On December 1, 1972, just four nights  before a seminal stealth close encounter, the start of which was consciously experienced, while living in a rented house in West Orange, New Jersey on an enchanted, haunted and richly beautiful 40-acres old-growth forest, Harold Walter Egeln, Jr., in his 20's, is photographed by a friend in that house across from his bedroom.

On the night of Dec. 5, 1972 at three o'clock (what has been called in mythology as "the hour of the wolf"), he would be awakened and alerted by a "wolf" howling and scratching furiously at the house's front door as a soft blue light filled his bedroom and the woodland outside, as a stealth close encounter started to unfold, leading him on an path that would start S.P.A.C.E. two decades later. To set the event time's context via music, there is a 1972 David Bowie music video below.

As a baby, Harold Walter Egeln, Jr. of Irvington, New Jersey, holds his clear plastic ball, imagined as a "crystal ball" in which he could imagine the future of his life in the 20th and 21st Centuries with its adventures and misadventures, of encounters with human and nonhuman intelligent beings, one of countless numbers of people around the Earth who have had astounding UFO contact, not one more important than any others, but altogether most exceptionally extraordinary. This is the inner story of this ordinary and shy guy's rather unnoticeable life in which circumstances overruled choices, told here with a focus on his enigmatic encounters, a scattered sampling of what so many other people have experienced in their own lives, and trying to understand its implications. These accounts cover the time from Egeln's childhood through 1991. His further experiences, much more numerous from 1992 , when S.P.A.C.E. started, to the present, are covered on our Brewster, NY CE-5 Contact webpage and elsewhere throughout this website. 



Above, Harold Egeln, Jr., S.P.A.C.E. founder, then a six-year-old homely boy in Irvington, NJ, smiles from his tricycle in front of his family's place, an apartment in former Army wooden barracks used to house families of soldiers returning from World War Two. Around this time he had an experience where he was in two places at once on his tricycle, on the ground and many feet above himself in the air, on the tricycle there, looking down on himself looking up, and having his awareness shifting between the two places. When on the ground after the incident, he told nobody about it, puzzled by the in explicable experience. Much later he learned it was a incident of bi-location, and the conscious portion of a possible stealth UFO close encounter or other paranormal event.

The map below was made by Egeln, in his 20's in May 1972 of what he called the "Enchanted Rainbow Forest" which was an extraordinary 40-acre woodland in West Orange, NJ, on which he lived in a house with other renters from June 1972 to May 1973.The property had housed a mansion, long since burned down, and a landscaped arboretum, and it made Egeln feel at home with Nature with its old tall stately trees and great variety of them and plants, able to be in communion with the forest, aware of the Nature and Cosmos connection since childhood, a kind of "cosmic ecology consciousness" that was natural to him.

It would not be until 2005 that he learned, through a New York Times article, that a Sierra Club survey in 2003 concluded it was a rare unprotected old-growth urban forest, once owned by 19th Century N.J. Gov. George McClellan, the Union Civil War general who ran for president on the Democratic Party ticket in 1864, a peace candidate opposing President Lincoln. A neighboring high school had leveled 20-acres of the forest for sports playing fields, giving rise to public protests.

While living in the forest, Egeln, some of his housemates and friends experienced unusual paranormal experiences. In July 1988, Egeln, in his first hypnotic session with psychotherapist Dr. Jean Mundy as he started to explore his possible UFO occupant contacts, uncovered a possible UFO stealth close encounter incident he had on Dec. 5, 1972 at 3 a.m., while living there. In recent years Egeln learned that Central Park landscaper Frederick Law Olmstead's landscaping firm in the 1920's, then operated by his son Olmstead, Jr., had landscaped an arboretum in a portion of the forest for its owners then. The photo after the map is of Egeln in June 1972 sitting with a close friend then called "Sunshine," at the time he, who was named "Terry Rainbow" then by another female friend, was living in the cottage in the 40-acre forest. This webpage will tell of several of Egeln's many experiences.

Harold Egeln at the time of strange events at the

                                       THE FOREST & THE FOREST DWELLER -- by HAROLD EGELN

The Enchanted Rainbow Forest (40 years later known as the McClellan Old-Growth Forest) holds a very special place in my life as a Walden Pond-like experience, when I was in my 20's, brimming with a incredible variety of fabulous trees and plants, and stealthily haunted by strangely mysterious events in the year-long time I lived in a shared rented house on the 40-acres property. Even actress Jane Fonda spent a day and a night there with a friend who was a house guest on a weekend when I was away, never meeting her. Underneath reality's surface, I felt a deep connection with Nature and an incredible seething cosmic ecology, along with a largely subtle but potent form of UFO occupant contact (not known as such to me at the time but considered paranormal by me and other witnesses), that would soon manifest in all manners of expression. The contrast with my daily life then clashed with the underlying psychic underbrush, opening up a profound identity gap. 

Harold Egeln around age 7 or 8 when he had strange experiences he later learned could be of a close encounters nature.


The above video is from a Canadian TV series version of "Unsolved Mysterious" and this episode is about the mysterious stone chambers of Putnam County, a rural region 100 miles north of NYC that was the center of the Hudson Valley UFO sightings investigated by PHILIP IMBROGNO in the 1980's and 1990's. Later in the episode HAROLD EGELN re-enacts his first open close encounter of the fifth kind (CE-5) on Reservoir (Upper Magnetic Mine) Road in Brewster, NY, by Cronton Falls Reservoir that happened after midnight on August 14, 1988 with a witness. The breakthrough encounter would help lead to the creation of S.P.A.C.E. in March 1992.

Below is a sketch, by Egeln, of three nonhuman beings approaching a parked car in which sat two close encounter experiencers who saw them on that same road in Brewster during a significant CE-5 with Egeln and three other witnesses after midnight on May 27, 1991. At that time, Egeln, with another witness, were watching black hooded and long-robed unknown beings several feet away from where the car was parked, not noticing the unearthlytrio until a witness in the car screamed, causing the three beings to vanish.

                                                         A UFO CONTACT EXPLORER'S RESUME

Egeln was born and raised in Irvington, New Jersey, and resided and worked in New Jersey until 1982 when he moved to Brooklyn in New York City. He is currently a free-lance journalist and president of the National Space Society's NYC chapter, the NSS-NYC Space Society, a space exploration advocacy membership nonprofit organization. From 1989 to 2011, Egeln was a full-time staff reporter at various newspapers, including the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, the Home Reporter and Brooklyn Spectator weeklies, the Courier-Life Brooklyn weeklies, and the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce's newspaper, as well as an environmental topic columnist for "Downtown: Counter-Culture for the 1990's" alternative biweekly newspaper (1992-95), and "Peace Talk" columnist (1984-89) for the Home Reporter. He has written an estimated 10,000 articles.

Egeln was the executive director, from 1984 to 1989, of NYC office of the National Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy, a large nonprofit peace organization founded in 1957 and now called Peace Action; NYC-SANE had 12 chapters and affiliates in NYC and thousands of members in the city. At that time in the mid and late 1980's, he was also a board member of The Center for Psycho-Social Issues in the Nuclear Age, a NYC-based group of mental health professionals. with Egeln being one of only two not in that field. The group's director was DR. HARRIS PECK, professor emeritus of psychology at the Albert Einstein School of Medicine and editor of the "International Journal of Group Psychotherapy."

The group was in touch with its counterpart in Boston led by DR. JOHN MACK, prior to his UFO abduction work. Since coming out against the Vietnam War and refusing to take part in all wars and supporting nonviolence while Egeln was a U.S. Army soldier, drafted into the service, he has been a peace activist since and a leader in several grassroots volunteer groups, two of which he was also their newsletters' editor. He was at the Woodstock Festival in 1969, many national marches against the Vietnam War and a counterculture activist.

Also, in 2005, he worked for the NYC government as a part-time media aide, speech writer and website manager for a City Council member, and in 1993 he was a full-time seminar and workshop event planner for the Learning Alliance (not to be confused with the Learning Annex), arranging for presenters to hold classes on social justice issues, various activist causes and new age-type concepts and practices. 

Egeln has appeared on dozens of local and national TV and radio programs, at many peace and UFO conferences, and was a host of "Jobs TV" on Brooklyn community access television in 2006. He has awards from the Bay Ridge Community Council, Fort Hamilton U.S. Army Base and 68th Police Precinct Community Council. He is a member of the National Space Society, The Planetary Society, Peace Action, the Lewis Carroll Society of North America, WQXR-The Classical Music Station, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Smithsonian Institution, the Air & Space Museum, and a lifetime member of the Sierra Club.

Egeln founded the S.P.A.C.E. Group and its newsletter in March 1992. In November 1999 he launched the original S.P.A.C.E. website on the world-wide-web, branching out into 20 extensive websites, including four NYC environmental and space exploration science sites, through his Cosmic Ecology Media free public service, until the sites' host, MSN Web-TV ceased its service to all its customers on Oct. 1, 2013. The new S.P.A.C.E. website, via the Yola-Site service, launched on July 1, 2014.


                                                         EGELN'S  BOOK AND BOOK PLANS

Egeln wrote one book, with major contributors ANDERS VON BERGEN of Finland and GARY from England (both names are their pen-names, along with dozens of experiencers and contributors, titled the "PROJECT WONDERLAND UFO CHRONICLES: SYNCHRONICITY & HIGH-STRANGENESS CONTACT" which was a free, five volume, 50 chapter e-book published on S.P.A.C.E. websites. The book also included a dozen of Egeln's original "Alice In Wonderland" tales attuned to the UFO enigma, quantum physics. the Higgs Boson, non-locality and other new sciences and realities. The e-book was the least visited portion of the S.P.A.C.E. websites, but contained the most comprehensive collection of the connective elements of the entire close encounter experience. He also was in the process in the late 1990's on writing a book about his own experiences, completing eight full chapters, half the book, when he stopped.

In the mid-1990's he was working with ARNOLD HENRY BERGIER, a famous sculptor (he made a famous bust of Albert Einstein) on BERGIER's "MIRROR IN THE DARK" about a peaceful, just and unified world. The book reached eight chapters until Egeln's health problems, made worse by not having health insurance for most of his life, then interfered. Bergier was a prime leader in the 1960 neighborhood movement to save Greenwich Village from developers set to change the neighborhood's character and Robert Moses highway plans. Bergier, a World War II Navy veteran who served under Admiral Halsey, was a frequent skeptical but open-minded guest on "The Long John Nebel Program" in the late 1950's and early 1960's, going head-to-head with UFO contactees such as George Adamski, Howard Menger, Dan Fry and George Van Tassell. Bergier died here in NYC in 2007 at age 93. In 1989, Egeln was thwarted, by unrelenting threats and intimidation, from writing his "FLOWERS IN THE RIFLES: PATHS TO PEACE" book.


                                  FROM CHILDHOOD TO WOODLANDS TO CONTACT TO S.P.A.C.E.

                                                                  by HAROLD EGELN

Three key events molded my lifetime involvement with the UFO experience: my suspension from school as an eighth grader who reported my two UFO sightings to my schoolmates interested in my amateur home astronomy activities followed by ridicule, bullying and lack of friends; then my strange paranormal-like experiences while living in a rented house with others on 40-acres of woodland in West Orange, NJ from June 1972 to May 1973, woodland discovered later to be an unprotected and undeclared old-growth forest after a Sierra Club survey in 2003; and finally, being skeptical of any personal; contacts with UFO occupants, a prearranged overt sighting of "non-human entities" with a witness at a Hudson Valley UFO hot-spot, Brewster, NY, on August 14, 1988, confirming their reality but not their outer space origin. The above map of the 40-acres was made by me in May 1973 after a weeks-long survey of the forest and ruined garden lands, and the photo of me underneath it is as I appeared at the time of my living there.

                                                   THE IRVINGTON, N.J. HOMETOWN YEARS

The photo near the top of this page was taken when I was around six years old when I, as a shy and homely boy, experienced events that I would later understand to be possibly close encounter related, and at a time when the TV news and newspaper media publicized many UFO reports, including the huge 1952 UFO flap over Washington, D.C. and I remember watching the TV network news shows showing the large press conference at the Pentagon. It was around the time I saw Saturday children matinee movies in the local Castle and Sanford theaters such as "The Day the Earth Stood Still," "Destination Moon," "War of the Worlds," "Red Planet Mars," "Invaders From Mars,'" "It Came From Outer Space" in 3-D, "Forbidden Planet," "The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects" and "Earth Vs. the Flying Saucers."

Here I will cite some examples of my experiences, the weight of which led to my creating S.P.A.C.E. with other close encounter witnesses, variously called abductees, contactees and experiencers, or simply witnesses, in March 1992.

I was born in Irvington General Hospital in the New Jersey Township of Irvington, (next to Newark named after Washington Irving and originally called Camptown) to an Irish-American mother who lost her first child, a girl who was still-born, in her first marriage. When I was born, my father was away in the U.S. Army overseas, and I would not see him for over two years, and when he came home I told him firmly, at age two,"You are not my father.". The doctor who delivered me disappeared right after my birth, never to be heard from by anybody ever again, a mystery my mother told me and my two younger brothers later as we were growing up. The mystery question is: Where did he vanish and why, right after my birth?

My younger brothers remember when when we were children, a parade of "leprechauns" walking upstairs in a single file into my bedroom.

During a kindergarten class, I went by myself to the school playground and was engulfed in the thought "I am not from this world but a visitor," and felt myself morph into a teen, and through the ages of a lifetime, experiencing a rapidly growing sense of maturity to match those age levels. When I was around seven, living in "the barracks," a housing development of former Army wood barracks for returning war veterans, I once was riding my tricycle. when I suddenly realized I was floating a few stories above where I was riding, Suspended in the air, I looked down on myself sitting on my tricycle, seeing myself looking up at myself up in the air. I was in two places at once, on the ground and in the air, consciously experiencing this from both perspectives. I do not know what happened after that, except that I was definitely rising up in the air. Much later I learned that I had a bi-location episode.

Around the time when I was in second grade, the school dismissal bell rang and the students and teacher left the classroom. I remained in my seat, unable to move, suddenly paralyzed except for my eyes, noting its was exactly 3 p.m. The teacher returned, saw me sitting there and unable to move or talk. She contacted my parents, who brought me home, and they called the family doctor, who came over and my father's father was there also. The doctor found nothing physically wrong with me, and my grandfather, who I was closer to than my father, talked with me saying my paralysis was all in my mind. Soon after he said that, I was able to move and talk again.

One time as a child, I played "spaceship" with other boys and girls as the ship's pilot, moving towards the grassy area above Camptown Creek (a feeder into the Raritan Ricer) that flowed through Irvington behind the public housing project for low-income families where I lived. I do not remember what happened next. Being a shy, withdrawn, insecure and homely child, this was an unusual action for me, playing with other children like this. Another time at a Halloween Party for children, I was beckoned down into the basement and experienced a "missing time" episode, after which I ran upstairs and outside in a high-pitched frenzy.

Growing up I watched a lot of children's TV shows, and appeared with my brothers in the "Howdy Doody Show" Peanut Gallery (NBC), on Uncle Fred Sayles "Junior Frolics" (WATV-Channel 13) where I introduced my brothers and myself, and on Sonny Fox's "Wonderama," as well as being in the studio audience with my family at the filming of an episode of "The Honeymooners."

Among other favorite TV puppet shows was "Johnny Jupiter" about a friendly alien from Jupiter by that and his robot, who befriended an earthling. They would appear on a TV screen rigged by the earthling called Mr. Duckworth. One night I had a lucid dream around that time of Johnny Jupiter appearing not on a TV screen, buy at my bedroom window, coming into my room through the window to take me into space. Below at the end of this webpage there is a TV clip photo of Johnny Jupiter and his robot on the interplanetary TV hookup. The show was on the Dumont Television Network.

At age ten I had an odd vivid dream, a lucid dream or out-of-the-body experience, finding myself floating away from Earth, rapidly flying through space with stars all around me. It was so beautiful! I thought, "I must be going "home" out there somewhere in the cosmos. At that very thought, I rushed right back to Earth and awoke in my sleeping body, which jumped up and down in bed when i "returned." I truly felt that this was a real experience, not just a dream. In those boyhood years I had vivid "dreams" of me being in bed, with three walls around my bedroom with large open windows. In those windows were large faces staring in, looking at me from the darkness outside. There was also the incident of the airship that flew within a couple of stories high near my home over the school playground, which was next to "the barracks" and people in its gondola looked out its window and waved to me.

As a child, I read a lot about all the flying saucer sightings then frequently in the newspapers and on TV news programs. On a boat trip up the Hudson River to Bear Mountain for an outing with my family I read a front page Newark Star Ledger newspaper article about a hoaxed UFO landing on Route 17 in Bergen County, N.J. where monkeys who had their hair shave off were reported as "space aliens." As noted above, I vividly remember the many news reports, in papers and on TV, about the nationwide excitement about the UFOs over Washington, DC on two weekends in July 1952, and the many news reports of UFO occupants landing all over France in late 1954, as well as scientists tracking two mystery satellites orbiting the Earth back then, three years before Sputnik I. The subject fascinated me, and would lead to my interest in becoming an astronomer as an adult.

It was at camp in northwest New Jersey when I had just turned 12 when I and a whole bunch of children saw two flying saucers, lit up like white orbs, flying one behind the other high over the camp in the daylight sky. A counselor dismissed the UFO sighting, which he saw, but I and other children knew better but remained silent. [SIGHTING SKETCH BELOW AFTER TEXT.] This happened just after an announcement by President Eisenhower of the plans for the nation's first Earth space satellite, Project Vanguard. In seventh grade, I wrote my first short story a a class assignment. It was a mystical story of people witnessing strange globes of light over the waters by s shoreline, and the story so impressed my teacher (whose sister married the actor Ralph Bellamy) that she encouraged me to write more.

By then I had a toy telescope to scan the night skies from my bedroom window near a stream that went by our housing project in Irvington, and I had a toy home planetarium, both items my parents bough me as birthday and Christmas gifts, as well as astronomy and space books, along with a few UFO books such as "Inside the Space Ships"by George Adamski (1955), "Flying Saucers on the Attack" by Harold T. Wilkins (1954), "The Case for UFO's" by Morris K. Jessup (1955), "Is Another World Watching? The Riddle of Flying Saucers" by Gerald Heard (1951), and "The Book of the Damned" by Charles Fort.

That spring, when I was 13 and in eighth grade I had two UFO sightings, one of a wobbling, glowing disc, and the other that appeared to be a streaking meteor until it abruptly stopped, made a sharp right angle turn and sped off to the west. [SIGHTING SKETCHES BELOW MADE RECENTLY.] When younger classmates in the school yard asked me about my latest astronomy observations, as they wanted to know what specific stars and planets I studied, I told them of my two UFO sightings. The principal found out about this, since the UFO sightings caused a lot of interest with students. I was summoned to his office, which he locked me in alone, until my mother arrived, as he then went to hold an emergency assembly telling students that UFOs are misinterpretations of known and natural objects, and to ignore UFO reports.

In punishment for my UFO and astronomy interest that attracted the intense curiosity of other students, I was suspended from school until graduation day, two months later, sent to a school counselor who suggested that my parents get rid of my space and UFO books, along with my telescope and portable toy planetarium. which they did, and he told me to give up my ambition to be a professional astronomer. In high school some students bullied me, as they did when I was in grade school but this time I was ridiculed as "the Martian." But with the advent of the Space Age, the pressure on my astronomy, space exploration and UFO interests eased up over time and my parents appreciated my space interests.

This may have all been avoided, if I had advanced after fifth grade, skipping four grades, to tenth grade when a school district test found that I was already working at a tenth grade level in fifth grade. If concerns about my social development had not scrubbed the academic jump, I would have been completing high school at age 13, when I had the two UFO sightings, and be ready for college at age 14 to prepare for an astronomy career. My career ambition and choice was to be a professional astronomer, with a special focus on the search for life and intelligence beyond Earth, and writing books. That never happened. 

This traumatic incident which isolated me from others would guide me as an adult in providing a safe place called S,P,A,C,E, for other UFO encounter witnesses and the search for otherworldly life here on Earth. 

It was around that time that I was corresponding with UFO contactee George Adamski in California, asking him questions and encouraging him. He encouraging me, through a typewritten letter and post card, to keep seeking the truth, as that was most important. However, with the advent of the Space Age with the launches of the first Earth satellites (Sputnik, Explorer, Vanguard), time were a'changing, but I kept a low-profile on the UFO subject until the 1980's, keeping track of UFO and space exploration news, with many hundreds of newspaper clippings.

I related to Adamski my sighting around age 14 of three men dressed in ski-like suits and with longish hair (pre-Beatles) who stepped out of a van, like a Volkswagon "bus," exiting sliding doors in the middle of an intersection of two main streets in Irvington, NJ. {SIGHTING SKETCH SHOWN BELOW.] I thought of Adamski's descriptions of the space people. I do not remember where they went, in a line, or what happened to the van, leaving me with a deeply puzzled feeling. Adamski replied that he could not, of course, confirm what I saw since he was not there, a sensible reply. 

At age 16, as I walked near the Garden State Parkway in Irvington during the daytime, just by chance I saw an elongated,transparent UFO, with a blue tip at its tapered front, zip through the sky at breakneck speed without sound. It was around that time that I joined as a teenage member of NICAP, the National Investigation Committee for Ariel Phenomenon, receiving its newsletters and filing my reports on NICAP forms about my UFO sightings up to then. I was also an avid listener to the now legendary Long John Nebel Show, then on WOR AM radio from midnight to 5 a.m., so I heard all the people he had from the UFO community of the late 1950's and early 1960's. I was also a listened to the weekly radio news programs on UFOs by broadcast journalist Frank Edwards, author of UFO topic books.

In late December 1956, I had my first unexpected, unsought "ghost" sighting. While in the motorcade with my family for the funeral of my paternal grandfather, I looked out at the depressing cemetery scene as we were driven on. Over a grave I saw a whitish opaque female figure flying gracefully skyward from a grave. Startled, I kept my mouth shut about the incident. As a teenager, and into my 20's I also had vivid and lucid dreams about a suggested earlier forgotten Earth high civilization, peaceful and contemplative in its ways, and its beautiful sea ships that had both wind and solar power sails, and whose inhabitants had very distinctive ethnic features that remain unforgettably haunting.

In August 1960, I witnessed, with other kids, the much reported retrograde mystery space satellite orbiting the Earth in an east to west direction at 25,000 mph, glowing bright red in the twilight sky over Irvington, contrary to all Earth-launched satellites that orbited west to east or north and south at 18,000 mph. Countless numbers people worldwide witnessed this mystery satellite and it was tracked by astronomers, appearing early in 1960 and vanishing that autumn.

At age 17, in bed late at night, I felt movement at the end of my bed, awakening me. At the left end edge of my bed sat a deeply black humanoid shadow looking at me, and I could feel the bed where it sat sinking under its weight. I do not remember what happened afterwards, although I think it suddenly vanished or I fell into a deep sleep.  

As a 22-year-old drafted Army soldier stationed at Fort Dix, NJ, awaiting the results on my conscientious objector application and facing possible court-martial for my protest against the Vietnam War and war in general, I was on night CQ duty, when I noticed a straight line of preying mantises walking from outside through the entrance hall and climbing onto my table. That, I thought, was unusual. Later I would learn about the giant preying mantises reported by UFO abductees.

Another time at Fort Dix, while sleepless, I walked out of the barracks and on a road where I looked at the beautiful star-studded night sky. A peaceful meditative state came over me and I felt that I was lifted gently, then soaring through the cosmos on some sort of invisible spaceship and coming back in a daze, much like the lucid dream I had when I was age 10, as mentioned above. Something seemed interested in my peace action and refusal to be trained for war, a human orgy of organized violence which was alien to my mind and spirit. I had the support of my congressman, Rep. Peter Rodino, who headed the President Nixon impeachment panel, and the Rev. Norman Vincent Peale, advocate of "positive thinking," of Marble Collegiate Church in Manhattan.


Odd events while living by the 40-acres woodlands in West Orange, NJ in 1972-73, the UFO sighting in 1987 over the Jersey shore by a film-maker that led her to my Peace Suite office in Soho to film the first worldwide Global Atomic Radiation Victims Conference in NYC (at the time I was executive director of the Metro-NYC Peace Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy, the NYC office of SANE, now known as Peace Action), and the path to an open, prearranged peaceful breakthrough contact sighting of nonhuman entities in the Hudson Valley in 1988 when I was still working full-time for world peace.

The photo below is of me as a baby looking into that small "crystal ball" seen above which I still remember as enchanting me. The other photo is of the Johnny Jupiter puppet from the previously mentioned children's TV program. Towards the bottom of this webpage, there is now an account of my unexpected midnight sighting of "gnomes" in South Mountain Reservation in Essex County, New Jersey around May Day 1970, also the time of Walpurgis Night, April 30.



My hometown of Irvington, NJ was the hometown of the Lionel Toy Trains factory and Olympic Amusement Park (1887-1965), bigger than the more famous New Jersey Palisades Park. I had a Lionel trains set as a boy and I also made frequent trips to Olympic Park, where I worked in 1965 at summer jobs while in college. The first job was at a Belgium Waffle ice cream, popcorn and cotton candy stand where I made all those items, the second was at Kiddie Land where he collected tickets for the children's train that traveled around the park, and my last job there was running the SPACE SKY RIDE, which he sometime rode over the huge park at its closing time. My mother, Helen Irene Egeln, whose maiden name was Daly and whose four grandparents were from Ireland, was the ticket seller at the giant carousel, moved to the new Disney World in Florida where it was recreated and still orbits around its musical center. 

Later in the 1960's and 1970's I had recurrent vivid dreams about Olympic Park and Lionel Trains in Irvington, NJ, the accounts of which will be posted here soon, since they related to the close encounter contact experience! I still clearly remember them, as if they came in my sleep last night, here in 2014. Trains in dreams are a track into UFO encounters recall, repeatedly mentioned by some S.P.A.C.E. participants in our support and study group meetings. "THE ABDUCTION PROJECT" play by the Collision Theory theater company, in February and March 2001, integrated the train image into the performance based on interviews with contact witnesses.

My dreams of Olympic Park, entered through side entrances not only were a reflection of my real life memories of the historic park, but held clues to my possible hidden, stealth close encounters while growing up in Irvington, suggesting that some my possible encounters may have even happened in Olympic Park at night.

To give visual context of my Irvington years, there are two videos of Olympic Park and one of the Lionel Toy Train factory below. The photo gallery shows various Irvington scenes from an historical photo book. The scenes include the book cover, Irvington Center (the commercial hub), the Irvington High School area, the Civic Center with town hall, police headquarters and post office, surplus Army wooden barracks on Oraton Parkway at Berkeley Terrace used to house families of soldiers after World War Two, where I, as little boy, with my two younger brothers, lived until I was nine.

The Village pf Irvington in New York State on the Hudson River in Westchester County was also, like my hometown, named for famous Sleepy Hollow areastoryteller Washington Irving, whose home is a museum in nearby Tarrytown, which I visited in the 1970's and 1980's.  

Irvington, NJ, was also once home to the Drakes Cakes pastry company, named after Drakes Pond on which it occupied in the town.


NOTE: This webpage answers the lack of my own experience accounts in one place on the original S.P.A.C.E. websites, with some accounts appearing here and there throughout those sites. Some people asked me then toplace a page about my lifetime of experiences, and here it is, a work in progress... as is all life. To my surprise, several people outside our S.P.A.C.E. group never knew, until they asked me, that I was a close encounter experiencer, thinking that I was just an investigator. -- Harold Egeln

The above UFOs sighting I and other children, along with counselors, happened when I was away at a camp for underprivileged children in Stanhope, NJ, in early August 1955, as we all watched two glowing white discs silently fly slowly through the daylight sky. The sighting took place just a few weeks after President Eisenhower announced, on July 29, 1955, the first U.S. earth satellite program, Project Vanguard for the International Geophysical Year (July 1957-Dec. 1958), as announced in the headline story below. -- Harold Egeln 

The sketches of my UFO sightings when I was between 12 and 14 years old, as described in my narrative above them, were made recently. All four UFO sightingswere filed in reports, when I was 16, to NICAP (the National Investigative Committee on Aerial Phenomenon) of which I was then a dues-paying member, receiving the NICAP newsletters. I wrote NICAP to supply me with the report forms, scientific in nature, and I wrote about them and made sketches back then. NICAP files are now stored with the Center for UFO Research (CUFOR). An inquiry made a dozen years ago to possibly access them was rudely rebuffed. -- Harold Egeln

Short videos below of the Lionel Model Train factory and three of the 40-acre Olympic Amusement Park in Irvington, NJ. From age three through nine, I lived with my family in post-World War Two surplus wooden Army barracks on Oraton Parkway and Berkley Terrace in Irvington, used the ease the housing crisis caused by returning WW2 veterans and to handle the baby boom.  There is a photo below of the one-family barracks facing the street, behind which there were rows of two-story barracks housing families in which my family lived, and beyond an apartment complex build later. [Photo from the book "IRVINGTON: Images of America" compiled by ALAN A. SIEGEL, from ARCADIA PUBLISHING, Chicago, 1997 copyright(c)Alan-A.-Siegel.]

It was in this place that my brothers saw "leprechauns" walking in single file up the stairs towards my room, that I saw with other children a low-flying noiseless "blimp" just a couple of dozen feet above the ground with its crew waving at us out its gondola, and where I was revived from a strange paralysis in third grade that came on suddenly while sitting alone in my classroom shortly after 3 p.m. when school closed. It was also the place where I saw huge faces in a lucid dream staring through large windows from three walls at me in bed, among other oddities. Also, it was where I and lots of people witnessed a rare Northern Lights display one night in a brilliant colorful dance in the sky, announced by the news media beforehand after a powerful solar magnetic storm hit the Earth.This outer life material is placed here to give a context to the non-ordinary episodes related on thiswebpage.-- Harold Egeln

A METEORIC NOTE: In my first visit shortly after my birth to my mother's family, the Daly clan, (her four grandparents came to the U.S. from Ireland around 1870), I am held by Laurie Marie, a cousin, on the steps of my grandfather John Daly's house in Hanover, N.J. where he was the superintendent of the Gate of Heaven Cemetery. As a little boy he showed me a fist-sized meteor, which I handled, that had crashed with a bright flash of light and loud bang behind his house, on the cemetery's grounds, around or after the time of my birth. As a little boy, I had at least one dream, or a few, about that meteorite and strange visitors in my grandfather Daly's house that I still remember clearly, followed by other dreams that were strange that I had as a preteen, teen and young adult. The meteor actually helped spark my interest in astronomy, leading me in deciding to pursue a life career as a professional astronomer, which was derailed by school officials after my UFO sightings reported to other students when I was 13. 

My grandfather Egeln saved my life as a baby as I slipped out of my highchair, which I was rocking back and forth in, by a third floor window and I fell out of the window headfirst towards the driveway at his house where I lived. He just happened to be walking in the driveway, saw me coming and caught me just in time. I have a photo of him holding me right after the incident. -- Harold Egeln

Here I am in a third or fourth grade Grove Street School photo, a time when UFOs sightings were widely reported in newspapers and on television news programs, and when I had my mysterious paralysis classroom episode . Below is the first letter I received directly from GEORGE ADAMSKI, dated August 14, 1957, in reply to a letter I wrote in him in April 1957 while in grade school in Irvington. Subsequent letters I sent resulted in a post card from him and the last a letter from his assistant ALICE WELLS. -- Harold Egeln

                                  HOWDY DOODY, JOHNNY JUPITER, CAPTAIN VIDEO & OUR MR. SUN

Below is a public YouTube video of a "JOHNNY JUPITER" episode which I saw as a little boy, and below that is a still of the JOHNNY JUPITER hand puppet and his robot friend. I grew up in the "golden age of television," which included watching Captain Video and his Video Rangers, Tom Corbett-Space Cadet, Rocky Jones-Space Ranger, Rod Brown of the Rocket Rangers, The Adventures of Superman, Science Fiction Theater, Captain Midnight, Tales of Tomorrow, Captain Ze-Ro, Mister I. Magination, The Twilight Zone, the Walt Disney "Man In Space" series, and the TV versions of Flash Gordon and Buck Rodgers. Video clips are provided below for a few of these programs. These reflected my interest in science fiction and space travel as a boy.

There is also a video below of the "OUR MR. SUN" film made by director FRANK CAPRA with DR. FRANK BAXTER, shown in my grade school and on TV, being a space science and astronomy buff. Following that are videos, for space travel history buffs, of the "MAN IN SPACE" and "MARS AND BEYOND" vintage episodes, which I remember from boyhood, of the original "DISNEYLAND" ABC-TV series. -- Harold EgIeln

As a homely boy growing up in Irvington, I watched many children's TV programs. with my favorites being puppet shows, as shown in the comic strip below: THE HOWDY DOODY SHOW on which I was once on in the Peanut Gallery live on NBC TV with my brothers, and I had a Howdy Doody marionette and other items from the show , THE JERRY MAHONEY SHOW and I had a Jerry Mahoney dummy , KULA, FRAN AND OLLIE with Fran Allison, and the BILL BAIRD MARIONETTES. In fourth grade, I and a classmate produced our own hand puppet show with myself as the script writer.

Where the UFO close encounter connection entered, with my love of puppetry, was not known to me until much later. At a S.P.A.C.E. Support and Study Group meeting in the 1990's when participant CAROLYN BARNES, one of the key people in helping create S.P.A.C.E., told us that she had a childhood memory, from when she was growing up on a Midwest farm, of being aboard a UFO with other taken children watching a slightly older boy entertaining the group with puppets.

She identified that boy as me, after seeing one of my childhood photos. Before that, she felt that I was familiar to her and now we had an answer. Such "I have seen you somewhere before" came up several times at our S.P.A.C.E. gatherings, suggesting that some of were brought together again.


LONG JOHN NEBEL's late night radio talk show on WOR-AM in the late 1950's kept me, as a boy, awake for hours with firsthand tales by UFO contactees and researchers, and paranormal topics such as "The Search for Bridey Murphy," a best selling book in the mid-1950's about a woman recounting, under hypnosis, a previous life as an woman in 19th Century Ireland (see video below). In 1975, while browsing UFO books in The Flying Saucer News Bookstore on West 45th Street in the Manhattan theater district, I found books titled "The Seth Material" and "Seth Speaks" by Jane Roberts, a writer and poet in Elmira, NY. Below are some videos about this, followed by comments about how this type of material, which are actually aspects of noetic sciences and consciousness research, relates to UFO occupant close encounters. -- Harold Egeln

Below is a scene from the 1987 ABC-TV movie "OUT ON A LIMB" based on SHIRLEY MACLAINE'S best-selling book, showing her OBE, similar to the Out of the Body Experience at experienced at age 10, as described in my narrative before this section. Above are videos of JANE ROBERTS of "SETH SPEAKS." I first learned of Roberts when I bought the "SETH SPEAKS" book at The Flying Saucer News Bookstore on West 48th Street in Manhattan in 1975 and in 1978 I joined a friendly and lively NYC Seth Group led by RICK STACK. I have all the SETH books, which are a lot. In the early 1980's another Seth Group threw me out of ameeting because its gay leader, and other members, angrily put me down as an ugly, dull, stupid, and useless nobody. And so it goes.

An aspect of the UFO occupant contact experience involves the occasional reports from witnesses of brief episodes of channeling and automatic writing, usually for a short period after a contact. WHITLEY STRIEBER wrote about his experience with it. In 1988 and 1989, I was one who briefly had this specific form of altered consciousness experience, too. I have since found this to be an aftereffect of UFO occupant encounters, with one's mind able to expand upon itself because of the presence of beings with advanced intelligence and sometimes being open to communication outside one's mind with unclear results mixed in with imagination and tapping into one's own boundless creativity, resulting in indeterminate results. There are some contact experiences who focus deeply on this ability, learning to focus and finely tune it, and then proceed on their own distinct, chose course of expressing their UFO contact interface. -- Harold Egeln 


                                                              by HAROLD EGELN

As a baby, I gazed into a "crystal ball," accounting for my very first memory, followed later, while I was still in a crib, of a dream about an atomic bomb blast followed by a primitive covered wagon, as if civilization regressed, my second oldest memory. And, next, I am shown in my late 30's with an expression of wide-eyed wonderment on my homely face, contemplating my hidden inner life during a time of a profound series of non-ordinary events, when I spontaneously experienced and avidly explored an unexpected increase of paranormal abilities suggesting a wider fabric of consciousness, which I felt were natural, not supernatural. As I noted them, I questioned their significance and rational validity, fearful of revealing this upsurge in what has been called "cosmic consciousness" or "eco-consciousness" lest my logic was in doubt if I dared share this with others. As a child I had episodes of telepathy, precognition, seeming past life memories and lucid dreams before I learned of those terms.

The experiences included a fully conscious out-of-the-body episode as I watched my "astral legs" move out of my physical legs, an upsurge in lucid otherworldly dreaming, strong ESP incidents, sudden visions of other realities, vivid memory-like flashes suggesting past lives, and my body enveloped in "a large aura" as visibly seen three separate by different people, with one calling it an energy field of "intense love," which I did not see nor feel. When I made a wrong decision contrary to my initiation which i knew was "right," I noticed a strange tingling in my abdominal area that it was the wrong decision. 

I faced the choice of ignoring or rejecting these events as abnormalities that would be considered nonsensical or fantasies of a creative imagination, or embracing and encouraging them as a largely untapped potential inherent within humans that suggested humanity's potential into a far more aware and engaged consciousness beyond the bounds of ego. The latter would be done with an idealistic vision of Love and Peace, where I felt at home, a place in starry realms of unattainable joy and life lived beyond limits. I felt like a visitor to a small and violent planet, more akin to a Peter Pan without his bluster.

                                                THE UFO INTEREST & THE UFO MESSENGER

This is the 15-year period between my unusual experiences in the beautiful, inspiring 40-acre Enchanted Rainbow Forest of West Orange, when living in a shared rented house on the property, and later my breakthrough "contact" with a witness on an isolated road in Brewster, NY land in 1988 that led to the start of S.P.A.C.E. On the UFO front, on June 21, 1980, I attended James Moseley's annual National UFO Conference in 1980 at the Doral Inn in Manhattan featuring Betty Hill and Stanton Friedman (see conference ad and a newspaper article about the event below), Timothy Greene Beckley's UFO conference in an Upper East Side church in 1981, and a huge Hudson Valley UFO Sightings conference in North Brewster attended by 1,500 people in 1984 that included Dr. J. Allen Hynek, Philip Imbrogno and Peter Gersten. I read Budd Hopkins' "Missing Time" and Raymond Fowler's "Andreasson Affair" books, among several other UFO topic books. {I have complete notes of the event presenters.]

As for my external daily life, I worked in New Jersey at the nation's largest press clipping service company, rejected an offer for for a volunteer organizing position for a large peace and anti-nuclear NJ organization based on my previous peace work because I felt inadequate, attended Star Trek conventions, bought and read lots of fascinating and deep books, frequently visited art museums, and read "Astronomy," "Sky & Telescope," "Starlog" and "UFO Universe" magazines monthly. I saw lots of movies, followed the latest UFO news, enjoyed long tranquil and contemplative walks, practiced meditation and nonviolence, savored music, and was part of a "Seth Material" group. Ever shy, introverted and self-questioning, and unsure of myself, my abilities and worth, and forever homely, I had no more than a single handful of friends who were brilliant, kind and very informed. I was an ugly lone hermit in a vast crowd.

In May 1984 , when I started working as the full-time executive director of the nonprofit Metro-NYC SANE Peace Council, as mentioned here earlier, I coordinated the work of 10 city chapters as as the city membership grew from 6,000 to over 12,000 in the five years (until January 1989), and I worked for the council at its office in the Peace Suite in Soho. The growth was a result of increased public opposition to the nuclear arms race, the atomic war threat and later a merger between NYC SANE and the Downstate NY Nuclear Freeze Campaign. I was asked to help organizers in Riverdale in The Bronx and on Roosevelt Is;and to help create two new SANE chapters.

This job was the highlight of my life, since at age 22 when I applied for conscientious objector status while facing a possible court martial with a potential five year military stockade sentence for refusing orders, including not learning how to use a rifle, in the US Army, I dedicated my life to nonviolence and conflict resolution as an ambassador for peace, while respecting those who choose paths to peace through force for the good of society, as they believed, that I would not travel.

It was also during this time, in 1987, that a first-time UFO witness, surprised by her sighting over the New Jersey shore, came to me asking if she could use her filming experience to help end the USA-USSR atomic war threat after the UFO gave her a message to do so. I had then not found anybody to film the world's first international Atomic Radiation Victims Conference, a five day event in Manhattan near the United Nations building. With her request to work for peace, she did the job, after being sent to me by a UFO with a message given to her. This suggested a purposeful design by the UFO occupants. It was much like the warning messages about atomic war given to contactees in the 1950's, only this resulted in real life action.

Another joy was being the "Peace Talk" columnist writing weekly in the Brooklyn "Home Reporter" newspaper on its editorial and opinion pages from February 1984 to June 1989, covering, by timely coincidence, the five years I worked for the NYC SANE Peace Council. I was not paid for the column doing it on a voluntary basis for a local neighborhood peace group which suggested the column.That was okay for me.

In the last month of my peace work job in February 1989, only six months after my witnessing "grays" in Brewster, NY as well at a time of personal turmoil due to unkind trouble-makers, I had the pleasure of meeting WHITLEY and ANNE STRIEBER for the first time over lunch on Prince Street in Soho. Soon Whitley invited me to his first Communion Network Support Group meeting, for which I arranged the space, that May. Another one was held that October at which a guest was discovered to be secretly taping the meeting, without telling anybody what the guest was doing. I was blamed for the episode since the guest came with me to the meeting, and I was clueless of the breach of trust and completely innocent! In 1990, Strieber disbanded all 20 groups across the nation after a newspaper reporter infiltrated his group in California and published an incorrect article on Whitley. Slowly the seeds of S.P.A.C.E. were being planted for sowing it life in 1992.

The photo below was taken of me in May 1984, at my desk when I started working as the executive director for the metro-NYC office of the National Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy (SANE). I worked at this office on the north side of Madison Square Park until our office moved into the Peace Suite offices of various peace groups in Soho in 1985, the Peace Suite at 225 Lafayette Street at Spring Street, until the end of 1988.

Despite my long hours of hard work and organizing, and fulfilling a life's dream by putting my peace commitment to work, a few of the organizations' leaders intensely disliked me and forced me out of the job because I refused to be trained for the Vietnam War, or any war, when I was in the army facing harsh penalties, and for writing a weekly newspaper peace column (1984-1989), and also for working on a community-building organizing principle rather than a male hierarchical model that they preferred. This made no sense to me, since they headed a peace organization.

But the vast majority of SANE members in our city chapters and the grassroots supported my pacifist stance, my gentle Quaker/Zen-like persuasion communal ethics over male aggressiveness authority, and five years of working daily for a peaceful world.

From 1989 into early 2012, I worked as a full time staff general assignment reporter for a total of four Brooklyn weekly newspapers, other publications such the former National Guardian Radical Weekly, and the Brooklyn Daily Eagle newspaper, with a deadline every day, in the early 20th Century the nation's most popular newspaper. It was founded in 1841 and during that decade WALT WHITMAN was a reporter and editor at the Eagle. I have written nearly 10,000 newspaper articles, including columns, since 1984.

A video below is a remembrance by UFO topic journalist Antonio Huneeus of ufologist James Mosely of "Saucer News" and "Saucer Smear" who passed away a few years after over 50 years in the UFO field, holding national conferences from the 1960's into the 1990's, one of which I attended in 1980 at the Doral Inn in mid-town Manhattan, as posted above the video.

There are also some historical videos about banning above ground atomic bomb tests in the early 1960's, the main reason SANE was founded in 1957, as well as the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament in England at the same time. The CND invented the iconic peace symbol, and a member of NYC SANE knew the person responsible.When I was a junior in high school, I wrote a group of poems and stories for which I was honored with an award: books by famous Russian writers. One of the poems was about the dangers of atomic war. The first two videos are of a famous atomic bomb test at the Bikini Atoll in the South Pacific Ocean in mid-1946, the first A-bomb I remember from radio news, as I emerged from babyhood. It gave me my first remembered nightmare of a mushroom cloud followed by a covered wagon, symbolizing a more primitive civilization in a post-nuclear war era.

The illustration from UFO researcher Michael Hesemann of the undated "Fort Dix incident" at the U.S. Army basic training camp in Monmouth County, New Jersey, is of relevance here, since it was at Fort Dix where Egeln had a night-time fully conscious visionary experience of a peaceful and awesome journey through the cosmos in the summer of 1966, which may have been a UFO close encounter, or out-of-the-body experience. Egeln, after his general discharge under honorable conditions after 186 days in the Army, is shown below a few months after this very real incident of traveling among the stars. His public protest as a draftee soldier was perhaps the second such nationally publicized antiwar action with military ranks shortly after the well-known Fort Hood Three Vietnam War protest by soldiers who joined the Army on their own and trial, which was held when Egeln was in a "holding action" status at Fort Dix.

Below is a video of an television episode from the ABC-TV paranormal anthology series "One Step Beyond" episode titled "The Vision" broadcast on March 24, 1959, based on the several widely separated accounts by soldiers of different national armies in the Great War in Europe who saw, on November 14, 1915, a large luminous disc descending from the sky and hovering above them during battles, giving them each different peaceful visions of their homes, families and friends, probably holograms. The experience made them lay down their weapons and to renounce war.

Videos below are of some of anti-war protests in which Egeln participated and helped organize, on the local level with Essex County peace groups in New Jersey. Video clips above are of the efforts that led to the Partial Nuclear Test Ban Treaty of 1963 that banned A-bomb and H-bomb tests above ground, underwater and outer space which endangered populations from radioactive particles in the biosphere. Their is also a clip from the Woodstock Festival of August 1969 at which Egeln spent three whole days with friends who rented a VW van for the trip.  These are placed here to give a sense of his life's interests and activities in the context of his UFO contact experiences. The photo above is of Egeln, homely as ever at age 23, taken just three months after his discharge under honorable conditions from the U.S. Army for opposing the Vietnam War and the war culture, standing on conscience and themoral positions of nonviolence, doing no harm to others, the power of love and energy of gentleness, and opposing organized violence and the forces of senseless competition.

The blurry photos of BETTY HILL and STANTON FREIDMAN below that I took with my Brownie camera are from the above noted National UFO Conference, held annually throughout the country by JAMES MOSELEY since the 1960's, in Manhattan in 1980. It was his second conference in NYC, but although it had a good turnout, it was far below the thousands that swamped the now legendary 1967 conference Hotel Commodore by Grand Central Station. A few S.P.A.C.E. participants were at that first conference. 

The illustration above is the front cover of the booklet for the NATIONAL UFO & NEW AGE CONFERENCE of Sept. 26-27, 1981, held at Christ Church auditorium on Park Ave. in Manhattan organized by TIMOTHY GREEN, then editor and publisher of "UFO REVIEW" magazine, BECKLEY, which I mentioned in an above text. Among the speakers of note were GRAY BARKER, TIM BECKLEY, JOHN KEEL, JIM MOSELEY, DR. FRANK STRANGES, JUNE ALLYSON, plus eight others, including WITCH HAZEL. When contactee Stranges spoke about long-haired human-like peaceful space people, a boy spotted me, with my long hair, and excitedly told his mother, "Looking, mommy, he's a spaceman!" I moved to another row. -- Harold Egeln 


                             GNOMES WALKING UNDER A NEW JERSEY WATERFALL, MAY 1970

                                                                    by HAROLD EGELN

On a weekend night around May Day and Walpurgis Night in 1970, while living in East Orange, NJ, friends of mine invited me for a midnight camp-out trip into the South Mountain Reservation in western Essex County, a huge public woodland nature preserve used by hikers, usually not at night. We camped out on a hilltop overlooking Hemlock Falls, a waterfall that flew into a stream below. (recent video clip above)

Some time around midnight we heard activity below where the waterfall cascaded into the stream, which was out of our sight, and somebody said, fearful of trouble, "Let's get out of here fast." They hurriedly packed up and ran over the waterfall overlook without looking day, running for a path that led to the parking lot where the car was. I was the last to leave.

Curious, I peeked down the waterfall overlook and got the surprise of my life. Strolling in a line on the shallow stream after going under a small footbridge were what clearly looked like gnomes, each carrying a lighted lantern and wearing pointy hats, looking straight ahead towards the waterfall. It was a charming, peaceful and wonderful sight, and each of the small men were obviously what they were, and dwarf-sized humans performing a ritual.

I was amazed and in a state of wonderment, being quiet so not to disturb them, respecting them. Then I glanced up and about a dozen feet from me was a black horse with a rider all in black and a hood on its head, holding a long stick-like rod. Both the rider and horse were looking intensely at me, and their eyes glowed a bright green.

Startled and fearful, and even now chilled as I write this account on June 27, 2014, I ran off at high speed towards the path to the parking lot, arriving at the car before my friends, who fled on the same path I ran, arrived. The waterfall gnome sighting, totally unexpected, was truly magical and impossible by rational world standards of reality, while their apparent lone dark horse rider guardian gave me the willies.

This incident, which was real and not imaged or hallucinated, was 16 years before my sighting, with a witness, of five :grays" in the woods by Cronton Falls Reservoir off Upper Magnetic Mine (Reservoir) Road in rural Brewster, NY after midnight on August 14, 1988.

                                                              PASSPORT TO MAGONIA

With the advent of S.P.A.C.E. in the 1990's, I heard of two accounts, given to me outside of our group, by reputable people sighting gnomes. One person awoke at night in his apartment and saw gnomes sitting at points around his bedroom staring at him. He said that he was not afraid nor felt threatened by them. They just faded peacefully away.

Another person reported to me that while riding a city bus pass a local park, she saw a gnome emerge from the bushes and trees and stare directly at her, as if he sought her out for the morning workday commute sighting. "Harold, it definitely was not a small man dressed in a costume. It was a real gnome."

Yet another person, camping out in upstate New York told me that while sleeping in his tent on a midsummer night, he was awakened by noise and movement outside his tent. Nearby he was surprised to see what looked exactly like fairies dancing happily in a circle. Then a fairy looked his way, staring directly at him with a look, he said, that he was not supposed to witness them and their fairy dance. In respect to the fairies, which he never expected to see, he closed his tent's opening and went back to sleep in wonderment, moving his tent this next day to another location.

In October 1997 while I was out on Long Island speaking at an Eyes of Learning UFO Conference in Hicksville, a friend staying at my place went to get some clothes out of one of my bedroom closets. He was startled to suddenly see a winged fairy flutter out of the closet, looking at my him in surprise, and quickly diving through - not into - a pile of clothes.

It was if I in 1970, and three other people in the 1990's, had visas for Magonia, a legendary fairy and elf realm which Dr. Jacques Vallee in his 1969 book "PASSPORT TO MAGONIA" compared to the realm of modern-day UFO contacts with similarities between old-time folklore accounts of what people really reported witnessing and current UFO occupant witness reports, such as missing time episodes, kidnapping and space/time displacements.

Below there is a photo-scan of Vallee's original hardcover edition "PASSPORT TO MAGONIA: From Folklore to Flying Saucers" published in 1969 by the Henry Regenery Company. The second half of the book is a large Appendix titled "A CENTURY OF UFO LANDINGS (1868-1968)" with an extensive list of those landing reports.

For the record, neither I nor the other witnesses mentioned here saw gnomes or elves before their sightings nor since the sightings, all one-time events, as far as I know. Unlike numerous UFO occupant encounters, these "Magonia" sightings were usually one-time events, suggesting chance encountersrather than the often deliberately planned close encounters. 



My key seminal UFO abduction visitation event happened at 3:00 a.m. on December 5, 1972 while halfway through my year-long residency at the rented house I shared with other people on the 40-acres of forest land in West Orange, New Jersey, once the home site of 19th Century New Jersey Governor, George McClellan, the Civil War Union Army general who was the Democrat Party's presidential pro-peace candidate opposing President Abraham Lincoln in the 1864 election.

My hand-drawn map on top of this webpage of the "Enchanted Rainbow Forest" that was discovered 40 years later upon a Sierra Club survey to be an unprotected and endangered Old-Growth Forest and home to rare species shows where my seminal UFO abduction/visitation occurred. I was taken from the house and brought to the forest central "Amazing Meadow" area where a dark UFO hovered above and where I was floated into the craft.

The photo-scan of my article about that event is posted below after the Vallee book cover, and it appeared on page three of the December 1992 print edition of the "S.P.A.C.E. NEWSLETTER" titled then as "THE HOUR OF THE WOLF, SCREEN MEMORIES AND AN ALIEN INTRUSION." This was the incident that made me write BUDD HOPKINS and WHITLEY STRIEBER after the publication of their books "INTRUDERS" and "COMMUNION" that awakened me to my possible personal connection with UFO occupants, and in March 1992, to the founding of S.P.A.C.E.

The newsletter page also has a NEW YORKER magazine article showing a husband being abducted by space aliens on the night that "The Murphy Brown" starring Candace Bergen was about the birth of Brown's baby. The episode happened to be on the second night of the two-part "INTRUDERS" TV movie, in conflict with its showing. There is also a S.P.A.C.E. "MEDIA WATCH" article on "THE UFO EXPERIENCER & EXPERIENCE ON TELEVISION/"

                                                              Hemlock Falls Videos

Below are three recent short videos, taken by different hikers, of Hemlock Falls in South Mountain Reservation. The first shows the footbridge over the stream that flows from the waterfall. The second video, taken in 2009 and with the beautiful music of Aaron Copeland, gives a fuller wraparound view of the waterfall, giving a visual aide to the place where I saw the gnomes in May 1970 and shows the cliff from which I witnessed them. The third video, from 2010, gives a complete video tour of the Hemlock Falls region.

Recent video clip above shows the small foot bridge under which the gnomes walked under in the shallow stream towards Hemlock Falls. The clip below is of the cliff edge where I stood at midnight and looked below on the bearded gnomes in a single file procession and holding lanterns walking towards the waterfall. 

Photo below is of "The Gnome Home" set constructed by Egeln, circa 1980, a "Gnomes" kit (the kit box top is shown above home) from the then best selling book "Gnomes." Below are videos of JACQUES VALLEE pertaining to MAGONIA and how fairy lore compares to modern day UFO occupants activity reports.

It is important to state here that sightings of gnomes, fairies and other such beings are usually one-time experiences (with some exceptions), unlike the recurrent episodes with UFO nonhuman occupants. They may share some similar characteristics, such as missing time or timelessness events, abductions and changelings aka hybrids.

The photo above is of the isolated $400 rented house, once a servants cottage near the lost mansion, I lived in and shared with housemates in West Orange from June 1972 to May 1973. My bedroom windows are the first two above the house entrance, from where I had a view of the Enchanted Rainbow Forest, as I named it. Below is a photo gallery album and slide show of pictures I took with my boyhood Brownie-Kodak 620 film camera in May 1973 of some selected scenes of the 40-acres woodlands. To view the photos as a slide show, click the first photo and it will enlarge, and a posting marked "NEXT" will let you see the following and subsequent photos. A film record of the entire forest was made in July 1973, three months after I left and returned to East Orange, by a friend who I lost touch with and, therefore, I do not have that film. -- Harold Egeln 

The poem above was written and published by a friend I had at the time I lived in the house in the West Orange old-growth forest. I placed in in a photo album of my forest photos then, since I felt it conveyed some of my feelings back then about the forest, the connection with the cosmos I felt and the communion with both Earth and space. -- Harold

A CLOSE ENCOUNTER OF THE ART KIND: The photo below is of Harold Egeln standing underneath a landed UFO sculpture at a public outdoor sculpture show at Wave Hill in the Bronx in 1980. There is a webpage on this site about UFO close encounter artists,

                             MY "LUCID DREAM" OF A UFO STEALTH CONTACT, FEBRUARY 1980

                                                                   by HAROLD EGELN

In FEBRUARY 1980 I struck a Hamlet-like pose with a skull, always in a "to be or not to be frame of mind" of living with circumstances and choices, in my place in Bloomfield, NJ.This was soon after I had what I thought was an out-of-the-body-experience (OBE) that seemed to be a prelude to a near-death-experience (NDE). During the night I half-awoke and "heard" something like many radio stations playing at the same time, and his body tingled, leading to this "OBE" state that was followed by a lucid dream of being aboard a UFO with "space aliens" beckoning me to a tube filled with energy or "fluid air." They seemed friendly, meaning no harm. To my right I noted a "console." In the morning I told my room-mate about this experience and drew the sketch shown below as "FEB. 1980 "Dream."

This followed a close encounter of the fifth kind car journey with three friends to northwest New Jersey. One friend, who I met at a "Seth Group" in Manhattan a year before, was a psychic and strongly felt that I was a visitor from another world incarnated in a human body for a specific reason. Although lways feeling like "a stranger in a strange land," I did not accept her statement.

The CE-5 was attempted at her urging, so convinced that was an "ambassador from space" and this was eight years before she would be a witness to a successful CE-5 in Brewster, NY on Reservoir Road. Nothing happened at the CE-5 attempt in Feb. 1980, upsetting her. But while driving to the site, the car windshield wipers went on by themselves, even though there was no rain on a clear night. And then the metal wipers bent!

This was within the month I had this OBE-Lucid Dream "abduction or stealth visitation." Soon after that I developed a red rash on both cheeks, that would appear every once in a while and was treated with a cream from my dermatologist . By the mid-the 1980's the rash breakouts had stopped. But under hypnosis in a session with DR. JEAN MUNDY in late 1988 in an attempt to "recall" more details about this Feb. 1980 "dream," the red rash appeared while I was experiencing hypnosis. Upon coming out, Dr. Mundy said that she noticed the reddening rash, and it vanished as I "awoke.

                                                        THE DECEMBER 8, 1995 UFO SIGHTINGS

There is an account I wrote about the UFO orb-UFOs incidents of December 8, 1995, one showing up on a newspaper work assignment photo I took of a blue blob over an angel figurine at a Christmas Natvity manger scene at the Visitation School and Nunnery in Bay Ridge, not seen when I took the photo, but showing up in the photo below, and later that evening the UFO sightings I had with two witnesses in Manhattan over West 57th Street at Ninth Avenue, where these illuminated blobs, clearly visible to me and two other witnesses and just like the one visible in the photo below, moved gracefully in the sky over the buildings. A man, entering the subway at Ninth Street, seeing us looking up, looked up himself and said, "Flying Saucers!"

The manager scene on the Visitation Academy grounds, is near a statue of the Our Lady of Fatima figures, with statues of the three children and "the lady" witnessed in 1917, with the final sighting in October 1917 ny many thousands, as it stopped raining, a clearing in the clouds appeared and a disc-shaped object emerged, with many faithful characters thinking it was the Sun. The dancing disc was seen many miles away, too, before the rain started again, and was photographed. The photo below, apparently of a UFO we would see among other UFOs, much like the Fatima object, in Manhattan later that evening, was a UFO-synchronicity. 


In July of 1988, I met and had my first hypnosis session with DR. JEAN MUNDY, a clinical therapist assigned to St. Vincent's Hospital for evaluating patients for 20 years, in her Greenwich Village office apartment. I was referred to her by BUDD HOPKINS, who I wrote to in 1987, after the publication of his "INTRUDERS" book about my possible UFO close encounters. Under hypnosis I recounted a narrative of being taken out of my bedroom in the house in the woods in West Orange, NJ at 3 a.m. on December 5, 1972, accompanied by nonhuman entities and I was floated up into a UFO at an open meadows in the center of the old-growth forest, taken into a room where entities checked on my mental state after a recent car accident I was in, unhurt but depressed by the experience. Upon coming out of hypnosis, I told Dr. Mundy that the account did not seem real to me.

Ithen hurried to Theater 80 on  St. Marks Place in the East Village to watch, for the first time on a big cinema screen rather than on a TV set, one of my favorite movies, "Lost Horizon" from 1937 by FRANK CAPRA. It was about a diplomat on a peace mission in a war-torn world, kidnapped with fleeing war refugees on an airplane by a mysterious Asian pilot, and then taken to the legendary Shangri-La, a idyllic peaceful place set among the planet's highest mountain range in Tibet, a world apart from war, conflict, meanness and competition. It was the showing of this movie, after the hypnosis session, that I think opened the door within a few weeks time to my first peaceful close encounter of the fifth kind in the Brewster, NY woods on August 14, 1988, as recounted below. -- Harold Egeln


                        MY CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE FIFTH KIND, IN BREWSTER, NY, 1988 & 1991

                                                             by HAROLD EGELN

On the night of August 15, 1988, I had my first consciously awaken real-time witness contact, by my own choice, of five UFO nonhuman occupants off Reservoir (Upper Magnetic Mine) Road in Brewster, NY, with one witness after midnight on August 14, 1988, and I again had another close encounter of the fifth kind there on the night of May 27, 1991 with three other witnesses. I made both black-and-white and color drawings of the two events in his proactive "outreach" CE-5 approach to the UFO contact experience, an approach that became a major component of S.P.A.C.E. and its CE-5 Away Teams in the 1990's and early 2000's.

The first two drawings in the photo album are of the August 14, 1988 incident and the rest are of the May 27, 1991 incident. The last row of album photos are stills from a Canadian paranormal TV series episode of "Creepy Canada" from a few years ago about the Hudson Valley UFO sightings and the stone chambers. The program featured PHIL IMBROGNO and recreations by witnesses of various strange events they witnessed. There was a segment in which I recreated his sighting, as an "actor" playing myself, with a witness of nonhuman entities on the night of August 14, 1988 in Brewster. Two of the stills are enlarged below, one of the interview and the other of looking out to where I saw the non-threatening entities. Above this text are my first sketches made on May 28, 1991, one the day after the May 27, 1991 CE-5, with the account of that night above that from the original S.P.A.C.E. Website..

My artwork of the two open close encounters are posted in the photo album above, from scene clips in "The Stone Chambers" by movie-maker and S.P.A.C.E participant CAROLYN BARNES, who was one of the leaders of S.P.A.C.E. and a host to many of its meetings.

Above is a clip from the 2007 "STONE CHAMBERS" TV documentary, thanks to PHIL IMBROGNO, of my interview about my UFO occupant sighting in Brewster, NY on the night of August 14, 1988. In the photo below taken on May 18, 2014, I sit on the far right at The Little Poland restaurant on Second Avenue in the East Village, NYC. Sitting next to me is UFO educator ED MARTIN, who arranged our "GEORGE ADAMSKI REVISITED S.P.A.C.E. SEMINAR" for that evening, with guest speaker, across the table on the left, GLENN STECKLING, director of the worldwide George Adamski Foundation based in southern California, founded by his parents in 1965 after Adamski's death on April 23, 1965. Here, over half-a-century since I corresponded as a boy with Adamski, a connection, once broken and forbidden by school officials, is re-established and renewed in person. Steckling knew Adamski as a boy himself through his parents' friendship with the famous contactee in the 1960's.... Resilience over the odds and obstacles, as DR. JOHN MACK told me 14 years ago at a BUDD HOPKINS INTRUDERS FOUNDATION CONFERENCE at the Hall of Science, continues to work in my life. --- Harold Egeln

Below is a photo of one of my many dioramas of collected artifacts in my own personal museum. -- Harold Egeln