory's Department Store in Newark, NJ, as two boys sit on its lap. As he left the store with his family, another Easter Bunny appeared just to him, unseen by other people . He became upset when he told his unbelieving family what he saw. Perhaps it was within the realm of a contact experience?

The book below is the cover of "THE LADY OF THE HARE: Being A Study of the Healing Power of Dreams" by JOHN LAYARD, an early 20th Century pioneering anthropologist in England who had it published in 1941-42. This classic psychology and mythology scholarly book was republished in 2002 by Columbia University Press. "This work is the first document, relating to the practice of Jungian psychology, which records in detail the analyst's own practice of analysis as well as the patient's. John Layard sought to bring to psychology the illuminating study of all the humanities. This is an extraordinary and fundamental book," the CUP noted in the book's first page and continues next from the back cover. "The analysis focuses on dreams and the hare as archetype. Jungian analysis, with its interest in symbolism and dreams, provides a ideal forum for the complex interaction between analyst and patient."

The importance of this seminal classic work is essential to understand in the context of the complex interaction of the RABBIT and HARE motif that saturated the synchronicity focus of events, insights and other phenomena experienced with S.P.A.C.E. The source deliberately and specifically did its synchronicity work time and again in a series of non-local, quantum spikes among the selected participants, they being Egeln, university student "Anders von Bergen" (a cover name) in Finland and "Gary" in England, as well as many other UFO close encounter witnesses whose experiences were interwoven during the period of 2000-2007 "Wonderland WOW! Contact" matrix that was documented as it unfolded in the "PROJECT WONDERLAND CHRONICLES" Journal of UFO source contact, a 50-chapter, five volume e-book published by S.P.A.C.E. on its original websites.

Although these accounts were derided by some folks in ufology as a "madness trap" that was irrelevant to ufology, it revealed new information and knowledge about the source of UFO contact in its many forms and expressions, using the rabbit/hare archetype as a most unusual but calculated reference point in the Close Encounters of the High Strangeness Kind aspect of UFO occupant encounters.

In essence, the lesson from these "syncs" was the compelling suggestion or hypothesis that at a transpersonal mentality was tapped into selected participants, and employed and exploited by the contact source through a type of cosmic consciousness internet information system, with the concept that everything is interconnected and nonlocal in the universe, comprehended, by a variation of degrees, by forces of extreme intelligence that is the naturalistic state of perhaps many exo-intelligent civilizations interacting with humanity.

Ironically, Carl Sagan, coming from a different place and direction, envisioned a "cosmic subway system" of contact with advanced intelligence in his book "Contact" and as shown in the 1997 movie "Contact" as SETI scientist Dr. Ellie Arroway (Jodie Foster) travels to a contact point deep inside this galaxy. In his book, he also depicts many rabbits lining both sides of a desert road as Dr. Arroway drives to a radio telescope array.   

The LADY OF THE HARE BOOK mentioned here, while certainly not a UFO book, begins with an apparent UFO sighting by the patient "MRS. WRIGHT" and as Layard's interaction with his patient, who reported many rabbit and hare images in her dreams that he saw as a developing and meaningful pattern, continues, he learns of the extensive worldwide "MYTHOLOGY OF THE HARE" that composes the second half of his book, with "THE DREAM ANALYSIS" being part one.

For more information on this essential book, visit www.keganpaul.com.



                                                                           by HAROLD EGELN

August 25, 2014 -- The genesis of the PROJECT WONDERLAND UFO CHRONICLES came from an insight made by a "GARY" in England on June 12, 2000, when he made a connection. as a meaningful coincidence, between a daylight sighting of UFOs over the vicinity of Coney Island in 1995, which I as witnessed on Third Avenue in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, about five miles northeast from Coney Island, when I noticed people a block away, outside a hair salon, pointing up into the sky in the direction of Coney Island. This was about 4 p.m. on September 18, 1995.

I first witnessed a white glowing orb moving over Bay Ridge, dismissing their sighting as a balloon. As I stepped down a side street, I then saw seven bright white light orbs towards the sky over Coney Island to the southeast. There were two sets of three white lit orbs each in the configurations of  triangles, with one brighter orb nearby. One triangular set was about the size of the other. They were not moving.

At a meeting of the NYC Space Society (a chapter of the National Space Society, a nonprofit organization advocating space exploration, travel and settlement), at New York University about seven years later (2007) the speaker, during his talk on commercial suborbital space flight for tourists) brought up the topic of UFOs. He performed a one-actor play he wrote called "ABDUCTED!" in the late 1990's before starting a career as an author of space travel books. A Space Society member related his daylight sighting of two sets of UFOs directly over Coney Island above him, with one on the side in the mid-1990's. Confirmation! 

Just minutes prior to the 1995 UFO sighting, I had been on the telephone with Dr. John Mack, in Massachusetts, saying that he was referring a UFO witness from his area to me., since he was busy and could not talk to her then Shortly after, the witness called me, and described her sighting of a triangular shaped UFO.

In email communications on June 12, 2000, "Gary" realized that there is a Triangular Lodge building in Northhamptonshire in England, built in 1595 by Sir John Trisham, which also served as a rabbit watchman's place to keep control of the rabbit population. The pieces of a synchronistic puzzle began to come together for us to put together.

This was just about seven weeks after I had seen, and photographed, a gray rabbit run by the sundial at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, and apparently it went down a rabbit hole. I was talking a picture of a friend standing by the Sun Dial (photo further below) and then I snapped the rabbit with his camera just before it went down the hole. It was the first wild rabbit he saw in Brooklyn since moving there in 1982. Coney as in Coney Island, is the Ditch word for rabbits and hares. The incident opened up a cascading spells of synchronicities far beyond the realm of pure coincidences.

On August 25, 2014, I posted these two YouTube public video, found on that date, about the Trisham Triangular Lodge in England, and above is a video from 2012 of Coney Island residents video recording the night time overflights of a nocturnal light (NL) UFO and also three NL-UFOs moving in a triangular formation,replicating, in part, Egeln's UFO sighting, with other witnesses, on September 18. 1995. This discovery and timing appears to be a timely meaningful coincidence in itself. 

The ALICE ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND has been a running theme through our sync-driven high strangeness events. Below are photo-scans of an 'ALICE IN WONDERLAND" illustrated post card "Down the Rabbit-hole" copyright (c) Peter Blake/Akehurst Bureau, 1994, and the book cover of "Walt Disney's ALICE IN WONDERLAND" Little Golden Book from 1951, when the animated movie came out, in this 2010 edition.

About a decade ago I became a dues-paying member of the Lewis Carroll Society of North America and attend its meeting when they are in NYC. Next year with 2015 being the 160th anniversary of the publication of the classic children;s book, the Society will have a two-day celebration of the anniversary here in NYC. As a full-time professional newspaper journalist, I had written reviews of Alice in Wonderland plays here in Brooklyn where I live.As noted earlier, I authored over a dozen original Wonderland short stories in the "Project Wonderland UFO Chronicles" e-book that were parables involving quantum physics, bio-location, space-time displacements, non-locality and close encounters. -- Harold Egeln.

NOTE: The greeting card artwork below is titled "MISSION REMEMBERED" by artist CHARLES B. HANNA, copyright (c) SPIRIT ART, 1989.