About the movie trailers below: "SPACE CHILDREN" was a late 1950's pacifist science fiction movie about a group of children, contacted by a peaceful extraterrestrial being who chose them to thwart the accelerating atomic war missiles program of their parents and to have them find ways to create a peaceful world without weapons and war. A few years later the "Village of the Damned" movie concerned ET-human hybrid children, with mind control powers, acting as the vanguard of an extraterrestrial invasion and takeover of the Earth. Here, S.P.A.C.E. takes a look at the issues of transformation and its aspects, and if it is initiated by close encounter sources or through human response to contact, as well as the positive implications of UFO contact interaction, and associated material, such as native cultures star-people stories and near-death-experiences.

The "2001: A Space Odyssey" movie ending scene depicts human transformation after extraterrestrial contact. 


                                                                 by HAROLD EGELN

This S,P.A.C.E. webpage explores the issue of human transformation and UFO close encounter experiences. Is this transformation positive aspect of contact a product of witnesses' responses in dealing with their encounters or is it deliberately engendered by the UFO occupants for human benefit or as a ruse used by them to hide their own real purposes, as in the Stockholm Syndrome of us befriending our tormentors?

The transformation aspect suggests the positive side of UFO contact, taking contact witnesses on shamanistic-like journeys, and promotes a peaceful vision of UFO contact, the flip side of traumatic, unwanted stealth encounters, more commonly called UFO alien occupant abductions.

Within the S.P.A.C.E. experience of its support group and buddy system, the entire range of experiences has been reported and expressed by individual witnesses, and we respect these people without judgement. We do not weed out those who are fearful or terrorized in favor of the transformed and spiritual growth, nor the other way around.

Some critics who hold the negative or positive view have come down heavy on my role for not promoting one over the other. Thus, I have failed the standards of organizations and researchers who promote the spiritual aspect being falsely labeled as a promoter of fear, and, also, I have failed the standards of those who favor the fearful aspect of encounters, labeling me falsely as a "New Age space brethren" promoter.

I must remain neutral and caring, with respect for what people feel and think, believe and know. As for my own encounters, they have been nonthreatening, largely lacking in fear and now they have apparently ended, except for the dream state of contact. On this page I give my own account of the personal effects the UFO contact has had on the course of my now lengthening life.

We have posted some public YouTube videos on this subject here that are really quite informative on this subject, with a variety of experiences and perspectives. Some of the material may be known to our readers, and others not so much. Our purpose is to inform, educate and learn from the UFO contact milieu, and not to favor or promote one over the others.

Towards the end of this webpage, composed on August 8th and 9th of 2014, I offers my own words on this transformationtopic.


The NATIVE AMERICAN SPIRITUALITY AND UFO CONTACT aspect has been a feature of several UFO conferences, meetings, broadcasts, books and websites over the years. Here we post selected public videos on this subject of native peoples and cultures for information and insights.

We also have some videos on Near Death Experiences, which appear to have a UFO contact connection, as first studied by DR. KENNETH RING 22 years ago in his landmark 1992 book "THE OMEGA PROJECT: Near-Death Experiences, UFO Encounters and Mind At Large" (William Murrow & Co.). We also have a brief video with the late ELIZABETH KUBLER-ROSS, a famous expert on death and on the stages of dying, who found convincing evidence that death is not an end to the total life experience, transforming people by unknown naturalistic processes into alternate lifeforms and expressions of themselves in a greater reality, as she explained in her 1991 book "ON LIFE AFTER DEATH."

Of course, there have been a great many more books on this subject over the years, focusing on the mental transformation life-changing NDE experience on its subjects, aside from the suggested actual transformation after death.

There is a highly viable suggestion, from the science of human experience, that there is a strong link between the afterlife concepts and the close encounter experiences, as reported by WHITLEY STRIEBER in his Foreword to Ring's book (and elsewhere by Strieber) and most recently by Strieber's longtime friend and former "Communion" secretary LORIE BARNES" in her amazing and highly recommended 2012 e-book "THINGS SEEN AND UNSEEN: My Visible and Invisible Life Story" from Smashwords publishers.

Since its launch in March 1992, S.P.A.C.E. has recognized NDE reports as having a connecting link with UFO contact, and a few S.P.A.C.E. supporters have worked with NDE experiencers and support groups. Although science at large does not accept NDE and UFO reports as prove of this grander tapestry of human experience and reality, the persistence of accounts keeps increasing and are backed both publicly  and privately by a respectable number of scientists and physicians.

Do we blink out like a candle forever at the moment of death or is there a undefinable "light" shed upon us at that moment. We may find out when the time comes for us all or, when that time comes, became part of an all encompassing eternal unknowingnothingness.

We also have a video on British NDE and UFO contact experiencer DAVID PARSONS, our S.P.A.C.E. contact in he United Kingdom and who passed away this past May of a heart attack at age 58. He discusses his NDE as a young adult. His former website "Earth Song 2012" featured the original "S.P.A.C.E. UFO CONTACT EXPLORER" on-line news.

                                                                   VIDEOS ON MAKING CONNECTIONS

Above is a photo of JEFFREY MORGAN FOSS appearing in a piece by HAL MCKENZIE on the website about "The Positive Side of Alien Abduction" that emerged from his own remarkable contacts, of which he spoke eloquently at the first UFO "CULTURE OF CONTACT" media event in NYC in June 2007. For more of the inspiring "JEFFREY MORGAN FOSS STORY," visit his site at for another true and empowering account about human transformation from a kind and gentle man.

                                                                     NDE PORTRAYED IN MOVIES

There have been several movies about life after death. some fantasies and others based on real-life experiences, such as "SAVED BY THE LIGHT." Here we feature two movies on public YouTube on the theme of NDE and human transformation, the classic "A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH " 1946 fantasy movie starring David Niven and "RESURRECTION" from 1980.


Below are posted public videos on the fearful aspect of close encounters, a daunting and terrifying reality for countless numbers of people who do not welcome their stealth visitations but who must find ways to cope with this unwanted intrusion, as they regard it. In the 1971 French movie "FANTASTIC PLANET" humans are abducted from Earth for use as pets and slave workers on a unspecified "fantastic planet." This movie seems to partly responsible for contemporary accounts of a superior alien master race who adjusted humans long ago to be slaves. But even CHARLES FORT, author of "THE BOOK OF THE DAMNED" and "LO!" stated of humanity: "We are property."

There is a trailer for the 1951 science fiction movie about the close pass of the fabled Planet X (yes, it's been around a long time!) and a "gray-like" visitor from that planet landing in the Scotland highlands. He is treated badly by a greedy scientist and turns against the local human population, using telepathic mind control to enslave them as his workers around his flying saucer.

We also have two examples of science fiction tales of the dark side, from an "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" TV episode and the 1956 "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" movie. Are we unknowingly being used as fifth columnists or slaves for a diabolical otherworldly culture or as messengers, even ambassadors, for benign ETI-civilizations that have had a long historical involvement or short-time interest in nurturing the best in humanity? This has been a been long debated within the UFO contact community, and many times at private S.P.A.C.E. support and study group gatherings among our close encounter witnesses.

This also well-known darker side of ufology, which S.P.A.C.E. has been among the targets, for example from misguided and misinformed leaders within the ufology organizational and spiritual contact movements, deliberately intending damage and harm to innocent, sincere, charitable and peaceful people whose only offense was to speak their truth about their UFO interface. Dr. John Mack, David Jacobs, Budd Hopkins and others, historically scientist Dr. James McDonald.

Directly below is the front cover of a 1994 edition of the "DOWNTOWN - COUNTERCULTURE FOR THE '90's" alternative East Village newspaper for which I was its "Eco-Frontier" columnist and environmental editor (1992-1985). The highlighted lengthy feature article, "THE GAME - WHAT IS THE 'REAL WORLD'?" was written by DOWNTOWN publisher JAMES RESENBRINK, who passed away at age 81 in Oregon earlier this year and had a feature obituary in The New York Times.

He was also the founding and visionary publisher of "THE AQUARIAN WEEKLY" alternative rock music newspaper, still published from its Montclair, New Jersey home base since 1969, now a grown child of the 1960's youth counterculture movement, a true transformation epoch in which a transformed and expanded human consciousness was discussed and experienced, as told in the classic "THE GREENING OF AMERICA" by the late CHARLES REICH and also the counterculture books and writings of the ;ate THEODORE ROZAK, promoting the "eco-psychology" concept of humans, divorced from Nature, rediscovering and growing their broken relationships with the nonhuman cosmic ecology, which is not human-centric. 

The Dark Side of Human Transformation by space aliens who found a way to absorb humans has been imagined and portrayed many times in science fiction stories, movie and TV shows. Below is the movie trailer from the 1956 classic "THE INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS" about the pod-people, and above is a full television episode of a story by famous science fiction writer RAY BRADBURY as dramatized for a 1959 episode of "ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS" about infiltrating "space alien mushrooms" merging into children's bodies. No wonder I don't like or eat mushroom gravy and soup! -- Harold Egeln

"UPRISER" Evolution of a Revolution -- a video about human transformation by humans to change the world. 

"MUTANTS AND MYSTICS: SCIENCE FICTION, SUPERHERO COMICS, AND THE PARANORMAL" is one of most important recent books on the UFO contact experience and associated material that most in the UFO field have little knowledge of, to their detriment. The book by JEFFREY KRIPAL, a philosophy professor and chair of the Department of Religious Studies at Rice University, and published by The University of Chicago Press in 2011, is explained in the videos posted below. There are phases of an awareness and realization process of transformation that he apyly and fascinatingly explains: Orientation, Alienation, Radiation, Mutation, Realization, Authorization and The Third Kind. A varied selection of related transformation process videos follows.

The Dark Side of ET intervention involving intermarriage of aliens and humans, and of ET mind control and using humans as slave laborers was shown in two early science fiction movies, "I Married A Monster from Outer Space" in 1958, "The Man From Planet X" in 1951, and "The Invasion of the Body Snatchers" from 1956, as shown in the trailers below.


As a baby, future S.P.A.C.E. founder Harold Egeln, below, gazes into what he imagines as a crystal ball.


                                                                BY HAROLD EGELN

They, these visitors from the nebulous beyond, come to me  in peace but I have no illusions about their presence in my life since the 1940's. I cannot attest to being their ambassador, slave, spokesperson, hybrid, or minion, and am not, as far as I can tell, one of them in a voluntary off-world soul incarnation using a human body as a spacesuit for a mission, since I seem to be a mortal with intimations of the spiritual dimensions of positive human progressive thoughts. I could be wrong, since the issue of human identity is deeper than time. There are other contact participants who have told me that I am any one of those classifications. Who knows?

My mother told my brothers and me, when we were children, that the doctor who delivered me at birth mysteriously and without notice disappeared right afterwards, and could not be found. If that has anything to do with I just related in the first paragraph, or did he have personal issues?

As a child, I spoke very little, sensing people's thoughts, emotions and attitudes, was empathetic, and I felt that the visible reality was a bountiful subset to a far more expansive unknown reality. I had boundless creativity (I was doing advanced architectural designs and drawings in secret, and making my own unique art and mobiles), keeping it mostly to myself because of embarrassment over being considered a weirdo, and, as a hyper alert and aware youngster, I soaked in Nature's beauty, love, eroticism and art in all its expressions in ways I dare not explain to adults, again fearing being labeled a sissy. I was taunted as an "egghead" by school bullies, always threatening me.

I had a strong aversion to weapons, war, violence and competition, and a strong interest in outer space and astronomy, following the Space Age's birth, and around age 10, I memorized the 100 closest stars to this solar system, their numerical and name designations, distance from us in light-years, their types and spectral data, and was immersed in the scientific method, and, of course, the UFO subject.  

As I have learned from the visitors' presence and effects, I felt more at home with their apparent "culture" and universal perspectives and perceptions than to the ways of humanity on planet Earth, with its blood spilled on its inhabitants in endless war, conflict, competition, stupidity, violence, hatred and irrationality.

From my tiny corner of the world living an unremarkable life, I, as a longtime professional journalist and peace worker, am merely both am not so special reporter and peacemaker, with direct UFO occupant encounters in my life, from the horizon of human-UFO occupant contact, and am using the best means and forums (our S.P.A.C.E.Group and websites) available to convey the experiences on and over that cosmic horizon that I and countless others experience, in a peaceful search for knowledge and truth. 

I truly felt, since childhood, as a "stranger in a stranger land," my inner depths churning constantly with creativity, curiosity, compassion, sharing, imagination, empathy, love and libido, much of it thwarted by my homeliness, goals derailed, lack of charisma and sex appeal, joy discouraged, and a life of honest hard work that has had no rewards, personally or monetarily, now living within the territorial borders of concentrated imperial wealth and power, a 21st century Big Brother.

Who are we? Who am I? Why are we here? These were and still are my constant questions, feeling like a visitor on a small planet alien to me as a child, and even now. Always, since a very young age, I have recognized the importance and mystery of consciousness, exploring its nature, apparent boundaries and horizons, and what might beyond, including possible connecting links with other consciousnesses.

The exploration and expansion of consciousness in naturalistic ways, without the use of any consciousness boosters, is nothing new to me and has nothing to do with New Age influences, but with the still untapped resources of the unrecognized science of human experience. And I maintain a constant state of meditation without setting aside specific periods for that state.

                                            ON A ROCKY PATH TO THE STARS, IN PEACE

I have taken strong stands and actions of conscience and morality when and where necessary, one of which was unexpectedly reported on "CBS News with Walter Cronkite" 48 years ago.

I was expelled from eighth grade for my offense of reporting my two UFO sightings, suspended because students took an interest in my astronomy studies, telescope observations and the UFO reports, resulting in the destruction of my telescope, and my astronomy and UFO books. It was a trauma and denial of free speech. With no surprise, I was expelled from the Army for refusing orders for basic military training and my stand and actions against the culture of war. With that determined refusal to make war and learn weaponry, I choose peacemaking and the energy of love.

I was fired from three jobs, all at the worst time just before Christmas, for my peace actions: one, for not placing war toys in a store's Christmas window display and toy guns in the children's toy department (I was a department floor manager working my way through college); and, two, my boss was furious when discovering that I was a conscientious objector in the Army. So much for peace on Earth at Christmas time for peacemakers.

And, thirdly, the most bizarre firing was by a peace organization's leaders, despite overwhelming grassroots support for me, for my gentle approach to my work based on a work ethic of cooperation and community and not on competition and asserting authority, suspected of being gay whether true or not, writing a weekly "Peace Talk" newspaper, and for being an antiwar activist in the Army, which made no sense to me.

I was a co-creator with my young 1960's generation of the counterculture that swept the land, and remains within that ethos of human revolution, embedded within the world's turmoil and tribal warfare, committed to nonviolence and kindness. With this explained, the context of otherworldly visitors in my life has been lived mostly on the edges of the skin of my existence. Until I plunged into forming S.P.A.C.E.

The UFO contact experience has not transformed my life in the sense of changing my world views of consensus reality, since I, by nature and comprehension since my childhood, live, think and feel outside of The World Box, knowing the consensus and forced reality is a control structure that avoids, denies, diverts and negates a greater truth of reality, which intrudes on agreed perceptions through many paths, including UFO contacts. It is because I was always conscious of a grander cosmic ecology of abundant life and consciousness within this world and the universe.

Rather than transforming my life, the close encounters have confirmed my deep identity, as one of countless children of the universe, as we all truly are, star-stuff imbued with this awesome animation of matter, at its most fundamental level energy at work and play (soul? spirit? mental mind-brain neural interplay?), which we call life, consciousness, self-awareness and choice-making, en route to an indeterminate Omega Point constantly being created.

                                                     THE KUNDALINI CE-5 INCIDENT

The first time I experienced a real happiness in a close encounter of the fifth time contact was during the four weeks following the contact, with witnesses, late night on May 27, 1991, at the Brewster, NY UFO hot-spot. That entire incident is described on the webpage on this site about my encounters. As I stood, after the unfolding of the UFO occupant contact, among a small group of hooded, robed nonthreatening figures, I felt an electrical-like tingling at the bottom of my spine, which then swiftly traveled up my spine. A witness, who saw me in a kind of x-ray form among the entities, told me then that he saw a light shoot up my spine and soar upwards.

Dr. Jean Mundy, the psychologist working with me and other encounter experiencers then, later told me it was a Kundalini Rising experience, an initiation into shamanism, arranged by the UFO occupants. During the four weeks following the contact, I felt happy, abundantly healthy, and buoyed by being fully alive. And I was no longer afraid to hide from others my feelings of being and acting happy, which had usually made me feel shy or even ashamed for showing such vitality about being alive. Missing from this kundalini experience was its associative sexual energy, which did not matter to me since I am turned-off by sexual urges and acts.

In a way, which is difficult and imprecise to try to explain here, as I am also unsure and highly skeptical of its actual reality, I felt that I briefly shared a lighter shade of consciousness with someone other outside of myself, or experienced a preview of a possible transhuman process. The person who witnessed my interaction with the hooded, robed beings, later told me that he, at least once, out of the corner of his eye, saw me as a "female alien." He certainly seemed sincere, even a bit unnerved by this, but I was unconvinced.

This vibrant and invigorating state ended after four weeks by surprise when a loud boom-bang shook the newsroom I was working in four weeks after the CE-5, startling other reporters, who were unaware of my contact. I did not ever speak about UFOs with them. Nobody at the newspaper office could identify the source of the loud bang, not heard elsewhere in the building, confined to the editorial department.

The happy, diligent task of creating the new S.P.A.C.E. website as a visible expression of our experiences, information gathering and new ways of knowing through the UFO contact tap into the pool of consciousness, has been an act of transforming some of the information we lost with the demise of our original S.P.A.C.E. websites hosted by web-TV into a new form, format and presentation.

No chemtrails, conspiracy theories, ancient aliens from Planet X, arguments with other researchers, channeling or disclosure calls here. They do have their places and champions, and that is okay. Each close encounter witness is a page in an immense chronicle of UFO occupant contact, constituting a counterculture of true disclosure, a Cinerama of Contact.

We are the bearers of the news, willingly or not, of that contact.

                                        THE END OF CONTACT AND BECOMING A MESSENGER

My close encounter experiences, rather unremarkable in comparison with many other experiencers, have apparently ended, not by choice but by time, events and the likely UFO contact source disconnect. Maybe there is more to come?! They were nothing really unique nor special about my experiences, being one ripple among the countless mighty waves of the "space-time continuum," but they are still one small part of the astounding totality of all contact witnesses encounters.

My only book, a five volume e-book set, the "PROJECT WONDERLAND UFO CHRONICLES: Synchronicity & Quantum Contact" published on our S.P.A.C.E. websites with a focus on the importance of understanding consciousness, and understanding how it is employed as the energy center of contact, went largely unread, and ended any further book ventures. Well, at least for now.  

Within the ufological community, I do not choose to be a leader, preferring to remain off-the-stage, working behind the scenes and under the radar, not being noted in any spotlight nor sought after by the ufology community. I prefer being one among the hundreds of folks who have participated in S.P.A.C.E., working in a communal way with them. I only initiated S.P.A.C.E., while dealing with a profound identity crisis, to be their safe harbor port, and for those who went public about their experiences, with a S.P.A.C.E. soapbox in the cosmic Union Square to speak out, with dignity and respect. We are all in this together.

But I have become a messenger of the mysterious contact source, not by own choice but by some urgent source intervention, through lucid dreams that have conveyed vital and real world information solidly confirmed by other experiencers and researchers. And I can safely say that the otherworldly visitors are not interested in this website nor its creation, lost in the internet noise of UFO website searchers. 

With all my own personal experiences, many of which are documented on a site webpage devoted to them (folks have asked for that), I have not been necessarily transformed by them or become a self-proclaimed UFO contact shaman, even though the close encounter experience resembles a shamanistic sojourn, as the late and wonderful Dr. John Mack, who called me "a real and true ally" of his, had stated.

And although I do not have much fear of the visitors, I have used caution when they are near or in my presence during S.P.A.C.E. close encounters of the fifth kind experiments, acutely aware of their sensitivity and power of intelligence and consciousness. They are largely in control but they seem to respect and honor our wishes for peaceful interactions, to which they may be in tune.

Unlike the few contactees who had some real experiences by consciously boarding the UFOs, be they solid or energetic craft, and those experiencers who have been whisked to other worlds and places recalled in hypnosis or consciously, I have not had their experiences. As far as I know.

There are very strong suggestions that I was likely taken by stealth during a few UFO occupant visitations, which I have reported on this website. But abductions, by themselves, are not the whole contact picture, although it may seem so for some sincere researchers given the apparent massive scope of their operations, but one component of a far larger, more subtle and profoundly deep contact matrix.

But I cannot prove it to myself or others, and there is no need to do that. I know my experiences are real, not based on beliefs, hallucinations, fantasies or science fiction influences. There is no doubt that the UFO occupants, as reported by countless people, exist. I have seen them with my own eyes in real world time.


What is clear to me that those courageous and creative humans who resist and take action against the war-weary ways of this planet (which is likely to be transported into space by militarized human spaceflight and pose dangers to cosmic neighbors) are the leaders needed in humanity's transformation into a new realm of being in response to the looming and inevitable worldwide environmental catastrophe... or even speedier nuclear obliteration.

And in response to our persistent urges as potential cosmic creators, not planetary destroyers. We must also insure a permanent off-planet human settlement presence on Mars and the Moon and elsewhere in the solar system, and make haste to do so through peaceful and creative human space travel, since we are at the critical tipping point on endangered Spaceship Earth.

I suspect that our visitors, here in great numbers for nearly 70 years since the mad slaughter of a world war and the atomic bombs with humanity taking its first steps into space, may also have their own role to play. Maybe not as humanity's saviors or keepers, but as involved and intensely interested watchers of a mad, mad world that also holds the seeds and blooms of hope.... and the tender, gentle power of human transformation and having joy!

Crazy and off-the-wall as it seems.... but that is the human transformation that really matters to me.



POSTSCRIPT: Aeons ago when this old Earth had no or very few flowering plants, there suddenly sprang to life here what scientists call the "Flower Revolution" as this world erupted into a global field riot of flowers, a new species of life here, that lasted for millions of years at its inception. Over 20 years ago "The Science Times" section of The New York Times featured its lead article on this stupendous new life-form that decorates the third planet from the Sun. A true transformative Flower Children Revolution may be awaiting in the wings of the World Stage to fly in for a totally new act in the story of a struggling and lost humanity, rooted on Earth and searching the stars.