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Like a Phoenix, Alien Jigsaw has risen to inform, educate, enlighten and share experience, knowledge and resources with its new website launched in February at www.alienjigsaw.com under its new banner of the GLOBAL E.T. RESEARCHERS NETWORK. Please visit this absolutely essential and immensely valuable website that has a treasure of resources and wealth of experiential information and well-achieved insight. The road to Alien Jigsaw's return was navigated through rough psychic and emotional weather, but truth, like daylight and Spring, cannot be stopped. Welcome back! 

Meanwhile, FREE, the Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters, a new organization for supporting UFO close encounter witnesses with resources, information and experiential knowledge, which officially launched its website on August 30 at www.experiencer.co, is gaining notice rapidly and has attracted an interactive audience of participants. --- There is text and video information below about FREE, beginning with a presentation by REY HERNANDEZ, one of FREE's founders, at this year's Experiencers Speak annual conference in Maine, giving a comprehensive overview of FREE and how his startling close encounters awoke him to a greater reality and led to the formation of FREE. There is a further text later in this news section.


                                                         by Harold Egeln

Feb. 4, 2015, New York, N.Y. -- Michael Luckman, who combined the UFO topic with a flair of showmanship for 40 years to attract media and general public attention, died on January 30 of a stroke. He was 72.

Rocketing into international fame in 2005 with the publication of his "ALIEN ROCK - The Rock 'n' Roll UFO Connection" book [Simon & Schuster], Luckman staged several successful UFO conventions and events over the last 30 years in his hometown of New York City, organized out of his home office, bedazzled with UFO item displays and a large UFO topic library in Greenwich Village. It was only a few blocks from where Whitley Strieber once had his NYC apartment.

Recently he hosted his own radio show  "Starship One Radio" (formerly "Doomsday Live Radio"), and he was the founder in the 1980's of the New York City Center for Extraterrestrial Research and in this century founder of The Cosmic Majority (www.cosmicmajority.org). During the Vietnam War, he was a publicist for the anti-Vietnam War peace movement.

It was in NYC, where he was born in Queens in April 1942 (he attended Adelphi University), that he first attracted national attention with his teaching the first college course in the United States on rock music in 1971 at the New School for Social Research in Greenwich Village. Shortly after he launched a pioneering TV talk show "Underground Tonight Show" on Manhattan cable television whose quirky format would later help inspire "Saturday Night Live."

Luckman's first venture into ufology was in 1975 with his alternative culture newspaper "The New York Daily Planet" with featured articles on UFOs and the paranormal, including articles by a then rising ufology journalist from Chile, Antonio Huneeus (once a neighbor of mine). Both of them and a retired Hungarian military colonel from Queens were among those involved around 1978 in holding meetings at the United Nations on UFOs, pushing for global disclosure. During the filming of the first "Superman" movie, he approached actors during a break on 42nd Street waving a copy of his newspaper "The New York Daily Planet" and that scene, in front of the old Daily News building serving as "The Daily Planet" in the hit movie, was included in the documentary about the movie, shown on the ABC-TV network in February 1982. This was Luckman's first flair for showmanship in public.

In the 1980's, Luckman began holding popular UFO conventions in NYC that gained media coverage. Among them was the "War of the World's 50th Anniversary UFO Convention" at the former Hollywood Club in Times Square marking the half-century since the famous Orson Wells radio broadcast of H.G. Wells "War on the Worlds" CBS Mercury Theater of the Air that sparked a nationwide panic.

Since that success, Luckman held UFO conventions in a city public school, at the famed Village Gate in Greenwich Village in 1993 (which S.P.A.C.E. participated in), at the Hudson Bar & Grill in Soho in September 1996 that rated a front page feature story in the "Home" section in The New York Times. The New York Post would occasionally publish items from Luckman in its Page Six gossip column, and he appeared on such TV shows as "A Current Affair," "Extra," "Geraldo" and "Hard Copy."

He organized UFO art shows, including one at the American Primitive Gallery in Soho in the late 1990's. At the largest UFO conference in NYC in the new 21st Century, Luckman organized an alien rock concert at a music club as part of the highly successful UFO "Culture of Contact" multimedia event in the city's East Village at a public school and cinema, and effort led by abductee, author, columnist, podcaster and filmmaker Jeremy Vaeni with artist Melissa Reid, UFO contact artist David Huggins, Bill Birnes of "UFO Magazine" and myself for S.P.A.C.E.

At the time of his passing, Luckman was planning a "Alien Woodstock" on or near Malibu Island in southern California to focus public attention on the many UFO sightings there, many of the craft emerging and submerging in waters around the island. He was also making progress on a follow-up to "Alien Rock" with a book on Michael Jackson and other celebrities who had UFO sightings and/or mentioned the UFO topic in their work or with the media.

Luckman was a supporter of S.P.A.C.E. from its start in March 1992 and as supporter of my experiences and work since October 1989, once mentioning, with my permission, my experiences at the former Wetlands Club in Tribeca during a UFO topic presentation in 1990. Luckman never mentioned having witnessed a UFO or any UFO contact himself.

"My friend Mike Luckman just passed away. He was a pioneer in the UFO movement," wrote psychic and singer Joan Carra on her Facebook page on February 4. "He gave me encouragement to perform poems and I am even mentioned in his book 'ALIEN ROCK.' He was always out there and promoted lots of talented far out people. Thank you Mike and I hope you explore the galaxies!"

[photo above is from a California newspaper in 2014 about Luckman's plan to stage an "Alien Woodstock" concert there. The photo shows Luckman holding a photo of the "Face on Mars," a typical focus of his press conferences.]

REY HERNANDEZ, a close encounter experiencer who is a co-director and co-founder of FREE, gave a highly informative presentation at the 2014 EXPERIENCERS SPEAK Conference, an annual event held this year in Portsmouth, Maine on September 6 and 7 by Starborn Support and Northeastern UFO Conferences . Below is a two-part video on his fascinating presentation, followed by a FREE intro by MARY RODWELL, a FREE co-founder and co-director.


Dolores Cannon of Arkansas, whose first UFO close encounter topic was "KEEPERS  OF THE GARDEN" *Ozark Mountain Publishers, 1993), passed away at age 83 on October 18, and was born in 1931. A few S.P.A.C.E. participants met her during a visit to NYC in 1993, and she was a friend of the late Dr. Jean Mundy, a NYC-based psychologist and hypnotherapist who helped many close encounter witnesses, including Harold Egeln from 1988 to 1992.

Cannon stumbled upon the UFO contact experience through her work as a past life regression hypnotist after a career as a journalist publishing her articles in newspapers and magazines. She authored more books through the last 20 years and appeared at many UFO conferences.

                                   RAY FOWLER'S 'THE ANDREASSON AFFAIR' BOOK REPUBLISHED

UFO investigator RAYMOND FOWLER's classic 1979 breakthrough book "The Andreasson Affair - The Documented Investigation of a Woman's Abduction Aboard a UFO" (Prentice Hall, Inc.) was republished by New Page Books on October 20, in bookstores and online services, as "The Andreasson Affair - The True Story of a Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind." The documented account of BETTY ANDREASSON LUCA was followed by a series of books in the 1980's and 1990's about her extraordinary experiences with UFO occupants, with trips to their strange places, illustrated by her in drawings and paintings from images retrieved by hypnosis and consciously. DR. ALLEN J. HYNEK's original interduction is included.

There is a website for the book, which has an an updated foreword by Fowler, at www.andreassonaffair.com, with the homepage shown below followed by a painting by Betty Andreasson Luca, who is working on a book with her husband BOB LUCA on their further encounters and thoughts.  

"This is wonderful news and will create new interest in a seminal and essential true story which provides awesome images, revelations and detailed accounts from the interior experience of Betty Andreasson Luca's CE-4's, resonating with both a new generation of experiencers and researchers, and remind us who followed Fowler's fascinating and eye-opening books as they appeared of the deep and complex mystery ofUFO occupant interaction with humans," said S.P.A.C.E. Founder HAROLD EGELN. 

The book cover of the original "THE ANDREASSON AFFAIR" Prentice Hall 1979 hardcover book, purchased by Harold Egeln on March 26, 1979, and below from the book, Betty Andreasson's drawing of UFO occupants entering her closed kitchen door, moving in jerky movements and leaving a vaporous trail behind, she wrote.


"Dreamland" online radio-internet program host WHITLEY STRIEBER welcomed a new half-hour weekly interview program to his UNKNOWN COUNTRY venue at the end of October -- "THE EXPERIENCE" hosted by JEREMY VAENI, an experiencer, researcher, author, movie-maker and talk podcaster who was lead producer and co-founder of the successful and news making UFO "CULTURE OF CONTACT" multimedia event in June 2007 in NYC and October 2008 in Jersey City and Hoboken, plus a special presentation in September 2007 of a book talk by Strieber in Greenwich Village, NYC. 

"I've admired Jeremy's work for years," said Strieber in his Oct. 22 announcement. He is kind, open-minded and careful. He's a terrific podcaster and his interviews have that essential magic that is so rare: they tell a good story that is also accurate and informative. I'm happy to welcome him to this website."

Vaeni, a native Queens, NYC resident who has lived and worked in Hawaii for the last few years, arose to public attention over eight years ago with his first book "I Know Why The Aliens Don't Land" and his "No One Is Watching: An Alien Abductee's Story" movie, both recounting his own close encounters and experiences, and through his column in "UFO Magazine" and his paracast program and Paratopia online magazine. His next book was the thought-provoking "Urgency!" followed by his current fictional novel based in part on real events, "Into The End" which is "co-authored" with his teenage self, who wrote the original manuscript, and Vaeni himself now. [book review coming soon.]

"The show concentrates on the close encounter experience, the people who research it and the people who have it. I interview experiencers of all high strangeness phenomena," said Vaeni in Strieber's announcement. The program airs on weekly on Wednesdays. "Anything and everything is on the table. Let's explore it all: what it means to be an experiencer, what the experience may mean beneath its obvious surface."

The source may be a "singular intelligence," he mused, using tools to interact with humans, or be part of a wider universal ecology of life, mind and other factors we can only imagine. The approach is what S.P.A.C.E. has engaged in through its support groups and research programs, leaving it all open minded and open-ended, aware of a suggested "cosmic ecology" within which our reality and that of the mysterious sources who interface with us dwells.

His guest on Wed., Nov. 18 was KAREN CAVELLI, author of "LET THEM IN: 30 Years of Secret Experiences" published in March 2014 --- www.karencavelli.com.

For more on Vaeni visit www.jayvay.wordpress.com and to discover his program, visit www.unknownxountry.com/experience. 

UFO contact artist PAUL GRECO, host of the UFO ROUNDTABLE monthly meetings in Yonkers, currently has a new exhibition "Paintings, Collages, Found Objects" at the Upstream Gallery at 8 Main Street in Hastings-on-the-Hudson, a short walk from the Metro-North RR station. His art show began in October and its last day is Sunday, November 30. Below are two new artworks, "Space Craft Fragments Mosaics."For exhibition days and hours: 1-914-674-8548 and www.upstreamgallery.com.

An August 26 a night time UFO sighting was made and videoed in Paxton County, Pennsylvania, as reported on August 30 on a local ABC TV news program, abc27, and later picked up on "Good Morning America." Watch the program reportand video below.


By chance or by design, I had my first UFO sighting of this year today, on my way home from breakfast out and errands, beginning at 12:52 p.m. on a bright blue sky, sunny day. I was walking west on 94th Street from Fourth to Third Avenue, and enjoying the beautiful blue sky above when I noticed a white disc shaped object moving slowly in the mid-western sky high over the Narrows and Staten Island in a southwesterly direction. My immediate thoughts were: balloon or aircraft, common sights here in NYC. But the entire "flying saucer" was white on the bottom and its sides, and did not necessarily seemed to be reflecting sunlight alone, with the northern edge not being in a shady coloration. It had no contrail nor did it sway as a balloon in a high wind. It did sway in a falling leaf kind of way as if it were being controlled, but was not descending or ascending either. It was not reflecting the sun but seemed to be generating its own white color, either its natural surface most likely or shining on its own without benefit of sunlight. Then an apartment building blocked further observation. I have sharp-eyed 20/15 vision and clearly saw the object's uniform disc shape with no markings or signs of deflation. The sighting, which lasted about three minutes, suggested a UFO, unless I am mistaken. My sketch enlarges the UFO disc about three times its size as I saw it. The shape is also like a sketch by "Bryant D." of the well publicized Arthur Kills, Staten Island mass UFO sighting of July 14, 2001. His sketch is in the article mentionedbelow.


                                                              by Harold Egeln

Oct. 16, 2014 -- The "STATEN ISLAND ADVANCE" daily newspaper of Richmond County in NYC, we discovered today, had a feature article on September 1, 2014 about the Wagner College astronomer's interest and scientific support of UFO research. Under the headline above, in an article in the newspaper by Andrew Paul Mele, Wagner College Planetarium Director DENNIS ANDERSON, known here in NYC as involved with the late BUDD HOPKINS' INTRUDERS FOUNDATION, talks about his lifetime interest in UFOs since age 12 when he read "THE REPORT ON UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS" late 1950's book by CAPTAIN EDWARD RUPPELT, a former head of the U.S. Air Force's Project Blue Book. (see book cover photo below)

Anderson hosted a UFO conference at Wagner College over a dozen years ago that featured HOPKINS, the late DR. JOHN MACK and DAVID JACOBS. The college is on hill on eastern Staten Island overlooking the Narrows by the Verrazano Narrows Bridge, across from Bay Ridge. The disc-shaped UFO I witnessed on Oct. 12 was over the Narrows (resembling the shape of the 2001 Arthur Kills Lights), heading in the general direction of Wagner College. He is also a member of the Amateur Astronomers Association of Staten Island and the Center for UFO Studies. The article mentions the 2001 Arthur Kills UFO sightings over the western side of Staten Island by New Jersey. To read the entire article, click www.silive.com and enter search.


The above Wagner College events happened in 2001.


                                                   LAKE ERIE "UFO SIGHTINGS" MAKE NEWS

Oct. 23, 2013 -- The widely witnessed UFO sightings over Lake Erie have made news in the region for years, with a recent uptick. This year (2014) The History Channel produced an hour-long documentary on the sightings, posted below from YouTube.

                             CALL IT "SPACEBOOK" AS S.P.A.C.E. ENTERS THE SOCIAL MEDIA ERA

Nov. 14, 2014 -- S.P.A.C.E. entered the social media era early this November, at the suggestion of a S.P.A.C.E. participant, on Facebook with a S.P.A.C.E. Community Facebook page, shown below, along with three Facebook Groups, shown in the photo album (enlarge to view): a S.P.A.C.E. Facebook Group and a S.P.A.C.E. UFO Contact Program Facebook Group, the groups being for invited members. Within a short time, we were able to connect with folks in the UFO community in this country and around the world, some who we know and have met, others who are familiar to almost all in Ufology, and some who are active but of whom we were unaware. This creates an interactive community for communication, sharing and learning from each other. This new opening for S.P.A.C.E. interaction allows people on Facebook to post comments on our S.P.A.C.E. UFO EXPLORER website here, on nearly every of its pages. But there will be no S.P.A.C.E. tweets or twitters.

                                           RECENT NEWS, MAY-OCTOBER 2014



FREE: the Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters is a new organization formed in May as "an open university and support network for anomalous contact experiencers and researchers alike. MARY RODWELL of FREE has an introduction video above. On August 30, 2014, FREE launched its website into cyberspace at www.EXPERIENCER.CO

"Our focus is to bring together scientists, researchers, experiencers with different opinions in the field of "ET Contact" and "Conscious Studies/Quantum Physics," said experiencer REY HERNANDEZ, a FREE co-founder, along with MARY RODWELL and CHRISTINA KNOWLES, in an email to HAROLD EGELN on July 7. "There is indeed a diversity of experience in our FREE organization." 


Empowered from the get-go with the ability to organize all these folks, from various professional field, experiences, perspectives and resources with an open-minded mission, FREE seems to be an upgraded version of S.P.A.C.E., which is an upstart grassroots organization founded by and for close encounter experiencers, supporters and researchers, with along history of support, experience and research, founded in March 1992.

"We welcome FREE as a colleague with its vast resources of very informative people deeply involved and in touch with the essences of the UFO close encounter experience," said S.P.A.C.E. founder Harold Egeln. "I have been in touch with FREE organizers, and their work will greatly expand and enhance our knowledge about contact, greatly boost the resources available for contact witnesses, and increase public education."  

There are videos of FREE organizers on both this news page and our links list page.


NOTE: The S.P.A.C.E.. NEWS service, which had monthly, bimonthly and quarterly print newsletters from 1992 to 2000, and a monthly online edition, with regular updates, from 2000 through 2013, was suspended except for special online alerts, until the publication of this new S.P.A.C.E. website restoring S.P.A.C.E. News as "S.P.A.C.E. CONTACT NEWS."

"SILVER SCREEN SAUCERS: SORTING FACT FROM FANTASY IN HOLLYWOOD UFO MOVIES"-- This new book by ROBBIE GRAHAM is due out in January 2015. Graham is the publisher of the SILVER SCREEN SAUCER Blog [http://silverscreensaucers.blogspot.com] which is a fantastic site on this topic, an ultimate resource for UFO movie subject. In 1997, BRUCE RUX dealt with the subject in his book "HOLLYWOOD VS.THE ALIENS: THE MOTION PICTURE INDUSTRY'S PARTICIPATION IN UFO DISINFORMATION." For a five hour interview with Rux, click www.paracast.com or YouTube. MICHAEL MANNION, a NYC resident whose MINDSHIFT INSTITUTE [www.mindshiftinstitute.org] has held several programs in Manhattan and Maine, dealt with the subject in his 1998 book "PROJECT MINDSHIFT: THE RE-EDUCATION OF THE AMERICAN PUBLIC CONCERNING EXTRATERRESTRIAL LIFE, 1947-PRESENT."

THE 'THINGS SEEN AND UNSEEN: My Visible and Invisible Life Story" e-book by LORIE BARNES, a retired performer who was WHITLEY STRIEBER's secretary in the late 1980's soon after his 1987 book "COMMUNION; A TRUE STORY" became a worldwide best seller, is doing very well after a book review about it written by HAROLD EGELN was published on Strieber's UNKNOWN COUNTRY website in its INSIGHT webpage, on Steinfel'd NEW REALITIES website in its UFO webpage, and on the "UFO DIGEST" website by NYC resident and Digest co-edtor ROBERT MORNINGSTAR. For more on Barnes' book and a video about it click www.smashwords.com/profile/view/loriebarnes/.

UFO CONTACT ARTIST DAVID HUGGINS has a producer working on his life story. A 2009 art and text book by Turkish-American UFO researcher FARAH YUDOZO wrote about his artwork "LOVE IN AN ALIEN PURGATOR: THE LIFE AND FANTASTIC ART OF DAVID HUGGINS" With the Drawings of DAVID HUGGINS (Anonmolist Books). For a video on Huggins and his painting click http://youtube.com/watch?v=HCaU7bTmAg/ that was videoed several years ago by STEVE JONES DAUGH at his former Chama Tea House in the East Village, NYC.

HUDSON VALLEY UFO SIGHTINGS MOVIE: In early 2013, the movie "IN THE NIGHT SKY, I RECALL..." by producers FELIX and SUSAN OLIVIERI was released [www.Nightskyufo.com], a documentary film that S.P.A.C.E., which conducted many UFO night-time sky-watches in the 1990's that included nonhuman entity sightings and paranormal activity at the VILLAGE OF BREWSTER, NY (Putnam County) UFO hot-spot, was unaware of until June 2014. Two large Hudson Valley Hudson Valley UFO conferences were held in Brewster in 1982 and 1984, the latter attended by HAROLD EGELN, led by PHILLIP IMBROGNO, the science and astronomy high school teacher who was the prime investigator and author of "THE HUDSON VALLEY UFO SIGHTINGS" and subsequent books about alien contact and the mysterious stone chambers in the region. WATCH MOVIE VIDEO TRAILER BELOW.

"DR. JOHN MACK: A TRUE STORY" MOVIE: A major movie about the life and work of the late DR. JOHN MACK, who was killed in September 2004 at age 74 in a car accident in London, is being made by MAKE MAGIC PRODUCTIONS and producer DENISE DAVID WILLIAMS [www.makemagicproductions.com] Visit that site for all the information on the essential movie, information that includes a feature article written just over a year ago in the "Vanity Fair" magazine website about Dr. Mack and experiencers from his support group. videos, radio interviews and other articles. WATCH MOVIE PROMO VIDEO BELOW.

"ARIEL PHENOMENON: THE ARIEL SCHOOL SIGHTINGS" movie project by NYC resident RANDALL NICKERSON is in its post-production stage, and was made with him searching the world to interview the witnesses to the landmark UFO contact with non-humans at the Ariel School in Zimbabwe in September 1994, when the entities delivered a warning about the endangered Earth's environment's state. For more on the movie, click www.Dr.JohnMack.com, where there is also information about the John E, Mack's Institute "PROJECT EARTH." WATCH AN ARIEL SCHOOL VIDEO BELOW.

DAVID PARSONS OF "EARTHSONG2012" DIED at age 56 of a sudden heart attack in May. He was S.P.A.C.E. contact in the British Isles, posting our latest "S.P.A.C.E. CONTACT NEWS" monthly reports on his former "EARTHSONG 2012" website. He had a Near-Death-Experience when he was a young man. PARSONS TALKS ABOUT HIS NDE ON A VIDEO BELOW.

TIM BECKLEY'S NEW TV SHOW: Longtime UFO researcher TIMOTHY "MR. UFO" BECKLEY has a new TV series on a YouTube Channel, "MR. UFO's SECRET FILES" (video below) and "THE OUTER EDGE RADIO" interview talk program with co-host HARRY DREW (www.theouteredgeradio.com) as the show's new hosts. Since he was a teen growing up in New Jersey, his interest in UFOs started with a UFO club and newspaper, and grew in the 1970's into starting a national UFO research network, and the founding of his "UFO UNIVERSE" magazine in the late 1970's, continuing with his book publishing enterprise.

UFO news in the form of newsletters, along with magazines and journals, has a media history stretching back to the early 1950's. Below is a photo montage of "THE APRO BULLETIN" which was the bimonthly publication of the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO) founded by CORAL & JIM LORENZEN in 1962 and lasting through 1977, and publishing several books. Note "The Close Encounter in New York" banner headline on the Sept.-Oct. 1974 issue front page. The "S.P.A.C.E. NEWSLETTER" (later the "S.P.A.C.E. EXPLORER") newsletter was launched in NYC in March 1992 by professional journalist HAROLD EGELN, and has continued under other titles, in print (1992-2001) and online (1999-the present) as one of the United States' longest=running UFO news publications, now in its 23rd year. [APRO Bulletin photo montage courtesy of "OPEN MINDS" magazine.] 

 ALAN STEINFELD of "NEW REALITIES" [www.newrealities.com]is shown above and below. His website www.newrealities.com and NEW REALITIES TV show, based in NYC, include the UFO issue and the site has a webpage devoted to the topic. He MC'd a "UFOs and Consciousness" conference sponsored by the NYC Friends of the Institute Of Noetic Sciences (FIONS)in NYC in October 2011 that featured WHITLEY STRIEBER, LINDA MOULTON-HOWE and RICHARD DOLAN.


August 2, 2014 -- Today S.P.A.C.E. CONTACT NEWS was informed by a S.P.A.C.E. participant and contact experiencer that the cable TV series "ANCIENT AMERICA" has been broadcasting an episode of the "CREEPY CANADA" TV series about the HUDSON VALLEY STONE CHAMBERS and UFOs in recent weeks, featuring leading investigator and author PHILIP IMBROGNO ("NIGHT SIEGE: THE HUDSON VALLEY UFO SIGHTINGS" with Dr. J. Allen Hynek) in  a clip above and, in the next clip, S.P.A.C.E. founder HAROLD EGELN, being interviewed and also shown in a clip, below this text, in which he reenacted his August 14, 1988 prearranged close encounter of the fifth kind near a stone chamber in Brewster, NY.

The half-hour episode, made in late 2005 and shown on Canadian TV in May 2006 (season 3, episode 7, Kent Cliffs), can be viewed in full in the public YouTube video above. The segment shows witnesses and other reenactments by them of their sightings of hooded figures and UFOs by the stone chambers. Following in the style of "Unsolved Mysteries" in the U.S.,"Creepy Canada" had a three season run from October 2002 to June 2006, the third season focusing on paranormal places and events in the U.S.. The stone chambers episode was made by producer Brian O'Dea. The series website is still online.