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"SIN THESIS" AUTHOR ROBERT TORRES, UFO & PARANORMAL ENCOUNTER EXPERIENCER, GIVES US AN EXTRAORDINARY "TEXTBOOK" -- A REVIEW BY HAROLD EGELN OF AN ESSENTIAL INSIDER'S STORY -- Review was posted above on November 23, 2014. Click on file link above for the review. Also, Click link below for a Torres' "THREE STRANGE EXTRATERRESTRIAL ENCOUNTERS" account, posted here in October.

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"THINGS SEEN AND UNSEEN - My Visible and Invisible Life Story" Review by Harold Egeln of LORIE BARNES' Book -- Click link below: 

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ALAN RUSSELL WHITE, a UFO contact experiencer and S.P.A.C.E. participant, holds up his "THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF AN EXTRATERRESTRIAL EXPERIENCER" at a book-signing talk at the A.R.E. Center in Manhattan a few years ago. White, a songwriter and performer, achieved fame in the 1960's with his hit song "After the Lights Go Down Low" made famous by Al Hibbler in the 1960's and now sung by Catherine Russell in her new 2014 album "Bring It Back." The N.Y. Post newspaper had in 2000 a front page news story in a Sunday issue on White and his $99 rented apartment on Manhattan's Upper West Side, with the rent remaining the same throughout his time as a tenant, and overcoming a challenge to end the original lease agreement. In the article, White's UFO experiences were mentioned. The article generated national and global interest, attracting the attention of BBC News and a Japanese magazine which published an article on White and his book. 

'ALIEN SCRIPTURES" by REV. MICHAEL CARTER: The back and front covers of UFO experiencer and S.P.A.C.E. participant REV. MICHAEL J. CARTER's book "ALIEN SCRIPTURES: Extraterrestrials in the Holy Bible." Rev. Carter, a Unitarian minister who wrote his thesis that became his book at Union Theological Seminar in NYC appears regularly on The History Channel's "Ancient Aliens" series and is a frequent popular radio guest, interviewed by WHITLEY and ANNE STRIEBER, SHIRLEY MACLAINE, GEORGE NOORY, among many others, and he appeared in "The Abduction Diaries" program on the Sci-Fi Channel in connection with "STEVEN SPIELBERG Presents TAKEN" six-part television series. Rev. Carter, a Baltimore native, living in NYC from 1980 until 2005 when he moved to Asheville, North Carolina. His latest radio interview was on the "Restricted Airspace" program in Nevada, interviewed by TINA MARIE CROUETTE, herself a UFO abductee who has written two sci-fi novels based on her true life experiences, and she is writing a memoir about her abductions. The archived interview can be heard at

"THE PAINTINGS OF AN OTHERWORLD by DAVID HUGGINS" in "LOVE IN AN ALIEN PURGATORY" by FARAH YURDOZU: Shown here are the front and back covers of Turkish-American UFO researcher, author and "UFO Magazine" columnist FARAH YURDOZU's book "Love in an Alien Purgatory: The Life and Fantastic Life of David Huggins" with the "Paintings of an Otherworld" by DAVID HUGGINS, supported by S.P.A.C.E. He had a joint UFO art exhibition with BETTY ANDREASSON-LUCA (of RAY FOWLER's books) with a total of 90 artists in "Angels and Aliens" at the American Museum of Visionary Art in Baltimore, Maryland in 1999-2000.

As noted, REV. CARTER and WHITE have participated in S.P.A.C.E., and HUGGINS and YURDOZU (who interviewed HAROLD EGELN on The JERRY PIPPIN radio show) have been supported by S.P.A.C.E. in their work.

                                               ABOUT THE WEBPAGE INTRO VIDEO:

"THINGS SEEN AND UNSEEN" by LORIE BARNES: Longtime NYC resident, retired performer and lifelong experiencer LORIE BARNES, who left the city this year and who also participated in S.P.A.C.E., had her e-book "Things Seen and Unseen: My Visible and Invisible Life Story" published by Smashwords in September 2012, with an introduction by WHITLEY STRIEBER. It was reviewed this year by Harold Egeln, and his review can be found in the New Realities UFO section (, in WHITLEY STRIEBER'S Unknown Country website's Insight section (, and on the "UFO Digest" website (, placed there by UFO researcher ROBERT MORNINGSTAR of book promo video.

Barnes, seen in the intro video from 2012at the beginning of this webpage, was hired by Whitley Strieber in 1987 to work as his secretary with ANNE STRIEBER in sorting out the avalanche of mail resulting in the publication of the best-selling "Communion - A True Story" in January of that year. In the autumn of 1987, Barnes appeared with Whitley Strieber and a Brooklyn UFO abductee on REGIS PHILBIN's ABC-TV morning show. Egeln wrote an article about Barnes in the "Home Reporter" weekly newspaper, where he was a staff reporter back then, in Brooklyn in October 1989. The e-book's front cover is shown above, and photos of the author, in 2012 and in a publicity photo early in her performance career, are shown below. They are from a video, created and produced by DUB-L VIDEOS, made as a book promo trailer, with Strieber interviewing Barnes, which can be found on YouTube.

THE "PROJECT WONDERLAND UFO CHRONICLES: SYNCHRONICITY & HIGH STRANGENESS CONTACT" by HAROLD EGELN: The original Web-TV S.P.A.C.E. website was home to the "Project Wonderland UFO Chronicles: The 'WOW!' Contact" free e-book, a S.P.A.C.E. publication of a five volume, 50 chapter e-journal by HAROLD EGELN co-authored by ANDERS VON BERGEN of Finland and "GARY" of England, with several close encounter experiencers who related their episodes of synchronicity in the context of the rabbit trickster, UFO sightings, abductions and contacts, presented in an "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" context mixed with the latest cosmology and quantum science discoveries and theories. The book is no longer available since the demise of the MSN Web-TV service on Oct. 1, 2013, and about half of it survives only in a printout form, the rest suspended in a cyber-space storage cloud and unable to be retrieved.

Countless other authors have been or are NYC residents, including BUDD HOPKINS, JOHN KEEL, WHITLEY STRIEBER, MICHAEL LUCKMAN, MICHAEL MANNION, EUGENIA MACER-STORY, JEREMY VAENI, COMBUSTIVE MOTOR CORPORATION (a photo-art collective in Brooklyn) and BRIDGET BROWN. From the mid-1950's to the mid-1970's NYC was home to the FLYING SAUCER NEWS BOOKSTORE, owned by JAMES RIGBERG, on West 45th Street in the city's Times Square theater district. Since 2000, NYC is home to THE FLYING SAUCER CAFE on Atlantic Avenue just west of Third Avenue in Brooklyn, where S.P.A.C.E. helped the cafe a UFO-themed movie series and UFO Experiencers Speak program in 2000.




    ***** "Well, who you gonna believe, me or your own eyes?" -Chico Marx in the movie "Duck Soup." *****

OUTSIDER COMES INSIDE S.P.A.C.E.: Commentary by Harold Egeln -- The book cover at the bottom for "THEY KNOW US BETTER THAN WE KNOW OURSELVES: THE HISTORY AND POLITICS OF ALIEN ABDUCTION" (New York University Press, 2007) by BRIDGET BROWN, is a book that prominently focuses on S.P.A.C.E. and BUDD HOPKINS, and 11 close encounter experiencers from both support groups. It frames its thesis on a noble and seemingly valid but off-the-mark premise: "The alien abduction phenomenon helps us think about how people who feel left out create their own stories and fashion truths that square with their own experiences of the world," states the book's blurb, adding that people who feel "divested" about reality and truth about themselves and the world create a belief system based on how popular culture, in the media and movies, portrays extraterrestrials.

While Brown, a non-UFO experiencer with an obviously sincere interest in UFOs and alien abduction, approached the subject with respect for the abductees and was invited, by our consent, to attend one of our S/P.A.C.E. support group meetings in 1999, accurately describing the gathering, she based her premise that the contact experience emerges from our own belief needs rather than on real time, real concrete experiences, which they are, giving us knowledge of the reality, although strange, of nonhuman intervention in our lives. "I do not believe in aliens," Brown states firmly in her Introduction.

While she accurately reports on many of the things I mentioned when she interviewed me in May 1999, Brown also misinterpreted, misstated and took out of context several things I told her, demonstrating faulty listening skills and a shunning of the necessary follow-up journalistic fact-checking process that I have done professionally in the 10,000 some newspaper articles I have written. She was completely off the wall by mentioning that I believe in a "god-like hierarchy" of aliens, which I do not, and if she really did research on my full life, w rich with tough and inspiring life experiences and brimming with tough challenges to be met and overcomed, beyond the context of UFOs she would have learned how much I detest and resist hierarchies and "god-like" systems.

While overall Brown did good work in a tough field filled with misinformation, disinformation, in-fighting, both gullibility and critical deep thinking, facts and falsehoods, and a plenty of clashing and inconsistent ideas, her book fails to measure up to an accurate portrait of the very real and smart human beings, a precious but often shunned resource for new knowledge who experience the interface with UFO occupants.

In my case, she related incorrectly that my hypnosis sessions convinced me of the reality of "aliens" when in fact it was just the opposite. It was seeing them consciously with my own eyes, and with a non-abductee witness, a few weeks after that first hypnosis session through a "prearranged" event at a well-known Hudson Valley UFO hot-spot. This real-time breakthrough, after midnight on August 14, 1988, came upon the heels of seeing the 1936 Frank Capra movie "Lost Horizons" on a big cinema screen within hours of my hypnosis session in mid-July 1988, leading me on an unexpected journey.

After the book's publication in 2007, I was going to write an in-depth review about Brown's book in the manner of a lengthy critique. At the time, after two months without any work, no money and a near-fatal accident, I was hired as a full-time staff reporter at the "Brooklyn Daily Eagle" newspaper (my first good-paying job ever) and that took up a lot of my time suddenly. Under that career circumstance and dealing with the flawed premise of Ms. Brown's uneven book, I decided that as a research scholar she was approaching this UFO abduction from the wrong angle, as worthy sounding as it seemed, and that she was truly an outsider roaming around in a "strange land" where she could not possibly do justice to us and even "the aliens" who are both strangers in a land unbelievable to outsiders. Her vision was limited by the belief structure of "the real world" and she could not accept the entrance of what could not possibly, in our accepted world-view reality, jump out of the Closet of Space-Time, surprising, shocking and enlightening human beings on the cusp of the unknown and unexplored cosmos, opening up new adventures in thinking and new knowledge, from new worlds... if we can take it.


The photo-scan below Ms. Brown's book cover is of a book review of "SILENT INVASION: THE SHOCKING DISCOVERIES OF A UFO RESEARCHER" by Pine Bush investifator and experiencer ELLEN CRYSTAL, published in 1992. The review was by HAROLD EGELN and appeared in the December 1992 of the print edition of the "S.P.A.C.E. NEWSLETTER." Crystal, who passed awayfrom cancer some years ago, was the founder and director of "CONTACTEE; The First Organization for Research of UFOs by Direct Observation." She was openly anti-S.P.A.C.E. but we supported her work anyway, with some of us following the developments in the Pine Bush UFO hot-spot after a TV show first did a program about Pine Bush in 1980. 

 UPCOMING BOOK REVIEWS: ROBERT TORRES "SIN THESIS" (his first book, an ebook) & JEREMY VAENI'S 'INTO THE END" (Vaeni co-authors his first fiction novel book with his 15-year-old self over two decades ago when he wrote the original manuscript) -- Vaeni's book cover shown above and Torres' book cover shown near start of this webpage.

"Torres relates and explores the contact experience in a way that S.P.A.C.E. participants and I are familiar with, but he brings a fresh approach with new insights that need to be shared with others in the close encounter community," Harold Egeln wrote as he first glanced through Torres' e-book. On Vaeni's new book, he wrote, "Looking through it, I expect this to be Jeremy's most important book so far, after his first two nonfiction books brought new energy to ufology."

"Both these books, from two distinctly different but deeply thoughtful people, one new to the public and the other in the public realm for eight years, will astound readers and amaze ufologists at the grassroots and conference circuit levels, I am happy to report," said Egeln after his first scanning glances at the books in August.

Below is a classic ufo topic 68 page 40-cents mini-book from 1978, "UFO ENCOUNTERS" by F. RICHARD NOLLE, one of a series of Dell Purse Books from Dell Publishing Company on a wide range of diverse topics. The mini-book, one of Harold Egeln's large home library collection of UFO topic books, provided an excellent history summary of the subject. Next to the book is a toy UFO occupant figure.

                                                       THE UFO OCCUPANTS "BLUE BOOK"

DR. CARL JUNG, known in Ufology as the author of "Flying Saucers: A Myth in the Sky," had his "RED BOOK" which was exhibit in NYC at the Rubin Gallery in 2009. But for some UFO contact witnesses, abducted or visited, the nonhuman entities have their own "BLUE BOOK" seen by them or offered to them. And it was not "Project Blue Book!"

Shown here at the top of this webpage, is a painting by UFO contact witness and artist DAVID HUGGINS, a S.P.A.C.E. guest from Hoboken, NJ, of his memory of being offered the UFO occupants "BLUE BOOK." BETTY ANDREASSON LUCA was actually given such a book, in her possession for a short time, and BETTY HILL, while about to leave a UFO on September 19, 1961 in New Hampshire, was offered such a book by the crew's apparent leader, but crew=mates forbid the gesture. Several UFO contact witnesses have reported seeing such books. HAROLD EGELN some years ago during a lucid dream, was shown such a book by a human-like UFO occupant, and recalled its holographic images projected out of it showing animated "spacecraft."