WELCOME TO OUR LINKS PAGE: This webpage focuses on most of the websites and blogs of UFO organizations, researchers, meet-up groups, publications and related material created by people within the metro-NYC region, as well as recommended links beyond metro-NYC.



OUR FEATURED LINK from the HIDDEN EXPERIENCE website and its announcement, shown in the photo at the top of this page, is the first online new about "FREE - the Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters" at the link www.free.com and http://hiddenexperience.blogspot/2014/05/the-foundation-for-research-into.html -- a new "open university and support network for anomalous contact experiencers and researchers alike" founded in May 2014.

The FREE website EXPERIENCER.COdebuted online on August 30, 2014, and is our lead website here. On our S.P.A.C.E. CONTACT NEWS webpage there is an item about this important development about this important "new player" in Ufology. FREE is very much in the mode of S.P.A.C.E. when it was founded in March 1992 in NYC, only FREE has a more extensive set-up with a lot of top-notch people. S.P.A.C.E. is a grassroots organization founded by UFO contact experiencers, who assume their own preferred focused roles in our efforts to educate the public.

Shown above are YouTube videos about two of the famous people involved in FREE, Apollo 14 astronaut DR.EDGAR MITCHELL, founder of IONS (Institute Of Noetic Science), who has spoken at its NYC affiliate FIONS (Friends of IONS), and DR. RUDY SCHILD, in an interviewed by New Yorker MICHAEL MANNION of the NYC-based MINDSHIFT INSTITUTE.


                                                     THE HYBRIDS PROJECT

There is also a video of THE HYBRIDS PROJECT [www.hybridsrising.com], a remarkably extensive in-depth website devoted to the crucial and perhaps one of the cornerstones of UFO intervention on Earth with a long history greatly expanded in the 20th and 21st centuries, the subject of human-UFO occupant hybridization. Also visit the associated THE OBJECT REPORT [www.theobjectreport.com]. The websites are the first to create links with our S.P.A.C.E. UFO EXPLORER website and THE HYBRIDS PROJECT published HAROLD EGELN's article from here on the subject of TRANSFORMATION and UFO CONTACT (thanks!).

The first major research on this important aspect was done by OTTO BINDER and MAX FLINDT in their classic breakthrough 1974 book "WE ARE THE CHILDREN OF THE STARS" republished in 2013 by Hampton Books Publishing Company. The first made for television network science fiction movie on hybrids was in 1973, and the current "EXTANT" 13-part weekly CBS TV network series with HALLE BERRY, with STEVEN SPIELBERG as an executive producer, apparently deals with a human-space alien hybrid and the realm of the dead, set about 30 years from now. [www.amazon.com/extant] 


                                           LINKS LIST FOR METRO-NYC AND BEYOND

www.dnny.org - Disclosure Network New York, founded by Nick Curto, with monthly Sunday meetings in Greenwich Village and Chelsea

UFO EXPERIENCER RESOURCES: http://experiencersunited.com and http://disclosurebeginsat home.com- Experiencers United & Disclosure Begins at Home by Lillian Waters, NYC MUFON State Director.

http://ufomedia,blogspot.com/ UFO Media Matters (UFOMM) blog by Joseph Capp of NYC. "Advocating for the UFO witnesses to be treated fairly and with respect." Its UFO Report Hotline is 1-347-298-9914 and the UFOMM YouTube channel is cappufo.

www.meetup.com/ufos-207 - NYC Meeting Group, founded by Joseph Capp in 2007 and now facilitated by Lillian Waters

UFO WITNESS SUPPORT MEET-UP: www.meetup.com/ufos - UFO Roundtable Meeting Group by artist Paul Greco in Yonkers - meets ,monthly.

www,mindshiftinstitute.org - Mindshift Institute by Michael Mannion, author of "Project Mindshift: The Re-Education of the American Public Regarding UFOs, 1947-Present," and Patricia Corbett

www.newrealities.com - New Realities by Alan Steinfeld has a great UFO webpage.

UFO EXPERIENCER WEBSITE: www.michaeljscarter.com - UFO experiencer Rev. Michael J.S. Carter,author of "Alien Scriptures: Extraterrestrials in the Holy Bible" and frequent guest on The History Channel's "Ancient Aliens: TV series, lived in NYC 1980-2005, now in North Carolina.

UFO EXPERIENCER BOOK: www.smashwords.com/profile/view/lorie-barnes - Longtime NYC resident Lorie Barnes, recently moved, is author of "Things Seen and Unseen: My Visible and Invisible Life Story."

www.facebook.com/posey.gilbert - Facebook Page ofwell-known NYC UFO abductee Posey Gilbert.

www.intergalacticmission.com - UFO artist and experiencer Marc Brinkerhoff's site.

www.cosmicmajority.com and www.paraview.com/Luckman - Michael Luckman, Cosmic Majority and NY Center for UFO Research founder, author of "Alien Rock: The Rock 'N Roll Extraterrestrial Connection" now working on a sequel about celebrites and UFOs - www.paraview.com/Luckman

www.ufodigest.com - UFO Digest's co-editor is NYC resident Robert Morningstar.

www.facebook/com/probbinsny - The web presence of Peter Robbins, "Left at East Gate" co-author with Larry Warren, creator of the former UFOCity.com website and former colleague of the late Budd Hopkins.

www.richarddolanpress.com - UFO topic researcher and author Brooklyn-born Richard Dolan of upstate NY.

www.pinebushfair.com - the Pine Bush, NY UFO Fair site.

www.crystalinks.com/extra.html - UFO witness and NYC resident Ellie Crystal's "Crystal Links: Metaphysics and Science Website" has a section on "Extraterrestrials and UFOs."

www.njufoc.com - the New Jersey UFO Congresss based in Trenton, N The web presence J, holds UFO conference twice a year and monthly meetings in Hamilton Township, ongoing since the 1980's.

www.nationalufocenter.com - Home to "Filer's Files" weekly UFO report activity by George Filer of New Jersey.

www.ufomag.com -"UFO Magazine"site by Bill and Nancy Birnes of New Jersey.

www.unknowncountry.com - The Unknown Country site of Whitley Strieber, a NYC resident until the mid-1990s.

UFO ABDUCTION CASE FILES: www.lindacortilecase.com - The Linda Cortile UFO Abduction Case site.

www.facebook.com/mufon.connecticut - Connecticut Mutual UFO Network chapter.

UFO ABDUCTION RESEARCH & RESOURCES: www.ufoabduction.com - David Jacobs' International Center for Abduction Research (ICAR) website.

www.hiddenhandthemovie.com - New Yorker James Carman's "The Hidden Hand: Alien Abduction and the Government UFO Cover-up" movie site.

UFO EXPERIENCER RESEARCH RESOURCE: www.DrJohnMack.com and www.makemagicproductions.com - Dr. John Mack has family roots in NYC. The first site is the John E. Mack Institute site and the second is for the movie "Dr. John Mack - A True Story" movie now being made by Make Magic Productions producer Denise David Williams. 

UFO ABDUCTION RESEARCH: http://carolrainey.com - UFO investigator Carol Rainey's site, producer of a documentary about UFO alien abduction research.

www.nightskyufo.com - the site of a 2013 documentary about the Hudson Valley UFO sightings, produced and directed by Felix and Susan Olivieri of BGM Productions.

www.francinevale.com - The site of Francine Vale, known as co-host of the UFO Roundtable Group in Yonkers site, and author of "Song of the Heart" (2013).

www.tricksterbook.com - NJ UFO and paranormal researcher George Hansen's site.

www.conspiracyjournal.com - Timothy Green "Mr. UFO" Beckley's site. The founder of the UFO Investigators League in the 1970's went on to publish "UFO Universe" magazine in the 1980's and 1990's.

www.binnallofamerica.com - The post-Paratopia site of NYC native, UFO abductee Jeremy Vaeni, "No One's Watching" movie maker, and author of "Why They Don't Land" and "Urgency," and abductee Jeff Ritzman.

www.facebook.com/Eugenia.MacerStory - Paranormal and UFO investigator, author and playwright Eugenia Macer-Story of New York is on FaceBook.

www.lighttechnology.com/authors/beaconsfield-hannah - about contact experiencer's Hannah Beaconsfield. 

www.openminds.tv - "Open Minds" magazine and "Open Minds TV" has extensive information on ufology.

SUPPORT GROUP & CONFERENCE: www.experiencersspeak.com - The Experiencers Speak Conference website by Audrey Hewins of the Starborn Support Group in Maine, holding annual conferences in early September.

SUPPORT GROUP-CALIFORNIA: www.cerointerbatiional.com - CERO, the Close Encounter Research Organization, was founded in 1991 by Yvonne Smith, C.H.T. in California. A new public education branch of CERO was formed recently, the Close Encounter Resource Organization. Smith has a new book, "Coronado - The President, The Secret Service And Alien Abduction."

UFO ABDUCTION RESEARCH: www.jarmag.com - JAR: the Journal for Abduction Research.

www.mainemufon.com - Maine MUFON chapter site.

www.mufon.com - Founded around 1970, the Mutual UFO Network succeeded NICAP, the National Investigations Committee on Arial Phenomenon founded by retired USAF Major Donald Keyhoe in the 1950's.

www.cufos.org - The Center for UFO Studies founded by J. Allen Hynek in 1973.


                                         NOTICE ABOUT YOUTUBE VIDEOS FOR LINKS

PUBLIC YOUTUBE VIDEOS appearing on this LINKS LIST PAGE relate to several of the LINKS, mostly in the metro-NYC region. They are placed here for information purposes only and do not constitute officially endorsements. There is a wide diversity of opinions and conclusions in UFOLOGY, and our S.P.A.C.E. website tries to provide such a free forum. A few videos are shown of former NYC UFO leading researchers, such as JOHN KEEL, who, in the early 1990's, held regular public seminars of the NYC FORTEAN SOCIETY, with award dinners each year to honor a person who did outstanding Fortean investigation

These videos here, and throughout this S.P.A.C.E.-UFO-EXPLORER and S.P.A.C.E. UNIVERSITY OF THE UFO CONTACT EXPERIENCE are intended to provide an essential video classroom component. The diversity of our material and our interdisciplinary approach are integral to present the contact enigma in its fullest range and variety. This concept is modeled upon the concept and experience of the innovation, experimental BLACK MOUNTAIN COLLEGE near Asheville, North Carolina that played a vital role in the arts and culture from 1933 to 1977. There are two videos about the college further below. 


                                              LINKS FOR SUPPORT GROUPS BEYOND METRO-NYC

Al ist of UFO abduction and experience support groups and resources beyond the metro-NYC area will be posted here soon.


The photo below is of Harvard professor of psychiatry DR. JOHN MACK and artist and veteran UFO abduction researcher BUDD HOPKINS, who introduced the subject to Dr. Mack in 1990 setting off his own exploration, in "A Dialogue on the Alien Abduction Experience" held in 1998 at the John Hancock Hall in Boston in a packed auditorium. It was moderated by National Public Radio's CHRISTOPHER LYDON, an open-minded skeptic on UFOs, and it was the first film project of PEER, The Program for Extraordinary Experience Research. The photo appeared in the organization's "P.E.E.R. PERSPECTIVES" Bulletin's second issue in early 1999. Three S.P.A.C.E. participants were in the audience, including S.P.A.C.E. founder/facilitator HAROLD EGELN.

After the photo is an article from the "BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE" by lead staff reporter HAROLD EGELN headlined "Give UFO Witnesses Respect, Says Brooklyn Retiree --- Capp Runs Group and Writes Blog to Support Witnesses" that appeared in the famous newspaper about five years ago. Around the same time the Brooklyn Courier-Life weekly newspaper, which Egeln had previously worked for, had an in-person interview with Joseph Capp, who founded the NYC UFO Meet-up Group in September 2007, meeting regularly at a midtown Manhattan diner. The artwork of the flying saucer is by DAVID TWIDLE, formerly of NYC, whose artwork was on display at the UFO "Culture of Contact" multimedia event in June 2007 at an East Village public school auditorium.

The last photo is of the first page of a two part article in the "OPEN MINDS" UFO magazine [www.openminds.tv} from a 2011 issue about South American UFO investigative organizations operating in nations like Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador. Peru and Uruguay. We will soon post links to those groups here.  

NEW YORKER JOHN KEEL, who passed in 2009 here in New York City, his home for most of his life, was a key figure in ufology, a journalist and contact witness who challenged the nuts-and-bolts views in this field through his many books, research, articles  and lectures.

To us in NYC, we enjoyed his regular public NYC Fortean Society seminars in Manhattan for many years, and his annual Fortean Awards dinners. Harold Egeln at one of these dinners seated between the leader of the NYC Vampires and a music composer who made a whole music album of Loch Ness monster songs.

As such, John Keel has a place on our Links List, and we have more videos from 1966 and much later posted in our new HIGH STRANGENESS webpage, accessible from our INDEX at the top of this page. Egeln, who has his own Men In Black episodes, some with witnesses, also had, by a chance meeting on a sidewalk, a long lunch talk with Keel in the mid-1990's on the Upper West Side at the Argo Restaurant. BTW,"The Mothman Prophecies" movie revealed in synchronistic undertones of otherworldly contact without overtly referring to UFOs. 


 BLACK MOUNTAIN COLLEGE (1933-1977) is a inspiration model for our S.P.A.C.E. UFO EXPLORER CONTACT UNIVERSITY, a virtual-online learning and cyberspace information center and UFO close encounter salon, created on the concept of an interdisciplinary approach to explain and investigate the UFO contact enigma. The combination of contact witness narrative, through their words, images, artwork, videos, music and more is essential to grasping the Big Picture of UFO contact, without focusing on one of its areas alone. This was also the approach of the JOHN E. MACK INSTITUTE (JEMI).

For more on BLACK MOUNTAIN COLLEGE, watch the videos above for the experience. Mercy Cunningham, Buckminister Fuller and John Gage were a few of those involved with the college at Black Mountain, North Carolina, near Asheville. Today a boys' camp is on the college's grounds, but its concept, influence and legacy lives on into the 21st Century... and here with our new S.P.A.C.E. website.



There is no denying the lasting impact that New Yorker BUDD HOPKINS had on ufology through his first book in 1981, "MISSING TIME: A DOCUMENTED STUDY OF UFO ABDUCTIONS" (with an afterword by assistant DR. APHRODITE CLAMAR, Ph.D.), and his subsequent books and work. "He opened the doors of the UFOs by entering the mind windows of stealth close encounter experiencers, giving us a peek at UFO occupant behavior among humans," said S.P.A.C.E. founder HAROLD EGELN in remarks on Hopkins' passing in August 2011.

He had a chance meeting and conversation with Hopkins at an outdoor cafe near Budd's home in May 2011, and met him several times from 1987 into 2011, at conferences, Hopkins' support group sessions, over dinner a few times at a Chelsea diner, and twice when Hopkins was a guest at S.P.A.C.E. support group gatherings (1993 and 1995). Egeln also sat in and witnessed two of his hypnosis sessions with S.P.A.C.E. participants, at their and his invitations.

Hopkins is shown above in a photo taken around 1980 on the back cover of his "Missing Time" book, and another photo of Hopkins in the mid-1960's is shown below from his memorial tribute in October 2011. Although he had his critics, as do most researchers do in the UFO field, his humanity, gentleness and deep love of life, art and nature are best remembered by those whom he helped and knew. This posting here is in remembrance of a life that made a difference in the world... and perhaps got noticed beyond.