The "PARADISE REGAINED" painting shown aboveis by C. BANGS for a 2010 book by two scientists with that title. Her artworks combine art with science, offering a hopeful vision of an endangered Earth environment restored as humanity travels frequently through vigorous and peaceful space projects, with a safe and healthy revitalized home-world secured. This is also the focus of the new Hollywood movie "INTERSTELLAR" that debuted in cinemas nationwide on November 5, set on a depopulated Earth devastated by an environmental calamity through global inaction and neglect, dooming humankind, as space scientists launch a desperate astronaut star-ship mission to find another habitable planet among the stars for humanity to continue after they received a mysterious signal from outer space. The beautiful LOUIS ARMSTRONG song from the 1960's and DR. JOHN MACK's warning in 1990 on environmental decay and human inaction, just before he met BUDD HOPKINS and got involved in Ufology, sets the stage for this webpage, looking at how the environmental message aspect of UFO occupant contact, such as dramatically experienced 20 years agoby school children in 1994 at the Ariel School in Zimbawa, strongly suggests an area of dire interest from the UFO contact sources.

                                                      RED FLAGS ON THE BLUE-GREEN SPACESHIP EARTH

"The number of chemicals contaminating our environment is growing at an exponential rate, scientists say," from U.S. Geological Survey researchers.  "'The growth of the list is eye-popping, with approximately 15,000 new chemicals and biological sequences added every day,'" said Dr. Gerald Schnoor (the editor in chief of "Science & Technology" magazine in an essay, as stated in The New York Times "Science Times" article "An Ecosystem Mystery: What Is It?" by Deborah Blum. (9/30/14)........... "The savage heat waves that struck Australia last year were almost certainly a direct consequence of greenhouse gases released by human activity, (five groups) of researchers said on Monday.  It is perhaps the most definite statement climate scientists have made tying a specific weather event to global warming," wrote reporter Justin Gillis in a front page article in The New York Times on 9/30/14.......... "I was shocked by what I saw in the seas, and by what I didn't see," Lewis Pugh, the United Nations Patron of Oceans, wrote in a NY Times op-ed piece "Swimming Through Garbage" on 9/29/14 about his recent scientific observer swims in seven seas worldwide/ "I saw no sharks, no whales, no dolphins. I saw no fish longer than 11 inches... When I swam the Aegean, the sea was covered with litter; I saw tires and plastic bags bottles, cans, shoes and clothing.

The new "INTERSTELLAR" movie, opening nationwide on November7, features a plot involving Earth's dying biosphere and life support system in the near-future and the emergency spaceflight of an interstellar spaceship from Earth to find another habitable planet for humanity to escape to, settle on, and to help continue the human species elsewhere in outer space. 

The movie "Knowing" from a few years ago, starring Nicolas Cage as an astrophysicist college instructor, involving the end of the world due to an unusual solar flare that would interact with otherwise unaffected subatomic particles, causing the fiery destruction of the Earth and all life on it. However, there was the presence on Earth of secretive otherworldly beings before that, and in the end, selected children around the world were taken by them in spaceships to a safe and beautiful world to save the children for habitation on that worlf before our solar system, as depicted in the movie clips shown below.    


The top artwork is a collage created by close encounter experiencer HAROLD EGELN while living, from June 1972 to May 1973, in a rented house set within 40-acres of a fantastic woodland and old cultivated gardens in West Orange, New Jersey. A Nature lover since childhood, he was first concerned then about air smog pollution, rampant in the early 1950 as reported on TV newscasts, when as a young boy in early December 1952, he watched TV reports and read newspapers about 12,000 Londoners killed by the "Great London Smog of 1952" from December 4th to 9th. (England passed its Clear Air Act in 1956).

As a boy, he was deeply concerned by the atomic war threat, with a clear memory at age three of an atom bomb test at Bikini Atoll in the Pacific, as reported on radio news. He lived through the"duck and cover" exercises in his schools and air raid tests that forced people off streets, and about the numerous above ground, open air atomic bomb tests in Nevada spewing radioactivity across the country and into the nation's milk source in the 1950's (he clipped the one-page ad by the newly formed National Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy (SANE) in the NY Times of Nov. 15, 1957). As a teen, he knew about Rachel Carson's 1962 "Silent Spring" book about ground and water pollution due to harmful bio-chemicals.

He was involved with planning the first Earth Day in Newark, NJ in 1970. In 1972 and 1973, he became very familiar with the 40 acres of remarkable woodlands in West Orange (about a mile from Pleasant Valley, made famous by The Monkees' song "Pleasant Valley Sunday" in the 1960;s), not realizing then that it was an unknown old-growth forest, declared as such in 2003 after a Sierra Club survey in that year. He and other visitors to the woods and the house experienced unusual mysterious events of a paranormal kind. In the 1980;s Egeln suspected that they may have been caused by close encounter experiences with at least one or two UFO abductions he appeared to have.

                                              THE ENVIRONMENTAL ASPECT OF CLOSE ENCOUNTERS

The environmental context has long been with the UFO experience, from contactees such as George Adamski given warnings about nuclear weapons in the 1950's to the Ariel School UFO contact by non-humans with children in Zimbabwa in September 1994, a case investigated by DR. JOHN MACK and his colleagues soon after and now the subject of a new movie by NYC resident movie-maker and photographer RANDALL NICKERSON. Many UFO abductees and contactees have reporting the dangers humans pose to the Earth's biosphere, whether or not they had a pre-contact interest in the subject.

In his 1999 "Passport to the Cosmos: Human Transformation and Alien Abduction" book, Dr. Mack discusses the eco-contact aspect of close encounters in chapter five: "Protecting the Earth." He tells how he first became of aware of this aspect in 1990 while working with an abductee, and then others followed with environmental dangers information and warnings through their alien encounters, some turning to eco-activism. "One effect of the encounters is to leave abductees with a sense of the interdependence of living things and the delicate balance of nature,," Dr. Mack wrote. By chapter's end, he refers to the hybrid aspect of abductions as researched by Budd Hopkins, and making the connection between eco-concerns and the alien-human hybrid project (a major focus of Dr. David Jacobs), Dr. Mack sets the stage for chapter six, "The Hybrid 'Project.'" "I have come to increasing see this hybrid 'project' in the context of the growing ecological crisis that the human species has wrought upon the Earth."

In a two-part "Eco-Frontier" column Egeln wrote in the "Downtown -- Counter-Culture for the 1990's"biweekly newspaper around 1993-94, he dealt deeply with this subject, referring to the work of Hopkins, Jacobs and Mack on hybrids, along with non-UFO related international scientific research on the declining male sperm count worldwide.

In her book "They Know Us Better Than We Know Ourselves: The History and Politics of Alien Abduction" (NYU Press, 2007), Bridget Brown, PhD., extensively wrote about S.P.A.C.E. and the Hopkins abductees, among others, mixing facts with distortions due to misunderstandings. She mistook Egeln's environmental interests totally out of context because of poor research: "Like other abductees, Henry (Harold) reacts to real environmental threats and crises but attributes them, or his knowledge of them, to aliens." Not True! That gross inaccuracy, due to misunderstanding my statements, totally ignored my own eco-awareness developed through real-life events and concerns, since age seven, from human experience, without any intervention needed from "aliens" to move me into eco-awareness and action! She also misrepresented Egeln's leaving his job for the NY SANE Peace Council after five years because of flagging public interest in the nuclear war and power threats, when the city's NY-SANE membership soared to 13,000, when he was actually replaced by a fundraiser rather than a grassroots activist, which he was, as NY-SANE merged with the Nuclear Freeze Campaign in the city. This led to the incorrect impression that Egeln was giving up his nuke interest (not true) and replacing it with an environmental interest manipulated by his "alien abductors." His eco-interests were inherently his own and growing as the prognosis of Earth's environmental state worsened.

Which brings a warning here to other experiencers: be very careful of people studying us from outside our experience. They may get some things right, which is great, but when they get it wrong, it's a "dosey" of an error. The Brown book, overall, gave a false slant to the truth behind UFO close encounters and its witnesses, while getting some things right, to her credit.

Below is a drawing by James Lefante, an abductee who worked with Budd Hopkins, showing Earth on a screen during an alien meeting he saw in the UFO's "Council Room," as recalled under hypnosis. The drawing is from a feature article in the "South Shore Record" Long Island newspaper of November 1, 1990 - "Abducted by Aliens... Local Man Speaks Out" by Harriet Lessor. Like with some abductees, "aliens" use this Earth image to say that they consider the Earth a living being, as in scientist James Lovelock's "Gaia Theory," and they say that they are concerned about how humanity is drastically altering its ecosystems, threatening planetary health and the fate of their island oasis in space.


"Mankind will become sterile. They will not be able to produce because of the pollution of the land and the waters and the air..." said Betty Andreasson Luca of the "watchers" (ETs) message to her during an abduction in 1973 when she was 36 as recalled later during hypnosis. This is from Raymond Fowler's book, "The Watchers: The Secret Design Behind Alien Abduction" (Bantam Books, 1990), one of a series on "the Andreasson Affair." Of the thrust of all her encounters, Fowler remarked, "The message had been there all along but had not become obvious to me at all until it was juxtaposed against the stark background of the IMPENDING EXTINCTION OF MAN!" (Fowler's emphasis).

In June 2014, from a non-UFO source, the most somber warning about the fate of the Earth under human-made biosphere carbon-induced climate change came from a stark scientific report, widely publicized around the globe. The report, "The Arctic Atmospheric 'Methane Global Warming Veil' -- Its Origins in the Arctic Sub-sea and Mantle and the Timing of the Global Extermination Event of 2040-2050: A Review" was published by scientists Dr. Malcolm Light, Harold Hansel and Sam Carana. There is an excellent article about this on Whitley Strieber's website in its News Stories section of June 20, 2014: "Weekender: Scientists Predict Mass Extinction Within 30 Years - How Can We Change this Outcome?" [www.unknowncountry.com]. For the full report abstract, click: http://arctic-news.blogspot.com/2014/06/arctic-atmospheric-methane-global-warming-veil.html.

"Humanity has signed its death warrant our final extinction will be carried out by Mother Earth in the next 30 to 40 years unless we immediately take extremely drastic action to entirely curb our carbon dioxide pollution, eliminate large quantities of methane from the sub-sea Arctic Ocean seawater and atmosphere and revert completely to renewable energy," the study was quoted. Given the current state of world affairs, it is most likely not going to happen. The U.N. Climate Summit opens at the United Nations here in NYC on September 23, 2014. Science reporter Elizabeth Kolbert, a staff writer for The New Yorker Magazine, recently published her book "The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History" (Henry Holt, 2014) that predicts the mass extinction of species by 20 to 50 percent by the end of this century.

This webpage will highlight some more Eco-UFO-Contacts incidents and their implications, as Dr. Mack realized and as Harold Egeln wrote in his biweekly Eco-Frontier newspaper columns from 1992 to 1995, a photo of one which is shown here, in part, published in the "Downtown: Counter-Culture for the 1990's" biweekly alternative newspaper, published by the late James Resenbrink who founded "The Aquarian Weekly" in 1969. Egeln also had environmental websites from 2004 through 2013, the "Astro-Gaia News of NYC," a combo of space exploration and eco-news, and "The Home Planet Report" exclusively reporting on eco-news. action and books, with both links and his original reporting on the site, including his "Brooklyn Daily Eagle" newspaper eco-articles. 

Below are several public YouTube videos related to environmental dangers and issues, some to the close encounter connection as in the Ariel School UFO occupant contact with children in 1995, leading off, to scientific warnings, and the eco-psychology concept of reconnecting human consciousness to Nature, longrecognized by native peoples worldwide and by extension, to the cosmos.